Mount Rose - Access Road

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Mount Rose - Access Road
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Mount Rose - Access Road

6 hours ago

Mount Rose - Access Road

9 hours ago

Mount Rose - Access Road

12 hours ago

Mount Rose - Access Road

15 hours ago

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Comments (15)

deacon 01/29/17 19:00

Someone is having a good time on their snowmobiles.

MD 01/18/17 19:37

Just read Twig's comment. His daughter must have done some heavy-duty praying.  :D

deacon 01/18/17 18:50

I wonder if this cam is burried in snow. The Reno area has been getting hit with feet of snow.

Twig TheSlateBlueDuck 05/29/16 01:10

I was in the Mojave Desert in California.  My Daughter, very young at the time; she wanted snow for Christmas.  She went to Church and prayed for snow.  Nobody knew how to react, we did not want to squelch her faith, but she was asking for something that had NEVER been recorded in that area.  Christmas day, Sunday, the Pastor called and woke us up.  He said not to bother coming to Church that day.  I asked why, he said to look out of the window.  Would you beleive it?  We had a TON of snow, several inches (and yes, for you northern's, for a desert area that had previously NEVER recorded snow, several inches is a TON)...everything was locked down, no traffic.  It was great, my Daughter was so happy!

Mira Bilis 11/02/15 20:58

Lots of snow again.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/22/14 14:16

Look at the snow. I didn't realize this cam was up so high.

MD 09/26/14 23:57

NQ.... so.... only a third of it is desert. Mind you... deserts get cold at night.

N Q 09/26/14 23:42

Nevada has a lot of mountains and some great ski resorts on the northwest side of it. Actually, I'll have to check, but I think only a small percentage of Nevada is desert.

MD 09/26/14 23:32

NQ.... does Nevada usually get snow? I always thought it was a desert place.

N Q 09/26/14 23:17

Nevada is getting it's second snowfall today--yuck

MD 05/11/14 15:34

My............ this looks chilly.

MD 04/27/14 20:23

I love this view.

MD 02/27/14 22:38

I have spots before my eyes!

Tom Mac 11/23/13 00:06

Stunning! How wonderful it is to observe the beauty of such an environment. 

kyle 04/07/12 23:19

This is a beautiful place, reminds me of home in Colorado


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