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Living Room .... and yes ... she knows s...
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Big Sky Resort - Mountain Village Cam

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Piazza del Popolo

Italy | Emilia-Romagna | Ravenna
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Recent Comments

04/21/18 17:00: MD:
Right ...... but isn't the bread full of carbs?  And if it's white bread ....... that's 10 demerits!!!!  LOL
04/21/18 16:55: trix abound:
well we're not supposed to have many carbs, right?
04/21/18 16:41: MD:
That's my girl .......... chocolate first and if you have a space left ...... that's the time to have proper food.  Oh.  Do we count half a BLT grinder as proper food?   :D
04/21/18 16:35: trix abound:
I was going to have half of my BLT grinder for lunch but I hate to be full when my chocolate gets here.
04/21/18 16:01: MD:
I've just been changing my shopping order  ..... removing some "bad" stuff and substituting good.  However  ....... I know that the day before delivery I'll be putting the baddies back on the order.  LOL! It's now weak sunshine, blue skies with white puffy clouds ....... but ...... a few minutes ago there was a rumble of thunder.  I'm off to BJ's tonight. It's impossible to know what to wear.  Whatever I choose will be wrong.  It might be suitable for this evening but tomorrow I could get soaked or sunburned.
04/21/18 15:37: trix abound:
I did put some real food on the list too...milk, coffee, eggs and cat food! it's sunny here too, even though they said rain...I saw on TV a weatherman getting arrested for holding spring hostage :)
04/21/18 15:00: MD:
Good morning Trix ..... that sounds pretty similar to my shopping lists ..... except the brownie mixes. They said we would have rain today ...... it's glorious sunshine.


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