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Comments (34)

MD 06/11/18 23:59

Almost midnight and still so light.

Silver Squirrel 06/09/17 01:34

Moose, that is the very same car.  

Moose 06/05/17 21:14

The universe is as it should be once again.

MD 06/05/17 16:36

Maybe the sculpture has gone for a drive round in this lovely weather.

Moose 06/05/17 16:22

Sculpture gone!

Rain Shadow 06/04/17 22:17

Someone moved the sculpture.

Rain Shadow 05/27/17 23:25

Perhaps it is a clever sculpture.  It would not surprise me, given the wry Icelandic sense of humor.

Moose 05/27/17 23:03

Is that the same car Silver Squirrel commented on two years ago?

Rain Shadow 04/11/17 04:22

The snow has returned here, too.

MD 01/11/17 18:24

Looks darned chilly.

Silver Squirrel 12/09/15 03:29

Looks like one might enjoy ice skating on the parking lot. 


MD 11/18/15 16:55

What a lovely blue sky.

Mira Bilis 11/18/15 16:46

Decorations on the lamp posts.

Silver Squirrel 06/25/15 23:24

The same car is always parked there.  Rarely moves.  

Silver Squirrel 06/25/15 23:23
MD 05/14/15 22:44

Mira .... I'm thinking that may have been when I still had the old Google maps. I made Google man strut his stuff up and down that road!  LOL

Mira Bilis 05/14/15 22:18

MD ... I only just noticed your last comment ... that's some good detective work there!  :D

MD 04/11/15 14:02

Hi Nellys fan ..... I can tell you this is the right place. Skagfirdingabraut is the name of the road, the cam is on Arion Banki building which is located opposite a building marked Radhus. The flashing red lights are actually at a petrol station. It is a sign, to the left of the doorway into the petrol station shop. The day Google did their filming .... the red lights were displaying 53 over 2 over 2  1.3 - whatever that means, I'd think it was fuel prices. The statue of the horse does not have a plaque on the front of it.

MD 04/11/15 13:26

PS ... the name Sauoarkrokur is botttom left, under the picture so I'd think that's why it's listed as that. I must say .... I don't like the look of this snow.

MD 04/11/15 13:22

Hi Tavistock One ..... those lights sure are bright!  They've been there ever since I've been looking at this cam. I've always assumed it was a shop window.


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