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GVSU - CHS Indoor Plaza

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GVSU - CHS Indoor Plaza
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GVSU - CHS Indoor Plaza

26351 hours ago

GVSU - CHS Indoor Plaza

26357 hours ago

GVSU - CHS Indoor Plaza

26363 hours ago

GVSU - CHS Indoor Plaza

26369 hours ago

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Comments (19)

Savannah Robberts 08/21/15 04:13

Nice! just beautiful. a true place to pass time, just chilling with a cup of coffee in hand.

MD 03/02/15 21:12

NQ... green thumbs and "s" removals are my strong points.

Thank you for telling us how to find the webcams.... I'll make sure Trix sees it.  :))

N Q 03/02/15 20:57

trix & MD thanks for the green thumbs and taking that damn "s" out of my url !

With this one all I did was a google search for GVSU webcams and came up with that website with them all named and identified for us :)

N Q 03/02/15 20:45

another name change-

trix abound 03/02/15 13:55


MD 03/02/15 13:48

Trix..... I don't even try to find webcams.... I know my limitations. Those 2 are out of my league!  :))

trix abound 03/02/15 13:27

MD...i don't know how NQ and Mira do it....i don't understand the location numbers they's all mumbo jumbo to me...i couldn't find any webcams and then NQ finds a page of 20...

trix abound 03/02/15 13:23

thank you NQ!!!!

trix abound 03/02/15 13:21


MD 03/02/15 13:20

So the Allendale cam is wrong.... it should say Grand Rapids.

trix abound 03/02/15 13:17 specifies Grand Rapids campus!!!!

trix abound 03/02/15 13:12

no....i didn't change anything....2 webcams...same place but different locations listed!!!

MD 03/02/15 13:12

Lets see what that says.


N Q 03/02/15 13:09

trix according to this list of Grand Valley State Universary webcams, this cam is in Grand Rapids and it's the CHS Indoor Plaza-

I see you changed the city so only the Facility needs to be changed. I'm headed out the door so I don't have time to make the change.

MD 03/02/15 12:58

That's why I call her Wonder Woman!!!  As you say... they should both have the same name. I'll bookmark it and bring it out when Mira's on.

trix abound 03/02/15 12:51

Mira can have a seems to take her 2 minutes to find things that take me hours ....she's a "can do" kind if girl...LOL

trix abound 03/02/15 12:49

hmmm...i couldn't find a webcan to verify...they do have a campus in both places...

MD 03/02/15 12:39

Trix... do you want to change it??? I'll green thumb.

trix abound 03/02/15 12:30

this cam says Grand Rapids and the other cam says which is it?????  i say Allendale!!


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