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Hotel Seerose on Südstrand

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Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottl...

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Finland | Eastern Finland | Pieksämäki
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Hirasawa Pass
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Greene St
United States
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Marktplatz Elstra

Recent Comments

07/04/22 05:25: Arizona Sue:
Love me some Randy!  Thanks for sharing, MD.   
07/02/22 23:46: Phoenix:
All pics look as if you could reach up and grab the sky.. Same in Scotlands pics.. Clouds are so low that you could grab them and kiss them.. 
07/01/22 14:56: MD:
Hi Sue ..  it must make you wonder what is coming next.
07/01/22 14:53: MD:
Hi Sue ...  and now SCOTUS has decided that the world can burn to a cinder.  I read a US news and politics blog every day but I think I'll have to give it up, it's no good for my health. Thank goodness for Randy Rainbow.
06/30/22 05:04: Arizona Sue:
Love this cam.  MD, you live in a beautiful place.  
06/30/22 05:03: Arizona Sue:
Hi MD.  I had to stop watching the news when Roe was overturned by our Trumpian Supreme Court.   I thought I'd have a stroke!   All the marches and protests and advocacy in the 70s -- all for naught.  Arizona will most likely ban all abortions.   Grrrr  
06/28/22 17:50: MD:
Hi Sue and stargzr  ...    I can't believe that women in the United States of America now have less rights than guns do ...  and I'm pretty sure guns weren't mentioned in the bible. This is my weather today:


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