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Purdue University - Computer Science Lab...
United States | Indiana | West Lafayette
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Hair Salon

Russia | Sankt-Peterburg | Saint Petersburg
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Purdue University - Computer Science Lab...

United States | Indiana | West Lafayette
3.50 from 8 votes

Purdue University - Computer Science Lab...

United States | Indiana | West Lafayette
3.67 from 3 votes

Pharmacy - Front Counter

Russia | Moscow | Moscow
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Town Square
Pointe Santo Condo Rentals
United States
Yale Medical School
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O'Connor Campus Center at Colgate Univer...
United States
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03/05/15 03:41: kyle:
everyone be sure to feed the birds, this winter has killed a lot of wildlife, due to starvation primarily  because without eats, the body temp goes down in many such as birds
03/05/15 03:29: kyle:
you can even tell the young from the old by the way they move, the older Japaneese move side to side, the youths bounce hahahaahah hey playing, hope no one takes offence, none meant
03/05/15 03:26: kyle:
you hahahah can tell those with big feet, they bob up and down a lot hahahahaah
03/05/15 03:22: kyle:
it needs to be more clear to see it good, but it can be seen now if you magnify
03/05/15 03:21: kyle:
if you look close, you can see various places where steam is rising along the base as pressure is released, cool also
03/05/15 03:19: kyle:
clear sky and nice eruption, cool
03/05/15 03:19: kyle:
thanks for switching it back, i wa going to go and do it, but you beat me too it hahahah Best to you, Kyle


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