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Amberg-Weiden Institute of Technology

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Amberg-Weiden Institute of Technology
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Amberg-Weiden Institute of Technology

4632 hours ago

Amberg-Weiden Institute of Technology

4635 hours ago

Amberg-Weiden Institute of Technology

4638 hours ago

Amberg-Weiden Institute of Technology

4641 hours ago

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Comments (34)

MD 02/23/16 17:58

Looks like it was placed there specifically for the camera.

Mira Bilis 02/23/16 16:52

Cute heart.

Teo West 07/26/15 03:18


MD 07/25/15 19:00

Teo ..... she's got a good pair of pins.  :D

Teo West 07/25/15 17:55

Here is a team picture only two ladies pictured on the team, but they are there.

Teo West 07/25/15 17:44

Not really MD, but she does look good sitting in their racecar.

MD 07/25/15 17:39

Teo .... does she look like she's doing a course?   LOL

Mira Bilis 07/25/15 17:30

Equal opportunities in boredom.  ;)

Teo West 07/25/15 17:22

There are young ladys taking this course, and on the racing team. I've been Lurking on this cam and see the gals often.

MD 07/25/15 16:48

Definitely a bored young lady with long dark hair - waiting for her bloke to finish faffing!  LOL

MD 07/25/15 16:35

Are you sure it's a bloke??????  Those shorts look mighty short. :D

Mira Bilis 07/25/15 16:08

Bloke chillin' out in the beach buggy.

Teo West 05/28/15 13:26

If I forget to delete the "S" out of the url Hold down the left button on your mouse and run run your pointer over it to highlight it. You can then right click and choose the option  to open link.

MD 05/27/15 19:22

Trix .... no refund .... I don't have to pay.  :)

trix abound 05/27/15 19:14

LOL....probably slapped the computer!!!   did you get a refund?

Mira Bilis 05/27/15 19:10

Thanks for the link Teo ... and thanks for re-posting MD.  :)

MD 05/27/15 19:02
Mira Bilis 05/27/15 18:58

Teo ... don't forget to remove the 's' from the 'https' when you share a link.  :)

MD 05/27/15 18:57

Hi Trix ..... I waited for almost an hour on that bus until the expert turned up with his diagnostic kit. It took him less than 10 minutes to put it right.


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