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Recent Comments

11/24/22 19:44: Arizona Sue:
Hi MD.  We watch Glenn Kirschner every day and find ourselves repeating Because Justice Matters!   Glenn really, really wants the Orange Turd indicted and dressed in a size XXXXLarge jumpsuit!
11/24/22 14:18: MD:
316 web cams are available as of the last scan. You're one of 9 current visitors. Happy Thanksgiving.
11/24/22 13:54: MD:
Hi ladies ....  Happy Thanksgiving! Speaking of mentally challenged -  Herschel Walker is the gift that keeps on giving: Lindsey Graham's ears pricked up quick smart. I watch Glenn Kirschner every day ... because justice - matters.  LOL I detest Pompeo but I'd love to know how he lost the weight.  I think he's tried to "glam up" for a presidential run. I can't think of a decent Republican for president though I'm sure there are a lot of them unhappy about the MAGA movement.  They just don't have the backbone to stand up to Trump because mean tweets really hurt ... or mean troths. I'll have to get BJ on the case. I can't remember what she did - it's been 4 or 5 years. I hope you both have a lovely Thanksgiving. Ps ..... my dark chocolate oranges will be delivered in less than 3 hours, not that I'm counting!  LOLOLOL    
11/24/22 02:59: Arizona Sue:
I'd like to smack that smug Pompeo.   Such arrogance.  Smarmy!  
11/23/22 16:08: Phoenix:
Had a giggle at Troth Truth Sentral..Trump has destroyed this country, he let all the idiots and mentally challenged lose. On a brighter note, I prefer the milk chocolate version, but dark chocolate is supposedly better for you.. :-)
11/23/22 16:06: Phoenix:
Pompeo is a Republican.. People don't like Pence. Elon Musk has let his money take over his brain, if he ever had one.. Wish that Biden was a good bit younger! But.. on a brighter note, Trump has to give over his tax documents, so that should be fun. 
11/22/22 04:38: Arizona Sue:
Hi MD.  Much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.   I think you can guess a few things on that list.  As for Trump "running" again -- Kari Lake has just visited Mar A Lago.   Maybe they both will self destruct or eat each other alive, competing for attention.   I hope BJ can figure out how I can send you a couple of pics from our trip.  We're finally feeling better but I still have a cough and it's annoying.   Watch Glenn Kirschner on YouTube if you can.  Hubby and I enjoy his daily Trump bashing.  


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