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City of Fairhope Pier Cam

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Recent Comments

07/22/19 13:25: MD:
I know that feeling ...... you wonder how on earth you didn't see it first time.  :D Just fiddling with my grocery order.  I don't know how I do it ......  3 items removed  ..... 10 added.
07/22/19 12:41: trix abound:
LOL....too simple to mention....HAHAHAHAHA
07/22/19 12:11: MD:
Well done.  I bet it was just something simple. I like pasta salad.   I also like Russian salad and it's easy to make ..... even for me.
07/22/19 11:33: trix abound:
PS....I fixed the detector pad :)
07/22/19 11:32: trix abound:
we just had pasta saad, grilled chicken and they have gone swimming.
07/22/19 08:07: MD:
* thinking ......... what a day!!!!!!!!   :D
07/22/19 08:04: MD:
Can't blame them if they ate the blueberries.  I used to take my kids strawberry picking.  The farm had an "honesty" box to pay for the ones that got eaten.  I think it's lovely how your daughter is being so good with A.  I'm not thining for one moment that she doesn't have a happy life at home but it must be great for her to come to your place and be treated as really special.  Must give her a boost.


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