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H2O Boating Co. Cam
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H2O Boating Co. Cam

6 hours ago

H2O Boating Co. Cam

9 hours ago

H2O Boating Co. Cam

12 hours ago

H2O Boating Co. Cam

15 hours ago

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Comments (16)

MD 05/15/19 12:14

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees!†† ;D

Terra Majeski 05/15/19 08:22


ankit saini 04/16/19 23:07

This is based on the real information which is added here. Now you will be able to know the top rated security† † because every thing is possible online. Which you must to be pick easily. Thanks a lot†

MD 08/29/18 12:52


J Lennon 08/29/18 02:46

Itís creepy, to me anyway, that I was on this from the watched POV earlier not the watcher. Itís fascinating but itís also weird as fook

MD 08/16/17 18:45

Moose ..... I see what you mean.† I'm sure there must have been comments before that one from JessiLuv.† The conversation with Mira Bilis was continued from another cam.

Moose 08/16/17 18:37

MD.... This is another example that makes me think that some earlier comments get lost. †Or were you two continuing a conversation from another cam? †Your first post sounds like you were watching this cam for quite a while.

MD 07/07/14 22:00

Mira Bilis, nothing's changed. I'm sure you could assemble a car from the debris you see on a long journey!† :D

Mira Bilis 07/02/14 18:04

It was the early and mid seventies when I went.† Do you remember seeing car tyres, exhaust pipes and all kinds of car junk along the autoroutes?† We couldn't get over how much scrap there was ... and these were toll roads! LOL!† :D

MD 07/02/14 17:31

Mira Bilis, my father would never use the autoroutes and we used to go through the Alps. On the way down we went Route Hannibal and on the return journey we went Route Napoleon. Not much difference, you just go either side of a mountain. Our first trip we took hurricane lamps.... my dad's face was a picture when he saw you could hook up to electricity. That was in the 60's and the UK camp sites didn't have that facility. I like the route nationales but for speed, give me the autoroutes any day!

I hope feral's having a grand time!

Mira Bilis 07/02/14 17:10

The first time we went, we drove down via the 'B' roads and through the Alps.† The second time we used the autoroute.† I was only a child both times, so they were simply family holidays.† We were accompanied on both occasions by aunts, uncles and cousins, who also brought their own vehicles and tents.† Great fun.† :)

MD 07/02/14 16:03

Mira Bilis, when you went camping down south, did you fly or drive?† We always drove because we took gifts to England from France and brought back essential English goodies on the return journeys. We used to drive through this area but never stopped to sightsee. What we did see was very nice.

Mira Bilis 07/02/14 15:52

Here's the page for their cams ... lol ... but you need to request a password and login from the harbour master first ...

MD 01/27/14 11:09

Hi JessiLuv, I really like this cam. It gets quite busy in the Spring.

JessiLuv 01/27/14 07:46

Nice cam


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