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Main St

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Main St
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Main St

3747 hours ago

Main St

3750 hours ago

Main St

3753 hours ago

Main St

3756 hours ago

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Comments (8)

zedyer 07/20/16 18:56

they supposedly get abducted in the deserts 

zedyer 07/20/16 18:55

Its the USA. Anything is possible

MD 07/20/16 18:31

Zedyer ..... I've been looking at this cam since I read your comments. I notice that when vehicles come towards the cam from the top of that slope - the white ones keep changing colour. The first one I spotted kept turning from yellow to green and back but when it got to the junction - it was actually a white vehicle. I watched several of them do it.

zedyer 07/20/16 18:07

Huge truck there

zedyer 07/20/16 18:06

WOW some knobhead just stopped at the junction way too late and blocked the road! Nice one

Mira Bilis 10/27/13 22:56

LOL, yep - another typical American street scene - a few cars, nobody walking.

feralorchid 10/19/13 19:36

I think I'd rather chew my own head off than live there!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/23/13 23:47

Lol, If that is Main St. I would hate to see how dead the side streets are.


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