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Valle Nevado Ski Resort

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Valle Nevado Ski Resort
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Valle Nevado Ski Resort

7396 hours ago

Valle Nevado Ski Resort

7399 hours ago

Valle Nevado Ski Resort

7402 hours ago

Valle Nevado Ski Resort

7405 hours ago

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Comments (20)

zedyer 11/27/15 22:37

Lovely fence !!!!!!!!

MD 08/13/15 17:05

Chilly Chile.

MD 07/21/15 22:02

WOW!!!!   And so remote.

MD 07/21/15 21:50

Mira ... I'm going from here to Google Streetview.  We've had a slightly cooler day today with the odd light shower and more to come tomorrow. Makes it so difficult to know what to wear when going out. In a car you can wear whatever and have a coat or something on the back seat. Using the bus - you don't have that luxury. I frequently get it wrong ... a coat when it should have been a cardi and vice versa.

Mira Bilis 07/21/15 21:11

Btw ... this place looks amazing on Google Streetview.

Mira Bilis 07/21/15 21:09

Yup.  There's a fresh breeze here today which is keeping the temperature down to a much more pleasant 68F.  There might even be a smattering of rain for the weekend ... I'll believe it when it happens.  ;)

I always have to remind myself that it's winter in the southern hemisphere!

MD 07/21/15 20:28

And I'm sitting here with windows open and it's 9.3opm.

Mira Bilis 07/21/15 17:22

Winter in Chile ...

MD 05/14/14 16:46

Definitely rose tinted.

MD 05/08/14 12:57

In this neck of the woods it's:

Red sky at night, shepherd's delight. Red sky at morning, sailor's warning.

Mira Bilis 05/07/14 22:38

... or sailor's alight.  ;P

trix abound 05/07/14 22:25

pink skies at night...sailors delight

Mira Bilis 05/03/14 22:19

I guess it's coming up on their winter time in the mountains of the southern hemisphere.

trix abound 05/03/14 21:40


Homely 04/05/14 13:45

Yeah, MD, but now I'm so sick of snow that I'm reconsidering that idea!

MD 02/17/14 23:12

Homely had a good idea, coming back to this cam when all the other snow cams have lost their snow.

indigo 02/08/14 18:53

Need snow ? we can ship you some of ours...

Homely 01/02/14 13:38

Hi, Ladies - I have finally just found this... except it's in their summer time and the snow is gone! I have marked it as a favorite, though, and will come back here when all the other snowy cams are in their summer times.

MD 10/03/13 18:03

Wow Dona....what a find!!  I think Homely would love this. So many people being whisked up the slopes.

And it looks like more snow to come. Only 214 views so it's a newish cam. I really like it. :))

dona brantley 10/03/13 16:47

nice    dona            s m i l e


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