In San Francisco the Longest stretch of road is Geary Boulevard
  • Hot Springs State Park
    Hot Springs State Park
    United States | Wyoming | Thermopoli
  • McClellan Peak - Access Road
    McClellan Peak - Access ...
    United States | Nevada | Carson Cit
  • Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility
    Columbia Scientific Ball...
    United Sta | New Mexico | Fort Sumne
  • Rosario Resort on Cascade Bay
    Rosario Resort on Cascad...
    United Sta | Washington | Rosario, O
  • KSU Jardin - Parking
    KSU Jardin - Parking
    United States | Kansas | Manhattan
  • KSU Jardin - Plaza Area
    KSU Jardin - Plaza Area
    United States | Kansas | Manhattan
  • Clark County School District
    Clark County School Dist...
    United States | Nevada | Las Vegas
  • University of Miami
    University of Miami
    UNITED STATES | Florida | Miami
  • The Samcos Driveway Cam
    The Samcos Driveway Cam
    United States | Oregon | Bend
  • Swanson's North Fork Environmental Center
    Swanson's North Fork Env...
    United States | Utah | Ogden
  • South Lewis Central School - Ball Field Cam
    South Lewis Central Scho...
    United States | New York | Turin
  • Frontier Field
    Frontier Field
    United States | New York | Rochester
  • Biscayne Bay
    Biscayne Bay
    United States | Florida | Miami Beac
  • Pennsylvania State University - IST Building
    Pennsylvania State Unive...
    United Sta | Pennsylvan | State Coll
  • Missouri School of Journalism
    Missouri School of Journ...
    United States | Missouri | Columbia
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These are web cameras with IP addresses, which send a continuous stream of pictures in the Motion JPEG format. These feeds are checked every three hours or so. The first frame of the video is grabbed and resized as a thumbnail. The general location is at first guessed based on the IP number, but can be edited by whoever has better information.


These videos are most likely copyrighted by whoever owns the cameras. The snapshots you see here appear as fair use according to copyright law. However, if a picture from your webcam appears here and you object to that, let us know and it will be removed.


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