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Buffalo Trace Distillery - Weller Hall
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Buffalo Trace Distillery - Weller Hall

9 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Weller Hall

12 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Weller Hall

15 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Weller Hall

21 hours ago

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Comments (11)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/12/14 19:23

Lol, oops forgot that one.

Mira Bilis 10/12/14 19:15

Done Carol ... and here's the cam page ...


CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/12/14 19:02

Green thumb please.

Jimmy Day 05/25/13 22:32

I best try some one day.

kyle 05/18/13 00:40

MD you are a brave girl, BUT considering your back ground, you'll do kid, have  a nice day

kyle 05/18/13 00:39

Cut off is a better way of putting it

kyle 05/18/13 00:39

hehehehe that one fellow has now a head ache, I think he needs to be sent home

kyle 05/18/13 00:38

as I read some of the posts, seems maybe some are getting a head start on the tasting hahahaaha

Everyone take a step back and relax, it in reality does no good to argue here, cant reach anyone hahaha

MD 05/18/13 00:04

Hi Jimmy Day. This is the Buffalo Trace bourbon distillery. I think it must be good stuff!


Jimmy Day 05/17/13 23:10

It's a wonder the beers dont slide off the bar lol

Jimmy Day 05/17/13 23:09

This bar has a bad case of subsidence.


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