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View from Roter Turm on Theaterstrasse

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View from Roter Turm on Theaterstrasse
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View from Roter Turm on Theaterstrasse

6788 hours ago

View from Roter Turm on Theaterstrasse

6791 hours ago

View from Roter Turm on Theaterstrasse

6794 hours ago

View from Roter Turm on Theaterstrasse

6797 hours ago

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Comments (13)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/14/14 19:37

Aww, I never see that.

MD 12/14/14 19:26

Yes.... and every time I look.... there's at least one train going through the station.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/14/14 19:12

This is such a pretty view at night.

MD 10/01/14 16:10

My daughter has friends in Australia and they exchange messages until all hours. She often goes to bed at 7 or 8 am. She's been doing that for almost 16 years so I can't see it changing.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/01/14 15:55

I used to work til 3:30 in the mornig get home, have coffee and breakfast, read the paper and go to bed about 7. Slept til like 2 in the afternoon. 

MD 10/01/14 15:51

Carol... my daughter is a night owl. She often doesn't get home from work until midnight and then her evening begins. As she once pointed out to me... people who come home from work at 6pm don't go straight to bed so why should she? Makes sense.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/01/14 15:33

I bet. When I was working I was a bartender so I was a night person anyway.

MD 10/01/14 15:28

Carol... I'm glad you managed to get some sleep. I'm an 8hrs-a-night person. Anything less and it wrecks my day. On Thursday, when I go to my daughter's, I stay up until about 4am then get up at about 9am. It takes me a day to get over it!!! But we have such fun... it's worth it.

I've sat here and watched 4 trains go through the station. I watched the cam when there was snow everywhere and it looked like normal service.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/01/14 15:11

Lol, yes I slept from 10 til 4 my time. That is a long time for me. My back lets me get some sleep once in a while.

MD 10/01/14 14:18

Carol... so do I.   Did you actually go to bed last night???? I feel you were on here day and night! LOL

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/01/14 13:11

Green thumb please. I love this view.

MD 01/21/13 17:53

I agree, lovely  view.  Railway is quite busy at this time.  Commuters?

David Garraway 04/25/12 14:17

Lovely cam view


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