The Sauerland Pyramids - Galileo Park

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The Sauerland Pyramids - Galileo Park
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The Sauerland Pyramids - Galileo Park

5 hours ago

The Sauerland Pyramids - Galileo Park

8 hours ago

The Sauerland Pyramids - Galileo Park

11 hours ago

The Sauerland Pyramids - Galileo Park

14 hours ago

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Comments (43)

kanye west robot dildo 08/08/15 06:58

pyramids in germany im amazed

Mira Bilis 04/26/15 15:18

I still like this view.

Mira Bilis 09/22/14 17:55

This would be a great place for an Ozric Tentacles concert. ;)

MD 08/09/14 18:36

Thank you Mira, nice link. I love the look of this place when it's covered in snow.

Mira Bilis 08/09/14 18:25
MD 08/09/14 16:17

Mira Bilis, I've been saving this for you to edit.  :D

MD 07/27/14 21:47

Mira Bilis, I saved this for you from yesterday.  LOL

Homely 07/27/14 13:07

Yes, Mira, I think it should!

Mira Bilis 07/23/14 15:12

Their website has the correct name/location details ... should it be edited?

MD 07/23/14 13:55

Hi Homely, I'd read the link again and thought that someone else might enjoy it. The second link was even better, so much going on. I remember when we kept coming back to it, wondering what the heck it was! The first time I saw it, it looked like pyramids in the snow. I wish they'd angle the cam a little more to the left. I miss seeing the goings-on!

Homely 07/23/14 13:41

That's really funny, MD, because I was just thinking about how we discovered what an interesting place this is. I had completely forgotten about the geothermal technology! I read it all over again - and I took a close look at the picture in the article. I like that you can see some of the more traditional construction that stands in close proximity to this installation. 

MD 07/22/14 18:54

Trix..... as usual..... I've missed them!

Homely, I'm taking this opportunity to repeat that link that you put a while ago. I thought it was very interesting.

trix abound 07/22/14 18:17

there are animals in the rear field...

Homely 07/22/14 18:13

You're right, MD. Not so much fun, this.

MD 07/15/14 20:15

This cam hasn't been on for ages. They've changed the angle, you can't see so much now.

Homely 03/10/14 01:14

Oh, MD, I missed this post, sorry! Will go check on Japan right now!

MD 01/28/14 17:43

Hi Homely.  Speaking of those buildings in Japan, did you see the tentative conclusion that was arrived at?

Homely 07/09/13 00:57

I hoped you'd like that link, MD! Now, if I could just figure out what in the Sam Hill those things are in Japan....

MD 07/08/13 21:06

Homely, thank you sooooo much for the link! I'm almost speechless. DuckDay looks fun and later I'm going to examine the photos of the old cars. All of those photos!!!! And you can click on each one and it opens up even more. Looking at the place you just wouldn't believe how much is going on in there. Truly amazing. Thank you.


Homely 07/08/13 20:44

Dang! Just realized I forgot to post the link. Here you go: 


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