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Staten Island Driveway Cam
United States | New York | Staten Island
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Overlooking The Square from People's Hou...

Sweden | Norrbotten | Kiruna (Kafe Rost, Folkets Hus, Vänortstorget)
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Ortseinfahrt Lofer

Austria | Salzburg | Lofer
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Buffalo Trace Distillery - Still House

United States | Kentucky | Frankfort
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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - H...

United States | Arizona | Prescott
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Pioneer Monument
Bømlo Kommune on Svortlandsvegen
Mount Rose - Rectifiers
United States
Electronic Ads
Czech Republic
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Recent Comments

06/07/23 18:48: N Q:
Homely, I'm game but just so you know, my cooking consists of warming things up in the microwave or air fryer and because it's only me, I plan my meals around what I have in the freezer and am hungry for at the moment :)
06/07/23 18:44: N Q:
Homely the person that MD was emailing is Indigo, he is from northern Wis. The reason I remember this is because I'm from Wis. Anyway back then he was in his 80's and not in good shape health wise. They started emailing each other after they put their email addies on here, I actually think that because Indigo wasn't pc savy that he probably put his whole addy on here and MD just emailed him. At the time I wasn't really interested enough to go looking through posts to see if I could find his or her addy. He quit posting in here as soon as MD started emailing him. It's been too long for me to remember what year that happened.
06/07/23 15:29: Homely:
Excellent effort though, Phoenix!
06/07/23 15:28: Homely:
Ladies - I've just remembered that someone, and I think it was MD, was in contact with the person who ran the kestrel cam in Nebraska. A stretch, but wondering if contact with them might be productive...
06/07/23 15:27: Homely:
Glad you're back now, NQ - and Sue, I'm glad your husband turned out not to be an axe murderer ;-) If anyone is looking to return to the type of community discussions that got squeezed out, I'm totally up for sharing recipes and meal planning inspiration!
06/06/23 17:59: Phoenix:
The woman I wrote to hasn't gotten back to me as of yet..Maybe she thought it was a scam. 
06/05/23 22:06: N Q:
Arizona Sue I know of quite a few people who met their future mate in chat but I also knew one guy who seemed to be a nice enough of a guy in chat, who had quite a few woman fawning over him(not me) who we found out wasn't so nice, actually horrifying, he killed his x-wife and 3 year old son on christmas eve and then hid out at the house of one of the women he met online. That incident pretty much made me decide it's better to keep those online friendships online !But it's great that you met somebody online who I assume isn't an axe murderer :)Two of my nieces also met their husbands in chat and neither of their husbands are axe muderers either(grin)


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