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Comments (59)

Ben Lincoln 06/10/24 02:29

Ed how do I control this cam?

Ben Lincoln 06/10/24 02:29

Ed how do I control this cam?

Homely 11/04/23 13:55

Thanks for checking back in, Ed! Love to hear this report! I hope you have another new adventure planned in the near future :-)

Ed Hilver 11/04/23 10:54

It was great seeing the camera from the other side! The owner was very friendly.

Ed Hilver 11/04/23 10:52
Homely 10/30/23 14:14

How was it, Ed?

Ed Hilver 07/27/23 22:04

I'm going here tomorrow.

Homely 07/11/23 21:02

You have had so many great trips over the years - hope you enjoy this one! I was in the Netherlands about three weeks ago and discovered to my dismay - after returning - that I was only blocks away from the Mozart Hotel in Haarlem, which was one of my favorite cams back in the day. The web cam is no more, but the hotel is still there. I was so sad to have missed it!

Ed Hilver 07/11/23 20:07

Yes. i am going to germany for 3 weeks and i will stop by and visit this store!

Homely 07/11/23 19:59

Wonderful, Ed! Glad you are still out and about! Wave to the cam for us :-)

Ed Hilver 07/10/23 10:12

Hi homely, i am going to this shop in august.

Homely 07/09/23 23:11

I love this cam because you never know quite what you might get when you look in on it :-)

Ed Hilver 05/10/20 19:33

Cool stuff

Ed Hilver 04/19/20 13:13

I control this cam a lot :)

Ed Hilver 04/19/20 13:03


MD 04/04/20 22:00

If this ain't it .....  I give up!!!!!!

MD 04/04/20 21:58


Gotcha .......  hopefully.   :D

MD 04/04/20 21:54

Thank you Ed.


Ed Hilver 04/04/20 21:27

Here's the website


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