Mikulov náměstí (Mikulov Square)

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Mikulov náměstí (Mikulov Square)
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Mikulov náměstí (Mikulov Square)

6 hours ago

Mikulov náměstí (Mikulov Square)

9 hours ago

Mikulov náměstí (Mikulov Square)

12 hours ago

Mikulov náměstí (Mikulov Square)

15 hours ago

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Comments (29)

MD 03/18/17 13:37

I'd love to visit this place.

MD 01/12/17 15:58

I like a cam that pans. It's worth the wait.

Rain Shadow 09/09/16 19:09

Looking at the European cameras, this weekend seems to be a popular time for markets and festivals.

MD 11/01/15 14:22

I like the 7hrs ago picture.

Mira Bilis 06/13/15 14:37

Another lovely day.

Mira Bilis 04/12/15 15:33

Great views again.

nychick 12/05/14 17:25

Soooo pretty.

Mira Bilis 12/05/14 17:06

Busy at the moment.

MD 11/26/14 13:52

Hi NQ.... I always like this cam but even better with a christmas tree. :)

N Q 11/26/14 13:21

another town square with an xmas tree :)

MD 09/26/14 16:20

yes... I like this cam.

Mira Bilis 09/26/14 15:43

Nice clear cam and always an interesting view.

MD 09/16/14 16:18

WOW!!  I just notice that it's cobblestones. That must have taken forever to do.

trix abound 09/16/14 15:56

yes it is beautiful...

MD 09/16/14 15:37

Trix, I finally got to see the top of the statue. It looks more like the sun to me, than a star. Absolutely beautiful.

MD 08/30/14 14:27

Obviously I can't see the gold star but I love this cam.

trix abound 08/30/14 14:25

it has 2 fountains...

trix abound 08/30/14 14:24

what a pretty place...the cam moves...

trix abound 08/30/14 14:21

crap...they moved the cam...on top of the fountain is a huge gold star....

trix abound 08/30/14 14:19

WOW...look at the top of the pole thingy....


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