Note: We've had trouble contacting this cam recently. Live views probably aren't available.
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Office Cam

44135 hours ago

Office Cam

44138 hours ago

Office Cam

44141 hours ago

Office Cam

44144 hours ago

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Comments (597)

Ed Hilver 06/04/20 22:58

Yes' i wish this cam worked again :)

MD 05/21/18 10:56

This used to be an interesting cam.

Mira Bilis 08/03/15 15:13

Another one bites the dust.

trix abound 08/03/15 14:50

rude, indeed!!!!

bill dude 08/03/15 14:17

Well that's rude. They have put a password on the live camera

Jack Tatum 07/30/15 13:57

@37792 I agree I like it better when the camera is lower. :)

Dagnabbit Herenow 07/30/15 09:21
MD 07/29/15 11:12

A refrigerator also needs air vents.

Pasul . 07/29/15 05:51

That is not a refrigerator. I think it is a general storage cupboard. Yes, I have seen them keep their food in there, maybe it is cooler in there than the rest of the office, but also I have seen them take their stationery supplies from there and also this morning the office cleaner went to that cupboard to get some black bin liners. I don't think they would keep pens, sticky note pads and black plastic bags in a fridge.

37792 07/29/15 00:23

Back online! Now we can see the refrigerator completely, but I liked when the camera was lower.

37792 07/20/15 12:58

Have they gone offline?

MD 07/16/15 11:19

As the ISP is located in Russia ....... without absolute proof to the contrary ... why would anyone "green thumb" changing the details to London?

37792 07/16/15 05:20

The ISP is located in Moscow.

memy_selfandi 07/16/15 04:34

This cam I know is in St Petersburg & is 8 hours ahead of me unlike the 6 on this cam, just sayin. Till I see absolute proof & not just words on the screen saying so, i will doubt it. I have seen some here come to work at 60 am & others leave by 6pm.......

MD 07/15/15 21:01

OK NQ .... good enough excuses! We had 100% humidity the other day. I absolutely hate it.

N Q 07/15/15 20:39


I've been keeping busy with work & lately I've been reading a lot which is taking up my internet time.

We've also have been in the middle of a heat wave with temps in the 90's and dew point in the high 70's which basically means it's been tropical around here. My pc is in an area where the air conditioner doesn't hit that well so that's another reason for me being offline :(

MD 07/15/15 20:23

Hi NQ ... stranger ... not seen you for ages. :)

MD 07/15/15 20:22

Hi mistyrider .... you don't have to put mommie dearest every time... MD will do. :)

I know for a fact that in the UK there are always lots of forms to fill in if you try to claim anything. These girls are always very pleasant to anyone that goes into the office.

N Q 07/15/15 20:21

memy the time on most of these cams is wrong so you can't go by that, but in this case the time is correct for Moscow.

The ip# for this cam is , which is an ip# out of Moscow.

mistyrider 07/15/15 20:07

Hi Mommie Dearest... It is very interesting what you wrote and I think it is possible that they have a job at an office like that what you mentioned. I heard about that in Russia there are so many documents and so many work with them...

One thing is sure: these girls are always very helpful with their customers.


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