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Living Room .... and yes ... she knows s...

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Bar Oviso

Spain | Catalonia | Barcelona, Carrer de n' Arai 5. Placa de George Orwell.
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Schaumburg Swan Cam from Robert O. Atche...

United States | Illinois | Schaumburg Village
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Eiderblick Campsite
Iowa Generators on Deere Rd
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Ausblick Ski Area
United States
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Crea Mall
McDonald Observator...
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Recent Comments

04/27/19 07:16: trix abound:
OMG yes....we could always tell when he was off the meds!!!!
04/27/19 06:49: MD:
That crinkle stuff is brilliant.  I used to have quite a bit of it when I was always traveling here and there,  crushes into a suitcase. Good news about the breathing.  I could do with a steroid boost to get me up the hllls!  I have to frequently stop to get my breath back. As for the spelling ..... remember the days when someone on here used to say that it wasn't what he'd put ...... that somehow between "Add Comment" and the comment appearing ..... the comment had been hacked and altered?   Those were the days.   LOLOL!!!
04/27/19 06:38: trix abound:
LOL....but my spelling sure went out the window!!!!!
04/27/19 06:36: trix abound: breathing is much better this morning...nurse sais the sreroids they pump into me might help it!!!
04/27/19 06:34: trix abound:
LOL....thats why I bought a couple of crinkle dresses.
04/27/19 06:31: trix abound:
I see dr mccann 5/2 at 9:45 2nd Chemo is 5/16 at 10:30....they take 5 vials of blood before each treatment.
04/27/19 06:02: MD:
Ps .....  I'm glad you're feeling good  .....  and it's raining here as well.   We are expecting Storm Hannah.


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