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Comments (66)

MD 02/23/19 07:39

Hi Homely ......   emails in French ..... are you replying in French?   Every little helps.  When I lived in France I was pleasantly surprised to see that  ..... in restaurants particularly ..... children are treated as young adults.  I've been entertained by youngsters discussing the menu with the waiter ..... and choosing their own meals.  In the UK it's more a case of the parents choosing a cheap and cheerful meal for the children.  French children seem so grown up,   probably because they are treated that way.  Of course, you are always going to get some who are the exception.

Having the 2 girls will be fun .....

Homely 02/22/19 18:02

I dropped off for a bit, as per usual. Our French girl from DS's foreign exchange program is coming back this summer for two weeks... with her younger sister! I've picked back up with Rosetta Stone, and their mother and I are communicating via email. She is writing only in French to "help" me ;-)  Very excited to see the girls!

MD 02/12/19 05:27

Hi Homely ..... yes ...... you'll miss DS when she goes off to college ...... but you will soon fill the void.  Nature abhors a vacuum and you're not the sort of person to hang about feeling miserable.  DS is going to enjoy herself and keep you up to date every step of the way.  Brushing up on your French is a good start to filling the gap  ....... in fact ..... you might even find it's enough.  I'd be planning my travels!   :D

Homely 02/11/19 19:41

Wonderful story about the acoustics and your comments! I am realizing more and more that I am likely to be bereft when DS goes off to college later this year. This week, I looked into taking French courses at the local community college. I think I could regain my fluency pretty quickly with some refreshers on the grammar and someone to act as a taskmaster to force me to work on my vocabulary. That ought to take up some of the extra time when DS is out of the house. When her brother left, we were so ready for him to go that we were tempted to take him to school early! But not this one... she is going to leave a big hole behind when she goes. More time for travel, I hope! All the more reason to get back to my French!

MD 02/05/19 12:19

Hi Homely ....... it's a wonderful region.  The Roman arena would be the amphitheatre.  I first went there as a school girl.  I made an unfortunate remark about our French teacher. She was almost at the top and I was at ground level.  When we got back on the coach she repeated exactly what I'd said.  The accoustics were too good.  LOL!   It must have been amazing in Roman times when it was in its prime.

We used to live about an hour away from Toulouse.  Too much to see on a vacation ..... luckily we were retired.  They do a fantastic dish ...... cassoulet .... but it wouldn't appeal to you ..... beans!!!!!

I keep my French language up to scratch by watching French television.   It sounds daunting to begin with but the more you listen .... the easier it gets.  You get used to the speed after a while.

This one takes a while to get going but it's my favorite.

Homely 02/05/19 11:28

And, if you can believe it, we NEVER even made it to the Pont d'Avignon! We were there for three days, but found everything else about the town to be so very charming that we missed out on it. Also took a day trip to Chateauneuf de Pape and one to Arles, which was a very different place than Avignon. I found it to be a bit rougher around the edges, but every bit as intriguing. I never thought I'd get to walk through a Roman arena!

Homely 02/05/19 11:26

MD, how did I miss this post? How lucky you were to live in that region. We were there in the height of the summer heat, not a day under 100F, and still it was the most wonderful trip I have ever taken. In Toulouse, I had to use my quite rusty French to act as translator for my husband - exhausting! But the town was wonderful, as was the rest of the journey. I've never seen anything quite like the south of France, and hope to return there someday. After La Princessa goes off to college this fall, I'm thinking that I should enroll in a French course to get back up to speed - I used to be fluent in it, a thousand years ago.

MD 09/19/18 11:31

Hi Homely ....... I often think of it.  On my last 2 trips to Spain I've been through this region and I had a house in Languedoc-Roussillon for 8 or 9 years.  Lovely area.

I hope you weren't too disappointed in the bridge at Avignon.  I remember my surprise when I saw that it didn't cross the river.    :D

Homely 09/19/18 02:50

I thought of this place whilst traveling from Marseille to Toulouse and then on to Avignon this summer. And I still miss it.

MD 04/03/16 15:10

I miss this one.

MD 09/07/15 16:02

Hi Homely .... and all. I shall be going through Languedoc-Roussillon on my way to Spain. Sadly ... I'm pretty sure it will be on the autoroute so no chance of finding this place. I really love the look of it. If those hours on the last still are correct ... it's been over 2 years since the cam was live. Where has the time gone???????????

Mira Bilis 09/07/15 15:09

It remains a mystery Homely.  Maybe elmo09 can find it ... he's had success finding other French cams in the past.  :)

Homely 09/07/15 14:32

Any luck in finding this spot? I notice that the name for the cam has changed...

MD 05/09/15 14:55

Hi NQ ...... that's a good idea. I'll have a look for B & Bs. I shall be going through this area in October. I can hardly wait!

N Q 05/09/15 14:15

Hi Homely :)

Back a couple months ago I was watching HGTV where they revisit home buyers and I really think the owner of this place was on that show.

The back of the HGTV house looked very much like this one. It was a middle age couple that had bought the house and decided to make it into a bed & breakfast. They remodeled the upstairs into separated beds and baths, then they added the patio area that we see here, The renovation that we were seeing on the side of the house before the cam died was a bedroom suite with its own patio area.

There's a possibility that if you looked up Bed & Breakfast's in this area you might find it.

Homely 05/09/15 12:24

I do too, MD. I drove myself crazy with the little google man, searching in vain for its location. Sigh.

MD 03/14/15 14:49

I miss this cam.

Homely 06/13/14 02:44

Hello, October. I was really hoping that with the summer season this cam would be reactivated. I even went so far as to take the Google man for a walk through Codognan to see if I could suss out the cam's location, but no luck.

october 08/25/13 22:19

Hello Everyone,

Hope they return!  The last I saw was the Catalpa tree in bloom, but it was a bit blurry.  Sounds like Zedyer had quite an interesting site.  Hope your summer was wonderful. Best wishes to all.

dona brantley 08/23/13 06:07

md  i miss this site also              smile   dona


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