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Chausuyama Zoo - Giraffe Cam

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Chausuyama Zoo - Giraffe Cam
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Chausuyama Zoo - Giraffe Cam

7427 hours ago

Chausuyama Zoo - Giraffe Cam

7430 hours ago

Chausuyama Zoo - Giraffe Cam

7433 hours ago

Chausuyama Zoo - Giraffe Cam

7436 hours ago

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Comments (10)

MD 12/06/17 23:25

Floor is lovely and clean.

Kyle Gosnell 08/14/14 05:34

Hi Trix, same back at you, hope you get to the doc and resolve some of those issues kiddo

 Hey, did a WIN Update and most of my issues went away, now at least when i post, it hopefully will be redable. For a while i wont be on much, too many irons in the fire now. Long story, not important except to me and the wife is why.  

Take care, and as i said, hope you get the help you are deserving as a US citizen.   if you allow it, the breast beaters and politicians will rob you of it, so push like crazy ok, no one deserves to be in pain, 

trix abound 08/14/14 03:55

hi kyle....hope you are doing well..

Kyle Gosnell 08/14/14 03:44

Thanks OT, it makes me happy some has survived the cleaning tasks, this is a nice cam, i do remember it, and at the time we could not tell where it was in the world, just Asia,hahaha long time ago

kyle 05/15/13 06:51

Wow, this is an old link, its been ages since we were here, wow again, it was posted back when I hadnt been on  opentopia long.  as far as the cages, they are safe here away from trophy hunters that are so rampant now, plus border wars are killing many now where it was once illegal to bother them. This was about the time Jane Goodall was killed protecting the Gorillas if Im correct on the time line

patsy 05/14/13 23:41

Seeing these beautiful animals caged up truly sickens me

kyle 01/20/13 00:41

Viti, the controllable cam is wonderful, thanks girl

kyle 01/20/13 00:40

These animals are so stately, how could anyone not like to see them, however I warn you, like super Dogs, beware the tongue hahahahaha

Gracie 10/18/12 14:44

Reminds me of some that Blue use to post in days long gone by.  Scrolling down..  I see there's a really great one that Viti  posted.  It gives us some control.  Thanks Viti!  :)

sakana 02/19/11 09:43

Chausu-yama Zoo, 茶臼山動物園 in Nagano City

see also,
Click the photo to see the webcam,
キリン / giraffes Kanae and Ami,
レッサーパンダ / lesser panda/cat-bear ,
チンパンジー / chimpanzee,
トラとライオン / tiger and lion,
ゾウ / elephant.


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