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Ortseinfahrt Lofer
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Amuse Car Life Total Advice Shop

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St. Stephen's Basilica

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Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Gro...

United States | Pennsylvania | Indiana
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Vahterusring Curling & Skiing Hall

Finland | Western Finland | Uusikaupunki
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Schirn Kunsthallein - Construction Cam
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Recent Comments

01/18/22 23:29: MD:
Hi Deacon. The camera is over 12 feet from the floor and in all the time I've been watching this cam I have never seen a bar room brawl on here.
01/18/22 15:37: deacon:
Good to see this camera is still working. Many have ceased to exist.
01/18/22 15:35: deacon:
A bar room brawl probably wiped out the camera.
01/18/22 08:16: TRỊNH ĐỨC TRƯỜNG:
Ä‘eÌ£p ghê  
01/17/22 01:10: MD:
It's midnight in the UK and 35F where I am.  That's plenty cold enough.  In the last 12 years we've had snow just twice but each time it was enough to isolate us.  The hills are steep and we don't bother with snow tyres or chains so traffic doesn't manage to get in or out of town. I hope your sister doesn't get too much snow. 
01/17/22 01:02: MD:
Hi Sue .....  I watched Trump's ramble live on David Pakman on YouTube. It's just the same old same old and I can't understand why people waste their time going to his rallies.  You only need to hear him once.  He's just on repeat cycle every time.  He must pay them to be there.  I did notice that people started sneaking away after about an hour.  I was determined I wasn't going to watch but I couldn't resist.  LOLOLOL.  I laugh but he's a dangerous man. He's an embarrassment to America. And yes indeed ....  you have to be at your very best for May .... I know exactly what you mean - having done the same myself. My occcasion was my stepson getting married but I probably didn't feel too much pressure because I knew hubby's ex for almost 20 years before they split up. She's seen me at my worst so anything would be an improvement.  :D October is a lovely time for visiting France.  I see that the French government have announced today that you have to be fully vaccinated to enter any venues.  I agree but you can imagine the complaints there will be.  
01/16/22 21:00: Arizona Sue:
My sister in Maryland said this snow is headed her way.  It was 12F degrees this morning in Bel Air, Maryland.   I don't miss that weather one bit.


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