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Canal Vena
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Canal Vena

709 hours ago

Canal Vena

902 hours ago

Canal Vena

920 hours ago

Canal Vena

926 hours ago

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Comments (24)

MD 04/09/18 11:27

Beautiful place.

MD 06/26/16 16:12

Thanks to this film:

....... I've just enjoyed a trip in a gondola along this canal.† Later on ..... in the same film .... I'll be visiting Positana. Such a relaxing Sunday afternoon.† :D

dona brantley 06/25/16 18:43

NQ †very nice catch i am glad its back †ty † †PEACE AND Happiness † DONA

MD 06/25/16 14:10

Hi NQ ..... green thumbed. This place is on my bucket list.† :D

N Q 06/25/16 13:56

somebody labeled this cam as being offline. It's back online so I changed it's status--green thumb needed :)

MD 08/07/15 11:53

I'd really love to visit this place.

MD 07/10/15 13:17

Lovely day.

Mira Bilis 03/18/15 15:32

Very pleasant.

trix abound 10/02/14 14:15

MD...i did read that...will have to tell my friend...

MD 10/02/14 13:55

Trix.... in the second paragraph it says that bit about prisoners sighing isn't really true. The days of summary execution were over by the time the bridge was built and the jail only housed petty criminals who wouldn't have been able to see much from the bridge because of the stone grills covering the windows. Facts spoil a good myth!

I had heard of the Bridge of Sighs. I also remember it being featured in episodes of "Days of Our Lives."

trix abound 10/02/14 13:38
trix abound 10/02/14 13:36

MD....ever heard of "the bridge of sighs"?...i think she said it was here leads from the courthouse to the prison...thus "bridge of sighs"

trix abound 10/02/14 13:30


MD 10/02/14 13:24

Trix..... thanks for that. I suggest we put it on our Tardis list!† :D

trix abound 10/02/14 12:53

MD...talked to BFF...she said she noticed no bad oders at the canals but did say that on the canals the buildings look to be in dis-repair but in the evenings when the lights are on you can see into the buildings and found them to be absolutely beautiful...

MD 09/29/14 16:11

Thanks Mira Bilis. And I have live feed on this one as well!

MD 07/20/13 15:16

Fancy meeting you here!

MD 07/20/13 13:21

Hi Dona. :)

MD 07/03/13 16:26

Hi zedyervenyar, please call me MD. I think we know each other well enough.  :> I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I've looked at the view but obviously not read the messages. I hope you are still enjoying Opentopia.



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