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Comments (25)

Way557 10/11/16 13:33

Yikes another place with snow. brrrr

MD 09/05/15 15:46

I've never been a sun-worshipper. I can think of nothing more boring than lying on a beach getting burnt to a crisp. I much prefer cooler rather than hot weather. Makes it easier to climb hills!!!!

Mira Bilis 09/05/15 15:41

Personally, I'm overjoyed to have cooler, wetter weather back again .... I've had a bellyful of the long, hot, dry conditions.  ;)

MD 09/05/15 15:27

Hi Mira and NQ ...... I dislike high humidity. Our weather at the moment is suiting me just fine ..... plenty of sunshine but with fresh breezes to keep me cool. It's certainly feeling cooler at night. I have to say .... I never feel the urge to jump into snow. :D

I watched snow falling the other day on one of the Alaskan cams...... that was enough for me.  :))

N Q 09/05/15 15:20

MD it's 100% humidity, 71 percent humidity and suppose to get up to 90° here today, which means it should be feeling very tropical, so it's refreshing to see snow--I just wish I could go jump into it !!

Mira Bilis 09/05/15 15:13

I'm not sure what the elevation is on this cam but I'm assuming it's quite high up ... our mountains had a very light dusting of snow a couple of days ago, but that was above 5000 feet.  :)

MD 09/05/15 14:34

I was just about to say that this snow is early ..... then I noticed I said the same thing on the first of September last year. But I still think it's early!

N Q 09/05/15 13:56

It's starting to feel a lot like christmas :)

Mira Bilis 12/16/14 16:15

This is pretty.

Mira Bilis 10/14/14 15:46

Tak, I moved from the UK to America a few years ago ... the UK is just as overcrowded as Germany.  When I got here to WA I couldn't get over just how much space there was.  :)

trix abound 10/14/14 13:13 later....

tak tak tak tak tak tak 10/14/14 13:07

Me, too.

For that reason you can be very happy to live in the USA. 

Germany is overcrowded.

80,716,000 people on a total area of  137,847 sq mi.

The US state Texas, for examplee, has an area of 268,581[ sq mi, but only a population of 26,448,193

trix abound 10/14/14 13:03

tak....i don't like crowds!!!!!

tak tak tak tak tak tak 10/14/14 12:59

I saw that you have a lot of free space in New Hampsire. The area has a total of 9,304 sq mi, but the population is only 1,323,459.

In Germany I live in a state which is known as Schleswig-Holstein. This area has a total of 6,086.20 sq mi, but the population is higher. It is 2,815,955

trix abound 10/14/14 12:49's almost 60F at my home...very comfortable...

tak tak tak tak tak tak 10/14/14 12:37

This looks like a cold place, propably too cold for me.

In my small city it's currently 55 Fahrenheit and even that is very cold to me.

In Ufa it's currently 48F, so a little bit colder and in Moscow 53F.

trix abound 10/14/14 12:13

WOW...never noticed the house on the hill behind and above the house on the hill....

MD 10/01/14 15:33

Same here!  :D

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/01/14 15:14

I don't ski but I would love to stay in a chalet in Switzerland. Sightseeing would be just fine with me.


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