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Lake Winnipesaukee from Black Cat Island
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Lake Winnipesaukee from Black Cat Island

3 hours ago

Lake Winnipesaukee from Black Cat Island

6 hours ago

Lake Winnipesaukee from Black Cat Island

9 hours ago

Lake Winnipesaukee from Black Cat Island

12 hours ago

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Comments (27)

MD 09/27/18 12:27

Opentopia just isn't good with maps.  :)

stargzr 09/26/18 20:16

Google map=Arizona

MD 03/14/17 16:12

Rain Shadow ........ I just had another look at that link and saw Akwa Marina ....... which took me all the way back to ....

MD 10/18/16 21:42

Nice link.  :)

Rain Shadow 10/18/16 20:57
Mira Bilis 04/10/15 20:01

It still looks so bleak.

trix abound 03/01/15 11:35

beautiful sunrise with orange skies!!!!!

MD 02/28/15 15:13

Tom Mac..... are you still out there?  :)

Mira Bilis 07/02/14 21:16

Dark skies here too Trix ...

trix abound 03/08/14 22:13

they have ice fishing derbys here

Tom Mac 03/08/14 22:10

Do I see wheel tracks? Has someone been driving across it?

Mira Bilis 03/08/14 22:06

Ignore the maps Trix - they usually have little or no bearing on the camera location.  ;-)

trix abound 03/08/14 21:48

since when is lake winnipesaukee near phoenix...i must have dozed off when that happened

Mira Bilis 02/24/14 21:50
Tom Mac 12/30/13 01:46

"Live your life for YOU."
That's some very genuine advice there MD, I truly appreciate it because I think that's exactly what I'm going to start doing; again thank you for your words they mean a lot.

MD 12/29/13 17:03

Tom, I've had years that I've been glad to see the back of. A New Year is like drawing a line under the old one, onwards and upwards. I'll wish you a Happy New Year now in case we don't catch up with each other before then. And I like your determination to make 2014 a truly great year. Live your life for YOU.

Tom Mac 12/29/13 15:37

Ah yes, the Dartmouth College cam; I often have a wee browse of that one but as you say it doesn't show too much of the countryside - and yes MD, I am so very excited to welcome 2014 because frankly 2013 was a tough one and I'm really looking forward to a year which I intend to make truly great. I wish you the best of luck with 2014.
+ Thank you kindly! Those are excellent website for NH cams; MD, NQ - you guys are the greatest. 

MD 12/29/13 15:24

Hi N Q. I've just found another lot!

Tom, this one looks quite good.

N Q 12/29/13 15:22

Tom there are some some New Hampshire webcams at this site

I didn't check to see how many are actually live and working.

MD 12/29/13 15:19

Hey Tom, I googled New Hampshire Live Web Cams and this is just one of many that presented itself:

Worth taking a look.


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