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Wasserski-LZ Fischlham on Traunsee

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Wasserski-LZ Fischlham on Traunsee
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Wasserski-LZ Fischlham on Traunsee

100 hours ago

Wasserski-LZ Fischlham on Traunsee

103 hours ago

Wasserski-LZ Fischlham on Traunsee

106 hours ago

Wasserski-LZ Fischlham on Traunsee

109 hours ago

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Comments (20)

MD 05/26/15 15:09

Mira ...... not that sort or rubber suit!  LOL!!!

Mira Bilis 05/26/15 14:59

I hope she had a "safety word."  ;P

trix abound 05/26/15 14:45

HAHAHAHAHA.....i thought of that after i pressed "comment"....too late then!!!!

MD 05/26/15 14:36

Trix ... it's called a wetsuit. I used to have one when I did scuba diving. Takes a ton of talc to get the darned thing on!

trix abound 05/26/15 14:11

sounds like the one i saw coming in!!!!  wearing a rubber suit!!!

MD 05/26/15 14:07

And I don't mean a brass band!!!!  :D

MD 05/26/15 14:06

The woman I saw had just one orange board. Her hair was long and bundled up on top with a band around it.

MD 05/26/15 14:05

She sat on the platform and lowered herself completely into the water ... with the board under her feet. The boat disappeared off to the right and then came back at speed and went off into the distance. It looked fun.

trix abound 05/26/15 14:05

MD...a girl just came in on water skis!!

trix abound 05/26/15 13:54 i remember....this used to be "talented water"!!!!

looks very nice!!

MD 05/26/15 13:49

Correction ... it's a woman and she's using a board.   This can't be waterboarding?  LOL

MD 05/26/15 13:48

I spoke too soon ..... there's a man about to take the plunge!

MD 05/26/15 13:44

Trix ... this might be fun to watch when there are people waterskiing.

MD 07/16/14 17:00


Mira Bilis 07/16/14 16:38

Thanks.  Green thumbs.  :)

Mira Bilis 07/16/14 16:30

Oops ... red thumbs on the name and city so I can correct.  Ta.  :)

MD 04/06/14 13:48

Trix, I've never seen this before. Looks nice. It's a waterskiing centre. If you scroll down this link, it looks a beautiful place.

trix abound 04/06/14 13:34

i love this i don't think we have talented water in the states

trix abound 03/19/14 12:28

looks pretty smart to

trix abound 03/12/14 13:07

i always did say...nothing beats "talented water"...


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