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Pirate & Crafty's Webcam
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Pirate & Crafty's Webcam

6323 hours ago

Pirate & Crafty's Webcam

6326 hours ago

Pirate & Crafty's Webcam

6329 hours ago

Pirate & Crafty's Webcam

6332 hours ago

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Comments (30)

Ed Hilver 05/25/21 20:50


MD 03/23/21 23:26

Hi Ed .... me too .... and his little dog.

Ed Hilver 03/23/21 22:49

I just saw a man lol

Ed Hilver 06/16/20 21:43

Im seeing movement to!

Ed Hilver 04/19/20 13:04


shark gao 04/08/20 09:16

hey。are you friends and be familar with each other?i took through your comments,but i dont know what are you talking about。


JimE 08/30/19 12:41

Holy Moley, I see movement!

Rain Shadow 10/09/16 20:30

Halloween decorations up already.

MD 04/09/16 18:15

NQ ... the lambs are such fun. They've just got to the leaping stage. They're like children playing.

I expect you will have flowers after ours have all gone.

N Q 04/09/16 17:13

MD last month we had 60-70 degree temps and everything was starting to turn green. This month has been cold and we've had snow off and on, this morning I wok up to temps in the 20's.

I'ld love to see some tulips coming up but I have a feeling we won't see them till May.

I bet it's pretty with your tulips popping and the baby lambs running around :)

MD 04/09/16 16:50

Hi NQ ... good to see it's back.

I was thinking of you a few minutes ago ....... lots and lots of tulips open ..... all colours. :D

N Q 04/09/16 15:55

COOL--one of our old cams has come back online :)

Homely 11/05/14 01:55

MD, I went to law school off in the hills and there were lots of places that were pronounced QUITE differently than they were spelled. For example, Buena Vista was Byoonah Vista, or Bunie for short, and Buchanan was BUCKhannon. And let's not forget Beaufort, SC (Byoo-fert) and Norfolk (Nawfok)!

Mira Bilis 09/09/14 20:59

A bit like Boise, Idaho ... "boy-zee." ;)

Trix, that does look like fun! :)

MD 09/09/14 20:49

Homely.... I'll believe you but it looks of French origin and they certainly wouldn't pronounce it like that! However, when in Rome.... or Du Bois........... LOL

trix abound 09/09/14 20:48

my son does geocaching...lots of fun...i went with him once...

Mira Bilis 09/09/14 20:41

LOL ... thanks for the tip Homely. ;)

Homely 09/09/14 20:36

And, Ladies, when you say the name of that town make sure you pronounce it correctly... "Dew Boys"!

MD 09/09/14 18:34

Mira Bilis.... I really did laugh out loud! I look at it as confirmation, so research certainly isn't wasted. That means you can't weasel out on the next mission!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Mira Bilis 09/09/14 18:22

LOL ... indeed MD ... my problem is, as Trix and NQ will confirm ... by the time I've finished doing a search and typing my comment, somebody else has already replied without me noticing ... which consequently makes me look like an annoying smartarse. ;)


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