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04/23/14 05:44: kyle:
==Mira, you have a investment in he good earth, , methinks you are hearing the voice of Gyya sometimes for the comments you make, hahaha if it works, and if you are staying out of jail, who cares really?  Be well kid ==My sweet Red headed fireball MD. Im slowing down and you are speeding up, alas something between us would have gone down in flames like the Red Baron long ago hahahah you are a friend kid, thats enough. If you were my daughter, i would carry a baseball bat to make sure the bad guys stayed away, watch your back kid, there are not nice folks out there ok, I worry es-pecially about you, i follow your narative most times and some statements I would have got out the shot gun to protect you with. I will still carry a bat just in case, ok? Hahaaaaha Cant do more, got to go to a meeting with my bed hahahaha, gnite all ==Indigo , im happy to call you a friend, you are honest to a "T" with your thoughts on here, cant ask for more, hey not all of what you say is butterd, hahahah so one must think it out. --Violet, you are still the sweet person i remember, one to protect should it be necessary, thanks for coming back in... ==
04/23/14 05:44: kyle:
===I think i'll get someone to look over my sholder and poke me every time i make an error, but would i be brused hahahahaha ===Hiya trader old boy, hope all is well with the little Traders and traderess. Me, i'm fine if i can shake these doctors long enough to go play a round of golf, what say? ==Violet how are you?, hope all on your end is safe and quiet girl. == Dona you havent chimed in in a while, but i can tell you, you are missed by all who know you == Lizard Momma, come back please, you are missed  
04/23/14 05:22: kyle:
the pnly time they will kick in any money or materials is if the Media is watching, the local news is about what volunteers are doing and getting donations locally, by the volunteers, not the Red Cross who take the credit. Ah, pay no mind to me, some truths are thorny at best, so forget all i posted
04/23/14 05:18: kyle:
I stress , the Volunteers are there at thier own expense 99% of times (Near Angels), and out of pocket while they are there, this is one of the reasons they are not slapped double down for their activities, meaning the administration part. They are getting greedier, at some point they will be called to task, not sure why they have a carte blanke operations in the US, they are nearly open in their dirty dealings, most who are in the know, understand what they do, but are at a losss as to why the govt allows it. Next time a press conference is called with the Red Cross involved, watch the smirk. Ill not repeat what i say here, im a nobody, and DONT want visitors, if you get my drift.
04/23/14 05:09: kyle:
for us. we personally lost a lot of money , mainly due to them, the Red Cross. The local emergency services asked them to come for the forest fires raging and making many homeless. The way the administraters handled out Radio services , was appaling, and one ooperator quit due to the bullying recieved at their hands, as long as one carries the license , we are by federal law required to help emergency services, most ly its a great feeling to help out, in this case, the operator as soon as he could break away, sold all his equipment at dirt prices so as not get involved with such as the Red Cross again, in a nut shell, the volunteers are near angels, and there at their own expense, the greedy administrators rake in monies from all corners and dissapear, usually sending it on to the main Red Cross where houses in Europe, where even the Red Cressent has access, as happened with the Trade Towers in New York, all they did to the Red Cross was demand the head administrator in the US to resign. Please read between the lines here, true stories. Nah,. not a lot of use for the administrators there
04/23/14 05:08: kyle:
I would be rather careful about donati8ng t9 the Red Cross, many suspitions activities , the insistance on addresses is about near blackmail to get more money out of you, be aware ok. Personally I've have a sad experiance with the administration of the Red Cross, as i WAS a Ameteur Radio operator, so volunteerd my equipment and myself in a tragedy, same as did other like me, one especially nasty storm caused a lot of chaos 
04/23/14 04:57: Mira Bilis:
Her husband is around ... perhaps he'll get naked instead.  ;-P


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