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Bird Cam

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Comments (65)

MD 04/25/15 16:54

The kestrel eggs are a perfect circle too. Clever birds.  :)

Mira Bilis 04/25/15 16:47

Wow ... perfect circle of eggs!  :)

MD 04/25/15 16:38

I agree.

Mira Bilis 04/25/15 16:12

The Blue Tit is back ... a pity the picture is so fuzzy.

Mira Bilis 05/06/14 15:39

Good to see they all fledged successfully.  :)  Maybe they'll be back ... bluetits have more than one clutch a year.

trix abound 05/06/14 12:50

Hi N Q .. couldn't believe that all 12 eggs hatched without problems...the parents were very busy...babies grew so fast...just saw 3 giraffes at tembe on africam...what beautiful animals...

N Q 05/06/14 12:41

I'm not seeing any movement in this nest today, it looks like they have all flown the coop.

MD 05/04/14 15:51

N Q, thanks for the DNR info. I'm really glad they intervened in this particular case but I can't see that eaglet being safe if they put him back in the nest. Poor lickle fing.  :)

trix abound 05/04/14 15:24

N Q ...your welcome...i love the sounds too...

N Q 05/04/14 15:09

Thanks trix for the African webcams. I used to watch them but lost the link years ago and then totally forgot to go looking for it again. I love the fact that they have sound !

MD DNR stands for the Department of Natural Resources which tend to regulate all rivers, lakes and park land in the USA along with wildlife. The DNR can be a good thing but a lot of the time they have way to many regulations.

trix abound 05/04/14 15:05

glad you like it...i thought you might...

MD 05/04/14 14:56

Trix, there were noises on the cams I looked at. Some were down because of the heavy rain they've had but I'll definitely be tuning in often. I'm looking forward to the night noises!

trix abound 05/04/14 14:48 is a wonderful website...sometimes i open it just to hear the night sounds...i'v seen the waterholes filled with hundreds of wildebeast during migration ..i'v seen elephants and lions and deer....sometimes the cameras are panned by rangers at the resorts...

MD 05/04/14 14:32

Trix, I've just bookmarked that  It's excellent.

trix abound 05/04/14 14:14


MD 05/04/14 14:14

Should be fun when they start stretching their wings.

N Q, that's a very good link and I'm glad someone intervened on behalf of eaglet 3. Just one question, what does DNR stand for, apart from "do not resuscitate."

trix abound 05/04/14 14:14

N Q ...a sad story with hopefully a happy ending...        has a eagle nest to watch many other animals that come to the water holes in of my favorite sites and turn your speakers up so you can hear the sounds of the wildlife...they have about 6 or 8 different cams going unless down do to weather or creatures

N Q 05/04/14 14:00

There's a eagle cam in Minnesota that I've been watching- There were 3 eggs, 2 hatched I think it was 4 weeks ago and then the 3rd one hatched a week later. Eaglet #3 was much smaller then the other 2, was fed less then his 2 siblings and he was picked on daily by his siblings. Last week #3 got his wing caught down in the nest and couldn't move, after many complaints from the chatters to do something for the poor eaglet, the DNR step in and removed #3 from the nest. #3 is now in a rafter center being taken care of and there's a slight chance he'll be placed back in the nest once they determine if he's ok. It's sorta nice knowing that the people chatting on that webcam made a difference ! PS. I didn't mean for this to be in BOLD type but the B is stuck and I can't get it to go back to normal type :(

trix abound 05/04/14 13:38

aren't they adorable...i feel like a proud

N Q 05/04/14 13:37

LOL trix, we both must of been typing at the same time. Your message wasn't up when I was making mine.


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