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Sven Loven Centre for Marine Sciences

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Sven Loven Centre for Marine Sciences
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Sven Loven Centre for Marine Sciences

12768 hours ago

Sven Loven Centre for Marine Sciences

12771 hours ago

Sven Loven Centre for Marine Sciences

12774 hours ago

Sven Loven Centre for Marine Sciences

12777 hours ago

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Comments (4)

MD 09/21/14 22:01

Another one sorted!   :D

Mira Bilis 09/21/14 21:42
kyle 07/18/13 20:34

I realize some were upset when I posted last time, one of the many reasons why i have abandoned all research projects now.  Again, this is a research station, science to benefil all.

kyle 03/05/11 21:54

Understand, this is  a science station, when we view it, they register it as a hack. So don't be surprised at some retaliation from them, not a hack, rather a notice of some sort, or a shutting down the cam, view and leave is the best policy on this particular one.  They are in my estimation too polite considering.

Long time ago in south America, I was attempting to relate a antenna design to an Aobservatory we were working on, a devious hacker crashed all their systems, that is a major crime against the People of the world as we all gain from knowledge. On another note the huge robo systems caused some horrible damage as it went out of control, thanks to some snot nosed play baby. My point is view this great view and please leave immediatly


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