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Comments (30)

Mira Bilis 12/09/15 20:28

Very pretty.

trix abound 11/25/15 17:13

LOL MD....we would never take away from the military....we take from the retired people, the elderly and the poor families....don't forget...i have no medical insurance!!!!

MD 11/25/15 16:45

Mira ..... he must have been a nightmare.

MD 11/25/15 16:14

Trix .... your country is lucky it's got enough aircraft to do that. The UK is the most stupid place I've heard of. You'll see why when you read this link.

Mira Bilis 11/25/15 16:13

Hello Dona. :)  I love the idea of therapy animals ... they're becoming more and more popular.

Trix, I sympathise ... we get airforce planes out of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island flying over here from time to time, disturbing the peace ... SO annoying!

MD ... I certainly agree with you about hubbys with regard to my first hubby ... he was a cross between Gordon Gekko and Patrick Bateman!

trix abound 11/25/15 15:51

OMG MD....the Air Force are doing reconnaissance missions around my house today....they did them last week too!!!!!

MD 11/25/15 14:02

Definitely!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :D

trix abound 11/25/15 13:59

LOL....mums the word!!!!!

MD 11/25/15 13:55

Dona .... men are so funny .... as you well know. My mom used to do a delicious stew ... with celery in it. One day my dad announced that he didn't like celery in his stew. He'd been eating it that way for about 30 years.

Trix ..... I think everyone on here knows what we think of our hubbys...... but they are keeping it confidential. :D

trix abound 11/25/15 13:33

LOL Dona....MD and i have "pet" names for our hubby's too but they can't be placed in the comments on here ;D

dona brantley 11/25/15 13:30

the bird lady brings her birds to visit   when they get here its annouced on the innercom the therapy birds are here       LOL MD              oh   i forgot i wanted to tell you after all these years of knowing wayne he has asked me to call him ED   his name is edward wayne   everyone here calls him ed   lol   i have a name i can call him but its not ED              lol        smile dona

trix abound 11/25/15 13:29

good morning dona :)

MD 11/25/15 13:16

Dona .... everything is worth a try. I've never heard of a therapy bird. I had a budgie once but he used to terrify me when he flew round. He wouldn't have done me much good. LOL!!!!!!!

dona brantley 11/25/15 13:12

hi md   the cockatiel   is a therapy  bird named bingo in this pic he is sitting on my arm while im laying down      the lottery dream keeps me smiling        hi trix     hi mira    hi all         smile   dona

MD 11/25/15 11:22

Hi Dona .... love the avatar!!!!! I must get a lottery ticket.  :D

dona brantley 11/25/15 10:33

estonia   is still on my lottery win list       smile  dona


Mira Bilis 11/25/15 01:55

That's a lovely setting.

MD 11/25/15 00:56

A perfect backdrop.

N Q 11/24/15 23:55

a christmas tree has shown up here in the middle of the square.

This one should be pretty when it's lit with that field of snow around it.

MD 03/12/15 16:19

Nice wide open square.


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