Kimmirut Harbour

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Kimmirut Harbour
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Kimmirut Harbour

3 hours ago

Kimmirut Harbour

6 hours ago

Kimmirut Harbour

9 hours ago

Kimmirut Harbour

12 hours ago

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Comments (24)

MD 10/05/17 19:07

Hi Indigo ...... looks too cold to me.    :D

indigo 10/05/17 19:02

Yeah !!!! Finally.. SNOW !!

MD 03/13/15 13:55

Looking beautiful but way too cold.

MD 12/23/14 17:35

It looks like the building on the left could get covered with snow, in time.

nellys fan 12/17/14 23:16

Carol, stick on refreshing stills live.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 11/04/14 20:37

I bet this cam would be even more beautiful if it was live.

Debbie Mac 11/03/14 15:57


nellys fan 10/07/14 14:10

typical white van man!

trix abound 05/27/14 00:21


MD 05/27/14 00:13

Trix, on the plus side, they probably don't get many weeds!  LOL

trix abound 05/27/14 00:05

doesn't look very fertile , does it...

MD 05/26/14 23:11

Trix, I don't think they will plant anything in it!  LOL

trix abound 05/26/14 23:00

wow...there is dirt under the

MD 05/19/14 11:41

Steve, this is what they get up to, courtesy of Mira Bilis:

Which country do you hail from?


Steve Sharp 05/19/14 11:31

What in the world could they do there for a living?

MD 04/24/14 15:28

Mira Bilis, I read both links and found them interesting. Just over 400 people living there with no connecting road. I can't help but think that they are probably very happy living away from the pressures of our too commercial world.

Mira Bilis 04/24/14 14:48

You have to be a special kind of tough to live this far north.


MD 04/24/14 13:39

Beautiful but much too cold for me.

trix abound 03/12/14 12:25

i'v never seen people here...must be

MD 11/28/13 18:42

Hi jules. I soo agree with you!


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