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Comments (506)

Zsombor Udvari 11/16/19 17:33

What happened? Why is this camera down? :(

MD 04/15/19 12:40

Hi JimE ..... I used to love camping when the kids were young.  We actually used tents until my dad bought a motorhome and we borowed it.

So ...... spring is in the air and you are getting itchy feet.  I know that feeling.  :D

JimE 04/15/19 12:17

Hi MD,  Thank you for he information and location.  i knew if anyone would know, it would be you!  Spring is in the air and MOST of the snow up here has melted.  Summer approaches and the camping season is nearly here so i will be readying the motor home for those adventures.  Sadly some of the best campgrounds have been closed for the season due to Spruce Bark Beetle infestation!  Nasty little critters that burrow below the bark, killing the trees and increasing the risk of then just toppling over!  They cut all the infested trees down to prevent injuries!  Hope all is well with you.  Thanks again for the info.

MD 04/15/19 10:12

JimE ..... it's taken me all this time trawling through My Cams but I've found it!!!!

It's on page 280 of My Cams and I have no idea how many more pages I have.  They aren't stored in any order so it's a matter of looking at each page.  I've really enjoyed the trip down memory lane. We have lost so many lovely cams.

MD 04/15/19 08:32

JimE ....  I'm working on it.  :D

MD 04/14/19 11:59

Hi JimE ..... the time is right for Spain.  I'm just about to go out but tomorrow I'll track it down in my dead cams.

JimE 04/14/19 11:14

Hi MD,  can you search your mind for a moment and tell me what this place is?  I believe it's in Spain, in fact I'm certain of it.  I don't remember what th building is but I believe it's some sort of restaurant or maybe a holiday spa of sorts.  I assure you clicking on the link is ok because I got it from this site.

MD 04/14/19 09:02

Me too.   I love Spain.

stargzr 04/14/19 08:54

Nice links!  Wish I could be there, whatever this is.  :)

stargzr 04/14/19 08:36

I give up.....what are those inflated items about?  A gigantic croquet game?

MD 09/09/17 02:03

It's 4am.   Hardly worth going home.   :D

Rain Shadow 09/09/17 01:01

It is that time of the year again.

MD 05/25/17 13:00

Wish I was there drinking a cold Estrella.

MD 03/18/17 13:33

Those alleyways are lovely and cool .... even on a hot day.

MD 02/24/17 12:48

Hi Bones .... yes ... this is a lovely cam. Plenty goes on. They even have a bull run but the bull is usually a nervous young thing. They have musical evenings .....

bones 02/24/17 12:01

very nice

MD 12/20/16 20:47

Rain Shadow ... thanks for that. Lovely clear cam.

Rain Shadow 12/20/16 20:32

Skyline has another nice Plaza Mayor (with sound) in Spain

meow fubar 09/18/16 02:13

audio would be nice


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