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Recent Comments

01/17/17 04:44: yunki:
칩찬 : 너 넌 괜찮다는거 확실해? 그 쪽지를 바꿀거야?
01/17/17 04:33: yunki:
thanks for the screenshots brittany it's interesting that seems like more activity than she's done in a long time !! the picture of her laughing is actually nice, i like it she seems to be okay right now so i wish she'd do a sign change 
01/17/17 04:14: Brittany S: even looks grossed out by her own mess here. some papers off her...desk? Stand? She moved some stuff under it.  I thought M.D. would appreciate a picture of her laughing like a 100% normal person. Maybe she's reading our comments lol 
01/17/17 04:03: Brittany S:'s Chip Chan laughing at something as she cleans! This is not a yawn lol is the shot of her I got in the apron that I thought was a dress. up a little 
01/17/17 04:00: sourgirl:
I think she is wearing a blanket she has fastened around her neck and that yellow belty thing tied around her waist to keep it on. 
01/17/17 03:53: sourgirl:
at one point, she was messing around with cords on the floor and trying to plug something into whatever is under that big white paper next to her. And when you have to wear gloves to clean stuff up, how about you dont wipe your nose and face with the gloves on too....jesus, cross contamination, the dirty glove is on your face, UGH. 
01/17/17 03:29: Brittany S:
I got the screenshots and I'm going to leave them here for Yunki, M.D. and Rain. It turns out it wasn't a dress but rather an apron so she could clean up very little. You know it's bad when she puts gloves on to clean her own room. Guess she decided to switch up the performance and clean. She also was laughing like a maniac and it's not a yawn. I'll post them in a second for a few laughs. 


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