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Staten Island Driveway Cam
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Staten Island Driveway Cam

4 hours ago

Staten Island Driveway Cam

7 hours ago

Staten Island Driveway Cam

10 hours ago

Staten Island Driveway Cam

13 hours ago

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Comments (64)

silversquirrel 04/02/24 01:42

Phoenix, I think you are correct.  RIP MD.  

silversquirrel 04/02/24 01:40

Hi Phoenix and the others in the group.  I hope you all had a Happy Easter.  We had wet weather yesterday and today.  Not complaining.  We're happy to have rain anytime in the desert 🌵.  

Phoenix 03/31/24 16:42

Hi all, glad to see some folks are still with us. MD has gone for good, I'm afraid.. no word from any of her famlly either..   :-(

silversquirrel 03/19/24 00:41

Hi Stargzr.   Good to know you're still there!  Hope your birthday was wonderful.   

stargzr 03/10/24 04:19

Hiya Sue. Yup I'm still with a matter of fact, you posted that on my 83rd birthday, great timing!  I hope all is well with you.  I'm so tired of all the political garbage that I try to ignore my laptop until I've had at least 2 cups of coffee.  Trying to stay positive but it's difficult.  Told my grandson it was up to his generation to straighten things out.  :-)

Take good care of yourself and keep in touch!



silversquirrel 03/02/24 22:58

Hi there Opentopia gang.  Just checking in to see who is still with us.  I'm Arizona Sue/silversquirrel.  

N Q 02/27/24 18:00

Yup silversquirrel, I see that he went from what I thought was a legitimate poster to a spammer.

silversquirrel 02/26/24 04:13

NQ.  There seems to be a lot of spam on this camera.  

rohan SAGAR 02/23/24 13:02

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rohan SAGAR 02/23/24 13:02

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rohan SAGAR 02/23/24 13:02

N Q 02/21/24 15:44

rohan SAGAR I checked this cam yesterday and this morning and there's no yellow crime scene ribbon wrapped around anything here.

rohan SAGAR 02/20/24 15:35

Why there is some yellow ribbon on the house of the background? It seems like some crime happened there LOL


Takumi K 09/25/23 17:40

This site has a lot of live cameras. Check it out!

John Morse 09/03/23 22:40

Hi Staten Island.

skylie 06/14/23 05:30

hi MD

carlz dooms 05/19/23 13:21

thank you for sharing with us
carlz dooms 03/17/23 07:53


No Name 04/12/22 01:47

How cute, he brought a present home. Birthday or anniversary gift? Adorable. 

Anonymous Watcher 11/01/21 17:21

Why there is some yellow ribbon on the house of the background? It seems like some crime happened there LOL


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