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Crea Mall
Japan | Saitama | Kawagoe
4.82 from 39 votes

Náměstí Arnošta z Pardubic

Czech Republic | Středočeský Kraj | Úvaly
5.00 from 5 votes

Ortseinfahrt Lofer

Austria | Salzburg | Lofer
3.60 from 5 votes

Gimli Harbour

Canada | Manitoba | Gimli
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Botanic Garden and Herbarium of Ferrara

Italy | Emilia-Romagna | Ferrara
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United Kingdom
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Marinetopia Resort - Beach Cam
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    Cable Car Mountain Stati...
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    Ojiro Ski Area
    Japan | Hyōgo | Mikata
  • Mount Rose - Access Road
    Mount Rose - Access Road
    United States | Nevada | Reno
  • Neuner-Funk on Hartmannstraße
    Neuner-Funk on Hartmanns...
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  • Peavine Peak - Rear Room
    Peavine Peak - Rear Room
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    Eugene Kennel Cam
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  • View from Gaisbergspitze Transmitter
    View from Gaisbergspitze...
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  • Eastern Wyoming College
    Eastern Wyoming College
    United States | Wyoming | Torrington
  • West Okoboji Lake
    West Okoboji Lake
    United States | Iowa | Okoboji
  • Javorovy Vrch Ski Resort
    Javorovy Vrch Ski Resort
    Czech Republic | Moravskosl | Trinec
  • Restaurant Acla Grischuna
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    Switzerla | Graubünden | Lenzerheid
  • View from Saint-Maurice
    View from Saint-Maurice
    France | Auvergne | Saint-Maur

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07/03/20 18:34: stargzr:
07/03/20 17:51: MD:
Hi Stargzr ....... brilliant.  He can speak French because he's bilateral! I was surprised to see so many comments from John Di Domenico.  He obviously appreciates his fans.
07/03/20 17:41: MD:
Hi Ed .....  I hadn't seen that before.  Very good.  After Trump said "He gave her a vicious bite"  I found my self singing "We need to build a wall."   LOLOL
07/02/20 22:15: Ed Hilver:
I laugh every time I see this :)
07/02/20 22:14: Ed Hilver:
I laugh evry time i see this :):
07/02/20 20:07: stargzr:
07/02/20 17:53: MD:
Hi stargzr ..... give daughter 10 out of 10 for that!  :D I can't understand their problem.  Surely a mask is a better option than a ventilator.  You take care.  It's getting really scary with the amount of new cases, hospitalisations and deaths in the US.  I'm just hoping that we don't go the same way.  I'm still ensconced and have no plans to go anywhere.  The last time I left my place was on 4th of March to meet up with BJ and have my hair done.  I'm getting used to having longer hair. I'd love to have it colored but not enough to tempt me to go out.


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