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Bar Oviso
Spain | Catalonia | Barcelona, Carrer de n' Arai 5. Placa de George Orwell.
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Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

United States | North Dakota | Devils Lake
4.75 from 8 votes

Crea Mall

Japan | Saitama | Kawagoe
4.83 from 41 votes

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

United States | Washington | Winthrop
3.92 from 25 votes

Overlooking The Square from People's Hou...

Sweden | Norrbotten | Kiruna (Kafe Rost, Folkets Hus, Vänortstorget)
5.00 from 4 votes

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Ausblick Ski Area
United States
Eugene Kennel Cam
United States
Momijidani Suspension Bridge
Brightlingsea Harbour
United Kingdom
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Recent Comments

03/08/21 23:19: MD:
Yes.  Beautiful.
03/08/21 22:47: deacon:
This is an excellent view. Post card worthy.
03/08/21 22:45: deacon:
The weather is warming up, I hope these fisherman get their shanties off the ice soon before it's too late.
03/08/21 20:55: MD:
Well Deacon .... you don't have to look at this cam on Sundays, like you did yesterday, if it offends your sensibilities.  You could have spent some time in church and then busied yourself doing God's work while the rest of us do whatever we enjoy. In Cana, Galilee, Christ is invited to a wedding feast during which he performs his first miracle. At the end of the banquet, when the wine is running low, he asks the servants to fill the stone jars with water and then offer them to the master of the house, who finds that the water has been turned to wine. I wonder if he said "Fill your boots - but never on Sunday."  :D
03/08/21 20:33: MD:
Hi Ed ....  I have the same problem.  :D
03/08/21 20:32: MD:
465 web cams are available as of the last scan. You're one of 20 current visitors.
03/08/21 16:22: Ed Hilver:
Thanks MD.


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