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Crea Mall
Japan | Saitama | Kawagoe
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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

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Metro Club

Ukraine | L'vivs'ka Oblast' | Lviv
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Marine Biological Association on Citadel...

United Kingdom | England | Plymouth, Devon
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Live Fish Market
South Korea
View from Wells Beach Motor Inn
United States
Ouchitogeichijikan Park Camping Ground
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Recent Comments

12/13/19 03:29: MD:
Makes sense but I bet the wait is awful.  I'm being cremated ..... wearing a kaftan.  All sorted and paid for.  :D
12/13/19 02:43: stargzr:
I don't mind at was very thoughtful of you. In New England because of the frozen ground, burials are usually held off until spring.  My favorite aunt passed away last December and was then buried in May.
12/13/19 02:42: MD:
Oh my gosh Deacon ......  that I'd love to see.   :D
12/13/19 02:39: MD:
She's almost as I imagined her to be.  No wonder she couldn't remember all the names of grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Some names I'd never heard of.  Is it normal to wait so long for a graveside service ......  spring? I hope you don't mind but I put your name in the condolence card .... along with Homely and several others.  I included a short note saying that we all used to chat online and that Trix was always full of praise for her girls and how happy she was that Audrey had such an attentive aunt.
12/13/19 01:50: stargzr:
:D Speaking of photos, that is a very nice one of Trix on her obit page. She was an attractive woman....and one can see the resemblence to Mal.
12/13/19 01:49: deacon:
That's bumper sledding. If he wears thru that sled, his backside is going to resemble one like a baboon's. To bumper ski, you squat while holding onto the bumper. Your slickened shoes are your skiis.
12/13/19 01:44: MD:
I have a photograph of myself and then-boyfriend taken in front of the cathedral when I was 17.  I was wearing polaroid sunglasses that I'd just bought.  I can't look at the photo without laughing ...... what a poser.  LOL!


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