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Kagoshima Broadcasting Co.
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Kagoshima Broadcasting Co.

5 hours ago

Kagoshima Broadcasting Co.

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Kagoshima Broadcasting Co.

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Kagoshima Broadcasting Co.

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Comments (18)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/29/15 01:58

Yea I am mostly on the other one. Just stopped by this one and thought of u guys. Christmas was ok I was sick a lot. Still kind of. The weather here has been soooooooo unusual. Like in the 30's and that never happens here. I hope u had a great Christmas too!!!

MD 12/29/15 01:55

Hi Carol ....... I hope you had a lovely Christmas. We left a comment to/about you on another cam ..... I think it was on Sakurajima cam. Happy new year!!!!!!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/29/15 01:44

Mira and MD just stopping in to say I miss ya guys and hope u are doing great!!!

Bloodstream Woodbrook 11/19/15 18:03

Network cam link?

kanye west robot dildo 08/08/15 07:02

awesome view of that crater nice view wish the camera was better

memy_selfandi 07/30/15 04:17

Dedicated page for Sakurajima Volcano featuring Showa Crater......

w_d 04/29/15 01:06

With this camera view the sun rises facing the camera so morning webcam viewing will probably be a bit washed out. On the other hand the sun sets behind the camera so the few hours before sunset are great for the view. †

MD 04/28/15 15:48

Hi Carol ...... I've missed you but I had you down as spending time on Santa Monica Pier ....... never thought of you working so hard. LOL!!!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 04/28/15 15:18

Missed u guys too and will definitely try to check in when I can. Please tell MD I said HI!!

Mira Bilis 04/28/15 15:13

We missed you Carol.† It's cool that you were fit enough to return to work though ... take care of yourself and check in when you can. :)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 04/28/15 15:05

Mira, ty so much for the cam page and yes we do stay busy.

Mira Bilis 04/28/15 15:03

Wow Carol ... Universal Studios Hollywood eh?† No wonder you're so busy ... that place must be a hive of activity on a daily basis!† :)

We've never visited Mt St Helens but it is still very much alive and active ... here's the cam page ...

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 04/28/15 14:55

Hey Mira, I am doing good. Just back to work full time at Universal Studios Hollywood so they have me working 3530830 hrs. a day, lol. As far as the volcano, yea I don't think I would want to live real close to one but would loooove to visit this one. I swear I am watching this one daily cuz it is constantly erupting. Love watching it at night too cuz it is a light show. Do u visit Mt. St. Helens a lot? is it still active??

Mira Bilis 04/28/15 14:49

Hi Carol!† How are you?† :)† Personally I like to look at volcanos from a safe distance ... I wouldn't like to live right near one ... our closest active one is Mt St Helens and we all know what happened the last time that erupted!† :{

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 04/28/15 14:40

w_d u are so lucky to live so close. I watch this daily and would Looooooooooove to visit here.

w_d 04/28/15 14:37

The is the standard view people in Kagoshima City see of the volcano. You'll notice it from the link to photos I posted to the other Sakurajima webcam a few weeks ago.

Sakurajima is putting out 6+ eruptions a day recently. I'm not lookinjg forward to summer when the winds change and all that ash comes our way.

MD 04/26/15 20:40

Hi Debbie ..... thanks for that .... I've never seen it before.

w_d 05/30/14 13:16

Map shows Tokyo. It is without a doubt Kagoshima.†

†Longitude : 130.56068,†Latitude: 31.56303


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