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Views of Colonia de Sant Pere
United States
Burgos Cathedral and Plaza Vega
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04/18/14 05:33: kyle:
dang it, reread what i posted, and see I talk too much bye
04/18/14 05:33: kyle:
oops  That was 1/2 inch, sorry
04/18/14 05:31: kyle:
(""Finishing" it uses light bands to communicate. i am not sure, correct me, but i think its the Cuttle fish that has Copper based blood as well. It is that or a Uctopus, cant remember right now, point is we have some interesting "Folks " to talk to, whenever, the arrogance we can communicate with higher species like ET, it a bit over the top for me. I know about the stones i found, likely found in every pile of stones in gravel pits across the US, must be for my type 12 inch to 1.5 inches for the little hands to do it, perhaps to carry in the craw, but between you and me, i think perhaps some pieces are not left on Dino when they are dug up, like unusual utility type belts, likely out of wood products or grasses. The ones i found indicated they ate Insects
04/18/14 05:31: kyle:
On Bristol, its a nice City, folks ar friendly, and the house is what we want. To answer that question, I am so tired of moving we are thinking of just putting everything in storage and traveling for a year or more, seeing the tourist places across the country hahahahaha  Should some issue prevent our obtaining the house, Ill do some road research I always wanted to do, some time ago i found some carved stones, about 200 hundred of them scattered in a gravel pit, so might take that back up, as nothing like it i ever heard before, not done by humans i dont think, see one must understand the tru Aliens were here before us, no matter their shape or size, we are so arrogant about our right to the planet, we simply forget it was occupied before us, no telling what was here..... I find it amusing, we have all sorts of creatures now that communicate in special ways here, and we cannot communicate with them, take the cuttle fish,
04/18/14 05:23: kyle:
Mira, I remarried last year, and yes I speak of my late wife, she died of cancer, and I advise everyone to get exrays or more seriour type of MRI should you have any type of cancer removed or treated. Had i insisted in it, perhaps they could have saved my late wife, Chemo does NOT go through the Shieth of the spine or Brain, if cancer decides to spread as happened to my late wife, it goes right on through the shieth and attaches, she died of Brain cancer. In the beginning the Doctor scared her badly as she had Brest Cancer, she went immediatly through surgery for it terrified, ok, they did a mastectomy, that caused the rapid spread , look the truth is, we dont yet know why it spreads in some and not in others, I found out the University of Edenbourough has in their humanities lab the answer to this question, and are awaiting a Patent, same as UCLA in California has the reason cancer grows, same thing, they await a patent. i found this out after she passed, intercepted a memo between them legally. (One must know what to look for) in any case get the scans done if youve had cancer, it could catch it early , hopefully to save your life.  
04/18/14 01:00: blanqui suarez:
me gusta   !  
04/18/14 00:04: Mommie Dearest in Devon:
Lizardmomma, fancy making you work on Good Friday, meanies!!! I know you had a brilliant time last year. Your comments on it might even be on this cam. In case you don't find time to get on here again before you go, have a lovely time.  :D


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