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Dog Room
Japan | Fukuoka | Kurume
3.67 from 6 votes

Overlooking The Square from People's Hou...

Sweden | Norrbotten | Kiruna (Kafe Rost, Folkets Hus, Vänortstorget)
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Sweden | Västerbotten | Vilhelmina
4.96 from 24 votes

Colgate University - Broad St

United States | New York | Hamilton
5.00 from 4 votes

Vahterusring Curling & Skiing Hall

Finland | Western Finland | Uusikaupunki
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View from Stadt Germering on Rathausplat...
WWCU-FM Radio Studio
United States
Meudon Observatory Solar Tower - View of...
Mannheim City Airport
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    Cape Sata
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    Arkansas State Universit...
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    Rairannan Campsite
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    Burst Observer and Optic...
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    View from Gaisbergspitze...
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  • Sōjijiso-in Temple
    Sōjijiso-in Temple
    Japan | Ishikawa | Monzen, Wa
  • Greene St
    Greene St
    United Sta | New Jersey | Jersey Cit
  • Station Úvaly
    Station Úvaly
    Czech Republic | Kolin | Úvaly

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Hi Sue ... I agree.  I'm not a fan of dark, cold mornings.
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BRR.  Even though part of my DNA is Scandinavia, I know I could never live in a dark, icy, cold climate for more than half the year.  Beautiful country, though -- during the warm 3 months of the year.


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