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Bar Oviso
Spain | Catalonia | Barcelona, Carrer de n' Arai 5. Placa de George Orwell.
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The Monkey Walk at Kanbanotaki Natural P...

Japan | Okayama | Kanba, Maniwa
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Benediktinerabtei Ottobeuren & Marktplat...

Germany | Baden-Württemberg | Ottobeuren
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Japan | Kagoshima | Tarumizu
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CBS 47 on E McKinley Ave
United States
Bømlo Kommune on Svortlandsvegen
Iowa Generators on Deere Rd
United States
Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of...
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    Customs Crossing
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Recent Comments

02/29/20 04:57: MD:
You're just waiting to see those white bikinis!   LOL
02/29/20 03:52: MD:
Storm Jorge  is hitting us now.
02/29/20 01:23: JimE:
Some minor tweaking on the autoocus and it will be perfect.  Can't wait till the daylight to see how it looks.  Great job to the guys/gals that did  this!
02/28/20 23:05: MD:
Oh yeah?  You speaking from personal experience? Only kidding.  Hi Bill ...... seems ages since you were on here.  I'm glad you're still with us.  :D
02/28/20 22:40: bill dude:
This place makes me think of a Yakuza parlor where the "Dons" would meet.
02/28/20 18:43: MD:
The details of that shop sound very suspicious.  I only buy mainly French from the first region I lived in but I do from time to time buy a new wine if it's on offer, to try it.  Having said that .... I would never buy wine that's from northern countries.  I like my grapes to have seen some sun and had some heat. Same with tomatoes.  The UK sells Dutch tomatoes that look lovely and taste of nothing.  I buy tomatoes from sunny climes and if I cant get them - I don't buy.  I'm a very picky shopper  .... and eater .... and drinker.  LOL!!!
02/28/20 18:14: MD:
Homely ......  I was joking!   LOL


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