Ólafsvík Harbour

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Ólafsvík Harbour
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Ólafsvík Harbour

5 hours ago

Ólafsvík Harbour

8 hours ago

Ólafsvík Harbour

11 hours ago

Ólafsvík Harbour

14 hours ago

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Comments (17)

MD 03/20/17 14:30

If you hear a splash ..... you'll know I overshot!   LOL

Way557 03/20/17 14:18

Just be careful MD and have fun. lol

MD 03/20/17 12:33

Way557 ...... I've come back to do it again.  :D

MD 03/03/17 15:02


Have a lovely weekend.  See ya Monday.  :D

Way557 03/03/17 14:58

MD is very active today. http://prntscr.com/efk4qb  .She's thinking about snowboarding down the slope. LOL

Have a great weekend MD see ya monday.

Larry Mac 05/02/16 07:13

I agree, very well done.

MD 05/01/15 22:01

Mira .... who would have thought that cloud movement could be so fascinating. Very well filmed.

Mira Bilis 05/01/15 21:39
Mira Bilis 10/24/14 15:39

Green thumbs, thanks.

MD 08/23/14 20:57

Mira... you seem to be doing a tour of Iceland.  :D

Mira Bilis 08/23/14 20:46

Very nice.  :)

trix abound 08/06/14 12:44

lazy people...lol

MD 08/06/14 12:40

Fishing did cross my mind but you'd think they'd have made an earlier start.

trix abound 08/06/14 12:35

yes...hovering... not on...fishing boat maybe...

MD 08/06/14 12:29

Hovering........ LOL

It looks a nice place. One of the boats just left. I always wonder where they are off to.

trix abound 08/06/14 12:05

i'v seen it...on the right side of the mountain...but it never moves...just sits there watching...lol

MD 08/06/14 11:50

Trix..............UFO??????????? I put that and the camera angle changed. Hopefully it'll change back.


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