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Colgate University - Broad St
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Colgate University - Broad St

3 hours ago

Colgate University - Broad St

6 hours ago

Colgate University - Broad St

9 hours ago

Colgate University - Broad St

12 hours ago

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Comments (34)

MD 11/03/20 01:04

Hello Way557  ......... I hope you don't get too much snow ....... and I hope you've voted.  :D

Way557 11/02/20 13:17

We got snow lastnight.... more is on its way.

MD 11/30/18 13:05

Way557 ...... we had the same problem last year! My excuse is that they aren't very visible in daylight ..... which was when I looked at the cam ....... but I really don't think they were up at that point. I'm in denial. As for wine/hooch ....... I haven't started yet but this cam is enough to make me. I'd love to try some of that 1000 proof wine that you wife makes! LOL

Way557 12/28/17 22:57

md, our damn eyes fooled us. they are still up.

Way557 11/30/18 12:25

md, put the wine/hooch away.. lol. they been up for a few days before yopur reply.

MD 11/28/18 14:07

I'm waiting for them to hang lights across the street. I like this cam.

Way557 11/28/18 13:19

the christmas lights are up.

MD 11/13/18 14:50

Well ....... all my family lived in the UK ..... including kids ...... but it didn't stop me abandoning them and moving to France for 15 years. Hard hearted Hannah!!!! LOL

Way557 11/13/18 14:25

NO its still a shithole in any weather lol.. we hate the snow but all our familys are here so we can't move out of here

MD 11/13/18 13:50

Hi Way557 ....... it wasn't really a guess ...... just a matter of remembering something you'd said .... and where you'd said it. :D

Are you happy about the snow? And does it improve shithole New York? :)))

Way557 11/13/18 12:24

32*F and our first snow. we're getting a snowstrom later today.

oh and md, you guessed right. i live in new york. but we call it shithole new york.

Way557 05/01/18 12:01

don't let this sunny cam fool you. its only 35*F here... GRRRRRRR

MD 01/02/18 14:08

It's 52F here and cloudy. I'm not complaining. :D

Way557 01/01/18 14:24

yw md, its minus 21*F here today and thats not the wind chill temp

MD 12/31/17 15:10

Way557 ....... thank you for looking. Time to get eyes tested or ....... drink a few more glasses. :D

Way557 12/31/17 11:33

md, we went to pizza hut last night and i can confirm that the lights are still there.

i think its time to have our eyes retested.... LOL

Moose 12/29/17 02:29

OMG! You mean that lights are easier to see at night when they are lit up? No way!

MD 12/29/17 01:02

Hee!!! That wine sounds excellent. So ..... tomorrow ..... when the wine has worn off ...... how about you taking a little drive to check out these lights? LOL!!!!

Way557 12/29/17 00:34

her 1000 proof wine makes you see god at times... LOL

i live about 20 miles that way.. give or take a mile or so.

MD 12/29/17 00:20

Don't be silly ...... you can't have too much homemade wine. I keep looking at those 3 pics ..... I've had a magnifying glass to them. I may have to watch this cam all night to see if little elves take the lights down and put them back again. LOL!!!!

Way557 12/29/17 00:02

md, or too much to drink.... i'm blaming it on my wife's homemade wine.... LOL


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