Lake Sunapee

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Lake Sunapee
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Lake Sunapee

5 hours ago

Lake Sunapee

8 hours ago

Lake Sunapee

11 hours ago

Lake Sunapee

14 hours ago

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Comments (27)

stargzr 05/21/18 17:17

Love the sun "sparkles" on the water.  :)

MD 06/01/17 18:20

Thanks Moose.    :D

Moose 06/01/17 17:17

MD...I have noticed something in my brief time here.  People either love you or hate you.  No middle ground of "MD is OK."  I have lived this story myself and the opposite ends of the spectrum are quite amusing.  Just don't take either extreme too seriously.  BTW, I think you are OK.  ;)

MD 04/21/17 15:57

Amen to that.   :)

Rain Shadow 04/21/17 15:43

Better late than never, you are welcome M D.  The recent troll invasion seems to be petering out somewhat now, thankfully.  Let us hope that trend continues.

MD 03/18/17 13:28

Rain Shadow ....... I appreciated your supportive comment on Chip Chan cam at 04.54 on 03/17/17.  I chose not to thank you on there in case it caused you to be targeted.

MD 03/17/17 18:16

Very similar to Lake Hornavan. Beautiful scenery.

Rain Shadow 03/17/17 17:56

Blue sky and frozen lake.

Rain Shadow 03/14/17 15:59

It is looking very cold and bleak today.

Rain Shadow 03/13/17 17:58

Trix, I see it gets a bity windy in your part of the world

Yes M D, interesting man, Mr LeBaron.

MD 03/02/17 19:26

Rain Shadow ...... out of sheer curiosity I Googled Dean LeBaron. I clicked on this link because it mentioned his viagra business though I didn't find any mention of it in the link:

Then I looked at this link ........ he is a truly amazing man. I read all 60 pages ... partly because I love old photographs but then I got hooked by Alfred's story. And to think I would have missed it if not for your comment.

Rain Shadow 03/02/17 18:46

Beautiful ripples and sunlight effect.

MD 02/22/17 20:03

Hi Rain Shadow ..... I just saw your comment on the first of Feb. You could be right.

Rain Shadow 02/22/17 19:36

A beautiful clear day.

Rain Shadow 02/01/17 22:30

Just my little joke, M D.  Although, the web address at top left would suggest it might be privately operated  Isaiah, it is a very nice view, somewhat similar to the Lake Hornavan camera.

MD 02/01/17 21:47

Rain Shadow ...... I just noticed your comment. Is it private property?

isaiah A. 02/01/17 21:31

this looks neat at this time

Rain Shadow 12/12/16 21:56

Then we could watch as Trix gets arrested for trespassing on private property.

MD 12/12/16 21:51

Trix is going to visit here one day and wave to the camera.  LOL

isaiah A. 12/12/16 21:02

wow this is very neat! I love the view! If you hadn't pointed this camera out I would have missed the view! :)


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