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Laweczka Internetowa (Internet Bench)
Poland | Pomeranian Voivodeship | Gdansk
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M & D H Insurance Services Ltd - Head Of...

United Kingdom | England | Bedford
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Bar Oviso

Spain | Catalonia | Barcelona, Carrer de n' Arai 5. Placa de George Orwell.
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Lake Balaton

Hungary | Somogy | Balatonvilágos
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Laverie Libre Service

France | Île-de-France | Gennevilliers
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Pool Cam
Alcaidesa Marina
Bainbridge Island to Seattle Ferry
United States
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Bar Oviso

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07/29/16 12:26: Mommie Dearest in Devon:
Good morning Trix ..... I'm glad they took you off statins ...... so many horror stories about them. BJ and I went to the hairdresser together and then had fish and chips ...... large fish - specially cooked - and medium chips. Our food looked more golden than the food on the link. I went to bed at 4 and got up at 9. I've had my photo taken to send to Dona ..... it should give her something to laugh at!!!!! I expect you will be out there looking at your new car .... once it arrives.  :D How are your fingers?
07/29/16 12:19: Mommie Dearest in Devon:
Thank you Homely. I was working out what I'd do with the egg yolks and then decided to pass the recipe on to my daughter. Personally speaking ..... the hardest part would be waiting a minimum of 24 hours before eating it!!!  :D
07/29/16 12:11: Mommie Dearest in Devon:
Hi Homely .... strange that the tomatoes aren't ripening. The paper bag trick usually works ..... especially if the bag is brown.
07/29/16 12:09: trix abound:
Good morning MD.  Well they took me off the statin and reduced the anti-depressant to half trying to get my body feeling normal....hope it works. Did BJ cook up a fantastic dinner for you?  hubby picks the car up today!!
07/29/16 12:09: Mommie Dearest in Devon:
Good morning Dona ...... I've just come home from having my photo taken!!!!!  I'm going to take it to my daughter's so she can scan it. She's always saying she has hardly any photos of me. It'll be Thursday before I go down there but at least you know I've made a move.   :D
07/29/16 12:05: trix abound:
hi Homely....thanks for the daughtr will love it...she loves so much :)
07/29/16 12:04: Mommie Dearest in Devon:
Maybe he went there for his vacation.  :D


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