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Hauptplatz Feldbach
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Hauptplatz Feldbach

5 hours ago

Hauptplatz Feldbach

8 hours ago

Hauptplatz Feldbach

11 hours ago

Hauptplatz Feldbach

14 hours ago

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Comments (22)

MD 04/09/16 20:19

Very odd. I'd have thought they would have got the power back by now.

N Q 04/09/16 19:56

It's so strange seeing the headlights go through town in this total blackout.

MD 04/09/16 18:10

Gosh ..... i see what you mean.

N Q 04/09/16 17:09

The sky here is black and all of the electricity must be off because the only lights I'm seeing are car lights.

N Q 12/08/15 23:02

The christmas tree has finally been put up here :)

MD 07/12/14 14:22

I like the look of this place.

MD 08/18/13 11:59

I wonder if Kyle would still think that was snow on the roof!

MD 07/23/13 22:31

Do your best because I enjoy having a laugh with you. :>


zedyer venyar 07/23/13 22:27

Ill try MD

MD 07/23/13 22:05

And here I was thinking you were out on the town! You are lucky to have work even though you probably don't think so. Maybe you could come and look at Opentopia on the weekends?

zedyer venyar 07/23/13 21:59

The reason why is becuase of work :l

Even when i finish im tired.

MD 07/23/13 20:39

I had noticed.

zedyer venyar 07/23/13 20:35

I am becoming more and more rarer on here now...

MD 07/23/13 17:18

You can take a skinning! :>

kyle 07/23/13 17:08

An illusion , figured, take care, got to get off, ahem, whilst i got some skin left, as a skinning is coming if

If i keep making this level of errors hahahahaha

 Be well kiddo ;-)

MD 07/23/13 17:02

I've been to these parts in July, trust me, it's hot.  :)

kyle 07/23/13 16:52

you might be more right than I, if they use salt on the roof

kyle 07/23/13 16:50

plus there is what appears to be  a pile they have pushed up on the Left side, of the sidewalk, and i meant left side on the roof, sorry  Right next to the building

kyle 07/23/13 16:48

Look on the top of the building right now and see on the right side of the roof, what appears as frost or skiff of snow , grin

kyle 07/23/13 16:47

I double checked, look at the little pictures on the bottom of the big one, it did appear as Frost at first, hey gotta b wrong sometimes hahahaha


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