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Otaru Port

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Staten Island Driveway Cam

United States | New York | Staten Island
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Recent Comments

05/19/22 19:45: MD:
Jabba the Hutt!  I'll never be able to see Clarence Thomas again without thinking of that!!!!! Sue, that must have been an interesting job.
05/19/22 19:40: MD:
Hi Arizona Sue, I hope you are enjoying yourself in Florida ... unless Ron has brought in some new rule against it. LOL I first went to Grenoble when I was 17. When we lived in France we used to go there twice a year. I'm not a fan of heights but one year hubby persuaded me to go on the tiny cable car to La Bastille so he could take photographs overlooking Grenoble.  They are tiny cars, only big enough for 2.  They don't stop, you just step in and sit down.  Within seconds we were dangling over the river,  I'm hanging on for dear life.  When we got to the top it was very windy.  There was a stone plinth of some description with signposts pointing to places all over the world.  I hung on to it while husband went off to do his David Bailey impersonation for what seemed hours. Never again!! My favorite memory is of a street which had alternating horse chestnut trees and chestnut trees, amazing to see when they were in bloom.  No wonder you enjoyed going there with your first mother in law.  Beautiful place.
05/19/22 19:12: MD:
Poor Madison.  :)
05/17/22 04:54: Arizona Sue:
Hi MD.  Hubby and I are off to Florida tomorrow as my stepson (I have two) is being married.   Postponed from 2020 because of Covid.   Yes, we are both excited about the cruise.  I love nougat!   My first mother in law was from Grenoble.  We were close but the marriage was short.   She was a war bride who came to US after the war as a 19 year old!   I loved visiting France with her.  
05/12/22 19:44: Arizona Sue:
Day shift.  
05/11/22 23:27: Arizona Sue:
Hi MD.  Yes, you are correct about dear old Mrs. Thomas.  Horrible woman.   I've been to arguments at the Supreme Court twice years ago, when I was still working for a judge on the State Court of Appeals.  Clarence Thomas never opened his mouth!   He just sat there like a toad or Jabba the Hutt!  Ugh.  
05/10/22 12:46: ranjhhaheer ranjhhaheer:
I'm looking forward to your cruise report.  And...Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!


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