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Florida Manatees (Webcam Offline)

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Florida Manatees (Webcam Offline)
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Florida Manatees (Webcam Offline)

5170 hours ago

Florida Manatees (Webcam Offline)

5173 hours ago

Florida Manatees (Webcam Offline)

5176 hours ago

Florida Manatees (Webcam Offline)

5179 hours ago

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Comments (12)

MD 09/12/17 00:11
MD 09/09/17 17:43

Hi Moose ..... I've noticed the Oviso bar is less busy since the Las Ramblas attack. As for watching girls at work ...... rule me out.   LOL

Moose 09/09/17 17:02

Two other regulars on the Trending list are Girls at Work and Drinking Spaniards.  They both get so busy sometimes that it is hard to get connected.

MD 09/09/17 16:53

I don't like either of those 2 cams but at least Susan does something. I get the feeling Chip Chan's cam is losing popularity ...... more people are getting the idea that it's an act ....... as you've said all along.

After the hurricanes it will be snowstorms that make trending cams. I have to admit I'm guilty of watching the snow cams.

Rain Shadow 09/09/17 16:18

True enough.  Plus, it is always a refreshing bonus to not have either Susan or Chip-Chan as the top trending camera on the OT home page.  It is just a pity that it usually takes a crisis of some sort to achieve that.

MD 09/09/17 15:56

Well it is a good link ....... and with sound.

Rain Shadow 09/09/17 15:44

I will assume this particular camera is trending because of the Earthcam link.  Otherwise, I cannot figure out what part of 'Webcam Offline' people do not understand.

MD 09/07/17 20:17

Rain Shadow ..... I've bookmarked that link. I find it very restful.  I used to go fishing and loved just watching the water, waiting for a bite!

Rain Shadow 09/07/17 19:27
trix abound 03/25/14 12:35

the water never moves...frozen in time...what a shame...

justme 06/09/11 17:48

Feel like I am sitting on the side of my boat and waiting for a fish to bite, Keep hoping some creature, be it manatee, dolphin or anything of interest. The joys of living in Florida.


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