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Furry Tales Doggy Daycare
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Furry Tales Doggy Daycare

3 hours ago

Furry Tales Doggy Daycare

6 hours ago

Furry Tales Doggy Daycare

9 hours ago

Furry Tales Doggy Daycare

12 hours ago

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Comments (47)

MD 02/05/19 14:49

This bunch seem to be getting on well.

raven880 12/11/17 20:01

Would love to know why there is always one poor doggie in jail at the far end of the room. †

Chester Stiles 04/18/17 03:19

Puppy wuppies. :)

Dank Meme 04/09/17 04:28

This is one of many live cams that I actually like.

MD 01/13/17 00:08

There are quite a few doggie cams ........ you'll have fun finding them when you don't have to drag yourself to work. :D

lizardmomma 01/12/17 23:30

More Doggies! Love to watch them having so much fun!

MD 11/14/16 01:11

They all seem to get on so well. It's a shame people can't do that.†

Morning Sunrise 11/14/16 01:03

Indeed, Mommy Dearest....their innocence and boisterous play keeps me here!†

MD 11/13/16 20:31

Hi Morning Sunrise ....... once you're hooked there's no going back. I have to agree ..... this is a fun cam. :D


Morning Sunrise 11/13/16 20:09

This is my favorite feed. †Second day watching!

MD 10/23/16 23:04

How funny!!!

Rain Shadow 10/23/16 22:47

Halloween decorations for the dogs.

MD 03/10/16 19:24

He's the king of his castle.† :D

sarah docherty 03/10/16 19:08

I love the chap in the dog bed!

Bloodstream Woodbrook 11/19/15 23:12

Network cam link?

MD 08/20/15 11:39

Hi Katie Baby ..... I'm only a year and a month late with my reply!† Lorraine hasn't posted for about 5 years. I guess she found something more exciting to do. Blue still posts from time to time but Kyle seems to have disappeared.

You don't need to be looking at cams like this when you're working in a shelter with the real thing! :D

doglover1111 08/20/15 03:18

AWH. I absolutely need this in my life!!!!

Jason B 10/15/14 19:14

Omg all of those dogs would trample me. Still looks more fun than my crappy job lol. At least you won't ever have a boring day!

666 09/24/14 19:37

would like to eat these for me lunch

Wikem Dice 07/08/14 00:23

Doggies!!! :P


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