Colgate University - Broad St

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Colgate University - Broad St
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Colgate University - Broad St

5 hours ago

Colgate University - Broad St

8 hours ago

Colgate University - Broad St

11 hours ago

Colgate University - Broad St

14 hours ago

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Comments (24)

Way557 05/01/18 12:01

don't let this sunny cam fool you. its only 35*F here... GRRRRRRR

MD 01/02/18 14:08

It's 52F here and cloudy.  I'm not complaining.    :D

Way557 01/01/18 14:24

yw md, its minus 21*F here today and thats not the wind chill temp

MD 12/31/17 15:10

Way557 ....... thank you for looking.  Time to get eyes tested or ....... drink a few more glasses.  :D

Way557 12/31/17 11:33

md, we went to pizza hut last night and i can confirm that the lights are still there.


i think its time to have our eyes retested.... LOL

Moose 12/29/17 02:29

OMG!  You mean that  lights are easier to see at night when they are lit up?  No way!

MD 12/29/17 01:02

Hee!!!   That wine sounds excellent.   So ..... tomorrow ..... when the wine has worn off ...... how about you taking a little drive to check out these lights?   LOL!!!!

Way557 12/29/17 00:34

her 1000 proof wine makes you see god at times... LOL

i live about 20 miles that way.. give or take a mile or so.

MD 12/29/17 00:20

Don't be silly ...... you can't have too much homemade wine.  I keep looking at those 3 pics  ..... I've had a magnifying glass to them.  I may have to watch this cam all night to see if little elves take the lights down and put them back again. LOL!!!!

Way557 12/29/17 00:02

md, or too much to drink.... i'm blaming it on my wife's homemade wine.... LOL

MD 12/28/17 23:13

Way557 ..... I know what we saw ..... or didn't see ..... and 3 of the 4 pics show no lights.  I obviously haven't had enough to drink.   LOL!!!

Way557 12/28/17 22:59

oops forgot to remove the s in that link.

Way557 12/28/17 22:57

md, our damn eyes fooled us. they are still up.

MD 12/28/17 14:45

I could imagine the wind bringing down one of the strings that go across the road but not all of them ...... and I'd expect to see the "wreckage" hanging down.  I guess we shall never know ...... though curiosity really does bug me!

Way557 12/28/17 14:22

the 40+ mph winds we had might of took them down.

i can't see them out in this very cold weather just to take the lights down.

MD 12/28/17 13:29

They've taken the Christmas lights down in the last 5 hours. That's miserable.

Way557 12/28/17 12:12

BRRRRR... its minus 27*F here this morning.

No-to-tha-el 12/10/17 17:28

zoom zoom!

N Q 12/05/15 21:35

too bad this cam is blurry. There's lit christmas wreaths on the lampposts.

MD 01/18/14 18:50

And this looks particularly dismal. I like to see snow on Opentopia but that's it. Not in my back yard, thank you!


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