Lake Sunapee

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Lake Sunapee
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Lake Sunapee

3 hours ago

Lake Sunapee

6 hours ago

Lake Sunapee

9 hours ago

Lake Sunapee

12 hours ago

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Comments (46)

MD 10/11/18 01:39

Nice link.

stargzr 09/26/18 20:15

Google map= Kansas

MD 09/20/18 10:24

A vous la même.   :D

stargzr 09/20/18 00:11

a votre sante'

MD 09/19/18 23:58

And my merlot has made me mellow.   ;D

stargzr 09/19/18 23:26

Yes, I agree...yesterday's was amazing.  Fortunately, it's Chardonnay time so I'm happy.  :D

MD 09/19/18 23:14

It's very pretty but yesterday it was spectacular.  I must have caught it at just the right time.

I've seen a cam where the red pointer on the map is actually in the sea!!!!

stargzr 09/19/18 22:27

And the "Spirit in the Sky" returneth !  

And this lake, which I've visited many times, is nowhere near Dodge City.  :D

stargzr 09/19/18 00:10

Masochist !!!!!   LOL

MD 09/19/18 00:07

I still have it so I could still read our comments and cringe ....... but not yet.  It's still too raw.  LOL!

And no ........  I think we'd both keep quiet.   :D

stargzr 09/18/18 23:54

p.s........SO glad they took that site down !!!!!!

stargzr 09/18/18 23:36

 hahahahaha ......If I did, do you think I'd mention it?   :D

MD 09/18/18 23:20

So you've not seen any unidentified articles on cams recently?     Snigger!!!

stargzr 09/18/18 22:16

Hi MD,  been here all along, just nothing to say......'course that never stopped me before !  :)

MD 09/18/18 22:07

Hi stargzr ....... I was wondering where you'd got to!

Love that music ....... and what a beautiful view.

stargzr 09/18/18 21:46

Wow !!!!!

stargzr 05/21/18 17:17

Love the sun "sparkles" on the water.  :)


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