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Khanty-mansiysk Central Square & Shopping Centre

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Khanty-mansiysk Central Square & Shopping Centre
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Khanty-mansiysk Central Square & Shopping Centre

27087 hours ago

Khanty-mansiysk Central Square & Shopping Centre

27090 hours ago

Khanty-mansiysk Central Square & Shopping Centre

27093 hours ago

Khanty-mansiysk Central Square & Shopping Centre

27096 hours ago

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Comments (23)

MD 11/14/17 16:32

It's a shame we've lost this cam.

N Q 12/06/15 14:00

I'm not sure if this one should be consider christmas but the lights on the pyramid building are turned on only at christmas time.

I wish they would point this cam back towards the square so that we could see the whole building, it look like a giant tree.

N Q 12/13/14 16:23

They turn on the christmas lights on the strange glass building behind the yellow building.

MD 12/06/14 15:26

Oh my gosh yes!!!  I remember that tree!!! 

N Q 12/06/14 15:12

MD this is the other cam that I'm hoping it turns towards the square one of these days and reveals the huge fake tree that they had here last year.

MD 07/19/14 00:37

Colourful buildings.

Steve Sharp 05/14/14 00:12

I wish they would leave the cam so we could see over the whole square.

N Q 01/26/14 01:52

awww this is the first night this tree hasn't been lit. Christmas must finally be over here :(

N Q 01/17/14 22:53

another tree that's still lit up :)

Homely 12/28/13 23:06


MD 12/24/13 13:14

Hi Dona. Isn't it pretty? That's quite a big star on the top.

Hope you and Wayne have a good Christmas.

dona brantley 12/24/13 12:47

omg thankyou md for sharing   smile     [awe]         dona

MD 12/21/13 18:00

Lol. I saw your earlier comment about it being an oil boom town. It looks quite affluent. And lovely!

Mira Bilis 12/21/13 17:31

LOL ... this city is so wealthy, it's probably made of platinum!  ;-)

MD 12/21/13 16:42

It may not be real but it's certainly spectacular. I think I'm gonna put a link to it on The Bench in the hope that Dona sees it.

N Q 12/21/13 16:35

It's always enjoyable to see a new christmas tree pop up during the holidays :)

I wonder what this one is made of because it's definitely not real.

MD 12/21/13 15:20

WOW  N Q! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It's beautiful.

N Q 12/21/13 15:03

They changed the view on this cam, it's now pointed to the square with a very large christmas tree in the center of it.

Mira Bilis 12/02/13 20:01

I think that pointy building is a shopping complex and cultural centre. Apparently Khanty-Mansiysk is an oil-boom town ... I did some googling.  ;-)

MD 07/21/13 11:03

I wonder what that building is on the left.


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