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Bar Oviso
Spain | Catalonia | Barcelona, Carrer de n' Arai 5. Placa de George Orwell.
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Schaumburg Swan Cam from Robert O. Atche...

United States | Illinois | Schaumburg Village
5.00 from 8 votes

Nelly's Café

Sweden | Norrbotten | Arjeplog (VILTBUTIK & KAFÉ på Torget)
4.89 from 47 votes

Big Sky Resort - Mountain Village Cam

United States | Montana | Big Sky
5.00 from 14 votes

View from The Cat and Fiddle Inn

United Kingdom | England | Buxton
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MMT Observatory - Roof Cam
United States
View from Wells Beach Motor Inn
United States
Saiki Bay from Saiki City Hall
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Recent Comments

01/19/18 16:01: Steph inator:
I don't see any reason to feel sorry for her. Seems to me like she has a pretty awesome life. You should find another hobby besides trolling the internet and putting  people down. Keep being you Susan. You freakin rock! 
01/19/18 15:21: 48801:
Helen some people aren't happy unless they're putting somebody else down. It's their way of feeling superior to others. You can see that in the 2 main posters in opentopia.
01/19/18 14:59: Helen Boo:
Oh good grief. Here comes Debbie Downer back from her rounds. You do know, we can all read her journal.Forget that Susan won't sell you a bear, and doesn't need you to keep her safe. Go enjoy your own life and stop trying to tear down others. WTH is the point of this behavior? Are you 10?
01/18/18 03:56: gab chan:
hey guys, prepare for a long comment. i haven't checked in on susan in months, mostly because i felt bad for her. however, upon reading her journal, i came to the realization that she can be quite bitter and antisocial. her interactions with people besides her brother and doctors make it pretty clear why she's alone, although i also feel like part of her reclusivenes is her choice. she lives off microwaved food, none of her hobbies require leaving the house, it's like she's just given up on life entirely. checking back in on her only to see that nothings changed makes it really hard for me to feel bad for her. s/n: it's not that i have a problem with what she does, its moreso the way she does it. i've interacted with her on two separate ocassions: one where i asked about her knitted bears, and one where i informed her that she revealed her credit card information on livenest, which is the same stream but with sound. both times she was incredibly rude for no discernable reason. take what you will from that. 
01/18/18 02:43: Sperenza E:
You may want to clean up that pee-pee on da flo'.
01/18/18 02:43: Sperenza E:
You may want to clean up that pee-pee on da flo'.
01/18/18 02:38: Sperenza E:


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