Bornholm Airport

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Bornholm Airport
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Bornholm Airport

4 hours ago

Bornholm Airport

7 hours ago

Bornholm Airport

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Bornholm Airport

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Comments (23)

abcya abcya 06/09/18 07:28

Looking at the airport from above is beautiful
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Rain Shadow 06/07/17 20:42

A wild night here.

MD 03/08/17 12:32

Good point.

Larry Mac 03/08/17 10:28

There always seems to be lots of cars parked at the teminal, but very few planes. There must be something else here besides an airport.

deacon 09/12/15 17:34

Nice looking airport.

Mira Bilis 06/24/15 14:49

Hi Alsa ... I always get live feed here ... are you using Firefox?  Failing that, their cam page might work better for you ...  :)

MD 06/24/15 11:56

Hi Alsa .... on 26th October last year .... it seems I couldn't get live feed either but I can tell you that today it is very windy and the cam is wobbling about.

ALSA PALSA 06/24/15 07:23

The two M's - Fancy seeing you here! Please, how have you managed to get a live result from this site? Have visited for a long time, but only on refresh. The picture quality seems to have deteriorated recently, as well.

Mira Bilis 06/23/15 16:05

Yes I do MD.  :)

MD 06/23/15 15:58

Mira ... do you see the flashing light on top of the tower?

MD 06/23/15 15:56

Yay!!!! I have live feed. Yes .... very  nice.  :)

Mira Bilis 06/23/15 15:44

Nice biplanes.

indigo 11/27/14 11:53

small prop plane getting a pre-flight inspect.

Chemical 11/27/14 11:09

Why are all the airport cams sooooo crappy with the resolution??

MD 10/26/14 16:05

And I can't even get live feed!

Mira Bilis 10/26/14 15:52

I like the nice clear view on this cam ... first time I've seen a plane actually moving here.

Mira Bilis 02/02/14 01:59

Not sure David - I can't even use live Java viewer mode any more since they updated to their latest version.  Some security thing to do with blocking self-signed applications.

Dave Osborne 02/02/14 00:46

Why is this camera showing 'Monday 23rd September 2013' in Live Java Viewer mode, but the ACTUAL date and time in other modes?  Weird!!

MD 07/14/13 13:12

Not a plane in sight.


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