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Crea Mall
Japan | Saitama | Kawagoe
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Live Fish Market

South Korea | Seoul | Seoul
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Ortseinfahrt Lofer

Austria | Salzburg | Lofer
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Sweden | Norrbotten | Arjeplog (VILTBUTIK & KAFÉ på Torget)
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Neuner-Funk on Hartmannstraße

Germany | Bavaria | Eggolsheim
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Czech Republic
Sagamihara Green Tennis Club
Momijidani Suspension Bridge
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Recent Comments

06/15/21 11:56: Rheba Menke:
for me and
06/14/21 14:43: Phoenix:
MD, I wondered about the Christmas tree too! i was thinking about writing to them to ask why it wasn't taken down after Christmas had passed... :-)
06/13/21 18:57: MD:
We manage.  My electricity bill used to go up in summer when I lived in France ... now it goes up in winter with keeping warm.
06/13/21 18:57: Phoenix:
Hi MD, twas I who put the link on the Dublin cam.. Never been to Dublin, went over to Belfast on the ferry one day when I was over visiting Mum and Dad. Ferry left from Troon back in those days... When I arrived in Belfast a wee man at the pier told me I had come on the wrong day, a Sunday, because all was closed.. he did give me a tip though to go to this museum with old busses and cars, and across the road from that was an agricultural museum, so I took a taxi and off I went. It was all rather interesting. I enjoyed the trip on the ferry too. They're going to let the ferry go from Troon again as they are doing up the harbour at Adrossan.. Don't know how that wil go... Troon was not built for car traffic, horses and carts, yes, but cars no.. the parking is horrid as it is. Nope, Guiness has never appealed to me either, but it is an extremely popular drink. 
06/13/21 18:28: MD:
Hi Phoenix ...  I used to look at the Dublin cam - someone put this link on Opentopia a while ago but I lost it.  Do you think the Christmas tree is early or late?  LOL I've been to Dublin.  It's a lovely place.  I was impressed that cake shops sell yesterday's cakes at half price.  I first went when I was about 10 years old.  The ferry crossing that time was a shocker. The sea was so rough we were delayed for hours. As we walked beside the River Liffey my dad told me they used the river water to make Guinness. Somehow it's never appealed to me.  :D  There's a lovely place called Phoenix Park.
06/12/21 21:38: Phoenix:
Do you live in Sweden, Deacon? I used to live in Kristinhamn. Thanks for the tip MD.. I might just buy one of those. We keep the cars in the garage, so it's only when we, or I go out shopping, which isn't very often...  :-) I don't go to the mall anymore.. I've sort of come away from that. Do you ever look at the webcam from the Temple Bar in Dublin, it's interesting. Can't write anything but it's fun to watch the people. .. it was really busy on the street this evening. No one allowed inside though they serve outside for the time being. It's now very busy on the street!!
06/12/21 21:29: Phoenix:
You were right Deacon... they have all fled the nest! Hope they all do well in the big world, we're rooting for them....  -)


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