Opentopia Privacy Policy


The following privacy policy outlines the way that Opentopia collects, uses and protects your data that you submit during browsing of and/or participating in the website at

Data collected as both a ‘logged in’ and ‘non logged in’ user of the site:

As part of website traffic logging and to aid us in our forward planning and presenting various statistics to the administrators of the site, plus allowing certain features (such as the ‘Map’ view) to work correctly, we may collect all or any of the following information:

  • Your IP address as you traverse the site
  • Data of which pages are viewed by you in a session or over an indefinite period of time
  • Details of your web browsing software and device’s Operating System
  • Amount of data consumed from our site
  • Details of which website ‘referred’ your visit, if applicable.

Data collected as a participating (logged in) user of the site:

In order for the features of Opentopia to work correctly, such as commenting and editing camera information, it is necessary we collect certain forms of data. All or any of the following may be included, depending on the user’s interaction and choices:

  • Your full name
  • Your password to Opentopia (if not logging in using Facebook)
  • Your email address (if not logging in using Facebook)
  • Your unique Facebook ID (if you choose to log in using Facebook)
  • Your ‘chat’ handle (optional) if you wish to comment on the site
  • Comments that you submit within the individual webcam pages
  • Edits made by you to webcams.
  • Other optional user provided data, including but not limited to Time Zone and other site presentation options tailored to you.

What we do with this data

We require the aforementioned information to understand your needs and provide you with a better service, and in particular for, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  • For internal statistic generation and growth planning
  • To help us understand future features and services we can provide to you
  • It is possible we may also use your information to contact you directly. This however, would never occur outside the ‘Opentopia’ brand and never as an unsolicited commercial communication.
  • To assist with maintaining security of the site and services and to administrate any user’s accounts on request or with due requirement to allow smooth continuation of service.

How we use cookies

A cookie is a small text based file which is placed on your device’s storage by your web browsing software as a means to maintaining certain settings or improving your experience with our site.

During your use of Opentopia, we may use cookies for any, but not limited to, the following:

  • Maintaining your preferred ‘Viewing Mode’ choice within webcam pages
  • Maintaining your setting to stay ‘logged in’ or not to the site
  • Any other settings to improve your experience
  • For statistic gathering for Administrators of the site

Cookies help us decide which pages you find useful or not on our site. Most web browsers accept them automatically, but you can alter your web browser’s settings to deny or ask permission for cookies to be used. Should you decline the use of cookies on Opentopia, you may find the site does not present the same number of rich features you are used to.

Links to other websites

Opentopia may contain links to other websites of interest. You should note if you choose to visit other websites from Opentopia, that they are not subject to this policy and that we have no control over their content, nor their privacy policy.

Keeping your data in one place

We promise not to distribute, lease or sell any of the data you supply to Opentopia to any third parties unless with your permission or if we are required by law to do so.

Removing your data

Upon request, when you're cancelling your account, we will permanently remove any stored data that potentially could be used for identifying you.



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