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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam
South Korea | Seoul | Seoul
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Pool Cam

Spain | Andalusia | Granada
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Crea Mall

Japan | Saitama | Kawagoe
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St Olaf's Church

Norway | Sogn og Fjordane | Balestrand (View from Midtnes Hotel on Kong Beles veg)
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Bar Oviso

Spain | Catalonia | Barcelona, Carrer de n' Arai 5. Placa de George Orwell.
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Saiki Bay from Saiki City Hall
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Route 482 Traffic Cam
Back of Suite C
United States
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St Olaf's Church
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Recent Comments

08/29/16 00:58: Mommie Dearest in Devon:
I saw an ad on tv today for meal replacements. I do that all the time. I replace a meal with something I'd rather eat!!!
08/29/16 00:45: trix abound:
I'm thinking I should eat something healthy now but it's kind of late...all I've had today was coffee and doritos!!!
08/29/16 00:19: Mommie Dearest in Devon:
I buy my olives ready sliced ..... they don't fall off my crackers.  LOL
08/29/16 00:13: trix abound: just proves that everyone shops just like we do!!....dice up some olives and mix them with some cream cheese and spread it on a healthy cracker!!!!
08/28/16 23:51: Mommie Dearest in Devon:
I want a salty snack food and I don't have any. It's at this stage that I add them to my shopping order. Then .... tomorrow .... I cancel them. I can't help but laugh because as I'm doing my order ... I click on different foods to read fat and sugar contents etc ..... and at the bottom of the screen it says "people who looked at these products went on to buy.... " and there's a pile of bad things that are usually on my shopping list.  They really do know me.  :D
08/28/16 23:43: trix abound:
it's terrible when the cupboards have no snack foods, and a salad just won't do!!!
08/28/16 23:21: Mommie Dearest in Devon:
I've just had a grapefruit ..... poor substitute. The first time I ordered cornettos I said I didn't want a substitute if they didn't have the flavor I wanted. I was horrified when my deliveryman said that they hadn't got the mint ones I'd ordered and .... following instructions ... they hadn't put a replacement.  That's never happened again. I order my absolute favorite and then put several options. Bottom line is bring me ice cream!!!!!!


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