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Dog Room
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Dog Room

5 hours ago

Dog Room

8 hours ago

Dog Room

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Dog Room

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Comments (15)

Ed Hilver 05/01/20 17:32

This cam is showing blue screen? 

MD 06/28/17 23:06

Good grief!

Rain Shadow 06/28/17 22:52

I think this must have been where Bones came to die.

Mira Bilis 11/29/15 23:42
Rakim 02/28/15 06:37

cute dog

Mira Bilis 04/22/14 03:57

I'm glad the dog doesn't spend too much time in here ... it looks like a concrete bunker.

N Q 04/22/14 01:33

LOL the view of the dog bed from webcam above it makes this place look almost elite but doing a pan view to the right on the cam Mira posted you can see the walls around the bed are grey cement bricks and one of the walls look wet or stain, it doesn't have the same feel at all !

MD 04/22/14 00:26

Mira Bilis, is there no end to your talent? LOL

Mira Bilis 04/22/14 00:02
Mira Bilis 12/30/13 23:10

I get a kind of Japanese vibe from this cam ... not entirely sure why. Looks like a cute, long-haired sausage dog ... definitely a pampered pooch. :-)

N Q 12/30/13 22:49

If you use Refreshing Stills you'll get current pictures. There was a person with a bowl of water peeking her head in here earlier, taking pictures of the dog with a cell phone. She looked Chinese so this MIGHT be a webcam from China ?

Mira Bilis 12/30/13 22:31

Awww ... you're right MD ... cute!

MD 12/30/13 22:24

I love the way the dog is looking at the cam on the last saved still.

Mira Bilis 12/30/13 22:05

Yep ... looks like a wealthy dog owner's house ... except the owner is nowhere to be seen.

N Q 12/30/13 22:00

OMG I've looked at this webcam a few times now and thought I was looking at a really beautiful curved wooden chair, well today there's a cushion on what I thought was a chair and a dog laying on it. Somebody must have money to have that fancy of a dog bed !


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