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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill
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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

6 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

9 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

12 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

15 hours ago

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Comments (2455)

MD 10/02/21 16:52

Hi all  ..... my hubby had short arms and deep pockets!!!!   LOL

It's monsoon season all year round on our little blot on the ocean.  At least it seems that way.

My first 2 jabs were Pfizer but I believe the booster will be something else.

stargzr 09/29/21 00:05

Yeah, I was thinking that's the first time I'd heard of vaccine removing part of your arm!!! LOLOLOLOL

Arizona Sue 09/28/21 23:06

LOL! Short arm indeed.  Of course, I meant SORE arm!


Arizona Sue 09/28/21 22:59

Hi MD and Stargzr.  Haven't been here for a few weeks and glad to see both of you.   Hubby and I just had our booster jabs of Pfizer vaccine.   I felt lousy the day after but otherwise OK with just a short arm.   I hope you are both able to get the extra jab.   We've had a wet monsoon this year and here in the desert, we are forever grateful for every drop.  Monsoon season ends on Sept. 30.   I'm heading to Baltimore on October 11.  I haven't seen my sister or my best friend since April 2019.   Like so many millions of others, the damned covid screwed up everything.   Here in Arizona, the hospitals are overcrowed with idiots who refused to be vaccinated and wound up very ill.  Everything these days is political, even going to the bathroom!

MD 09/28/21 19:17

Last week I was bored enough to take a taxi ride just for the fun of it.  It cost me £60 but was worth every penny.  We have had higher temperatures in the UK but the rain seems to be the same as last year.  This climate change is bad news. The bible is littered with plagues, fires and floods.  Well ..... there's Covid and fires aplenty.  We'll be glad of a flood to put them out!

stargzr 09/28/21 18:07

Hi, MD.......That was lovely!!  Thanks for posting it.  :)

The Pacific Northwest where I live has the reputation of being rainy and green also.  Unfortunately, climate change has messed it all up and the rain we got yesterday and today is the first in many, many months.  I'm afraid it's a harbinger of the future and more drought.  So, enjoy!!  On the other hand, knowing how you enjoy the sun, I hope it won't be long before you're free to travel again. Been a LONG year and a half.  :(

MD 09/28/21 17:38

Hi stargzr ...  it's been like this for a couple of days.  That's what makes England so green and pleasant.

Meanwhile ....  I'm watching a prog on tv that's set in Spain in a place I used to spend  a lot of time ...  and it's sunny.

stargzr 09/28/21 16:50

Ah, we're back on line.......and wet !!!!!!

MD 07/14/21 15:57

Happy Black Country Day.

Ed Hilver 04/06/21 11:10

Happy easter all 🥚 🐣!!!!!!!

Phoenix 04/05/21 13:54

Happy Easter to you and all of you!! 

MD 04/04/21 13:50
MD 04/03/21 20:48


silversquirrel 04/03/21 18:55

Hi MD.  Would it be loverly if we could make a meet up at the Hotel Chocolat?   I could pretend that we're meeting Ross Poldark for tea and spotted dick!

MD 04/02/21 13:37

Hi Silver Squirrel ...  I'm sure this cam has a dark tinted lens ... the sky is actually bright blue today.  On the Hornavan cam you mentioned meeting up ..... this would be the ideal place.  There is a shopping mall called Drake Circus which has its own Hotel Chocolat! 

MD 03/19/21 21:03

Hi Roger .....  now I know you've gone stir crazy from all of the lockdowns!!!   I've been nowhere for a whole year.  I really will be glad to get back to my bus journeys.  I've missed going to the coast - so near yet so far away. At least there is light at the end of the tunnel   ......  just seems a heck of a long tunnel!!

You take care.

roger barker 03/19/21 08:32

Hi MD.Still love reading you:)

MD 03/18/21 22:42

Hi Roger Barker ......  I hope you are well.

MD 03/17/21 16:00

Trix would have been cooking corned beef and cabbage today.  Her husband always maintained he was biggest part Irish.  I would love to have seen his face when he saw his DNA results showing he had not one scintilla of Irish blood in his body.  Mind you .....  Trix did give us a good description.  LOLOL

MD 03/16/21 19:51

There are so many cams on that link.   I meant to have a look at them again in daylight but forgot all about it!


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