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Bar Oviso
Spain | Catalonia | Barcelona, Carrer de n' Arai 5. Placa de George Orwell.
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Kestrel Cam

United States | Nebraska | Lincoln
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Staten Island Driveway Cam

United States | New York | Staten Island
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Kobayashi Cookies

Taiwan | Taipei | Taipei
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Marine Biological Association on Citadel...

United Kingdom | England | Plymouth, Devon
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Pointe Santo Condos
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Bar Oviso

Recent Comments

05/27/19 01:39: stargzr:
Well good luck !!!!!  I laughed at you going all the way back for the pen.....that's a DEDICATED voter.  LOL
05/27/19 01:15: MD:
I went back and ordered sugar free soda.   Every little helps ....... 2 tons of chocolate but no calories in my soda.  LOL!!!
05/27/19 01:13: MD:
Hi stargzr  .......  I hope you soon get your laptop sorted.  I'm bereft when mine is out of kilter. The chicks ....  I obviously hadn't had enough wine.   :D Of course I voted.  It was on Thursday but the votes will be counted tonight as they didn't want our rabble influencing countries that had yet to vote.  I was half way up the hill to the polling station when I realized I didn't have a pen.  They provide you with a pencil but I don't trust them.   Easy to erase pencil ...... so I walked back down the hill and bought a pack of pens.  There has been no news on turnout but I voted early and the ballot box was almost full.  I can't wait to see how we wiped the floor with Conservative and Labour parties.  LOL!!!!
05/26/19 23:50: trix abound:
LOL....the warm weather just snuck in on us..... my God...looks like my grocery list......junk food......
05/26/19 23:43: stargzr:
Hi MD,   Still waiting on getting a part for my poor old laptop so it's hit and miss......but I loved the song!!  Also glad we decided on 5 chicks only.  (thought I was losing it.) Did you vote???? Of course you did.  Hope it turned out OK for you.  :)
05/26/19 23:08: MD:
82?????????????   Where on earth did that come from?  Last week your weather was colder than mine! I was just doing a Tesco order but I've given up.   Potato chips, chocolate biscuits, fruit pies, chocolate coated pretels,  6 bars of chocolate  ........  and some low calorie bread.  I think I'll start again when I'm not in such a chocolatey mood.  LOL!
05/26/19 22:22: trix abound:
I had a lay down earlier but it's so darn hot....82 now!!!!


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