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Russia | Moscow | Moscow
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Living Room

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Living Room

France | Centre | Chartres
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University Twente - Cubicle J

Netherlands | Overijssel | Enschede
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Hair Salon Esprit Cresc

Japan | Tōkyō | Setagaya-ku
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11/24/14 13:33: trix abound:        scroll 1/3 down the page to see this facility
11/24/14 13:17: N Q:
Dona it looks like you are having a very foggy start to the day ! Here's a couple more christmas trees :)
11/24/14 13:11: N Q:
here's another xmas tree :)
11/24/14 13:09: N Q:
xmas tree has gone up here too :)
11/24/14 11:45: indigo:
Could be the high and low temp, in celsius I presume.
11/24/14 07:06: kyle:
the snow is really beautiful,  a little while ago it was quite heavy, but think its a bit cold for more than a few flurries
11/24/14 07:05: kyle:
Mira, There are some real non-religious reasons Educated and civilized peoples should read "a Christmas Carol", as the other side of Santa , is Scrooge.   These are symbols of Good and Evil, to teach our Kids, and it allows them to get a grip on life before they let go of the fantacy world all kids tend to live in, to try and get them to cooperate in life in the better ways. no one can alter the Scrooge in big business (And  Government), it has a life of its own, and being Santa is to it, counter productive and non profitable. MD, I've let it go, ok, , you seem to have let it go as well.  Cool


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