Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill
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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

4 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

7 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

10 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

13 hours ago

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Comments (969)

MD 11/19/19 17:58

Hi stargzr ..... that's a lovely cam.  I like that it pans slowly enough for you to really see things. I've bookmarked it.

stargzr 11/19/19 16:49

Oops, not yet......but I assume they WILL light it eventually. :D

stargzr 11/19/19 16:02

Hello MD.......I'm heading out for the day but thought you might enjoy the lighting of the Christmas tree in this lovely town in Austria.  :)

MD 11/17/19 11:22

That's cold enough.

The leggings ...... maybe they're one-size fits all???  

stargzr 11/17/19 01:53

Just checked the weather in Trix's area....supposed to go down to 12F tonight!    :(

stargzr 11/17/19 01:18

I can kinda guess what kind of hospital.  :D

I'd order the leggings for me but it doesn't say they come in senior citizen size.

MD 11/17/19 00:13

WOW!!!   One of the pop outs on the left side said something like "Loved my hat. Wore it to hospital where hubby is and another patient wants one."  I wonder what sort of hospital that was.   I can't believe people would walk round wearing such crap.  Also ..... says stuff is shipped from America but makes no mention that it's made in China.

stargzr 11/16/19 23:34

Here you go......lots of stuff on sale, just in time for Christmas.  LOL

MD 11/16/19 02:22

Hahahaha!  Not quite what I meant.  Is it a radical redecoration or a lick of paint and a new mat?   Actually  ..... I could do with a new bathmat myself.  Mine has been washed so many times the color has amost gone.  It was a deep pink ...... it now looks anaemic.

stargzr 11/16/19 01:38

Well I DID get out today...went to Walmart to pick up a bathmat !!   Hahahaha

MD 11/16/19 01:18

Hi stargzr  ....   I like Pakman but that Pat Robertson is one heck of a strange fossil.  :D

I've been watching the impeachment.  How stupid of Trump to blast and smear Yovanovitch even as she's giving evidence.  Witness intimidation.   I've just read David Holmes' statement. Look out Sondland.  And Roger Stone's been found guilty on all 7 charges.  It's been an entertaining day for me.  LOL!!!!!

I need to get out more  ..... and so do you  .... redecorating your bathroom indeed!


stargzr 11/16/19 00:42

PS.....I've always said I'm not concerned about dying, I just want to outlive Pat Robertson!


stargzr 11/16/19 00:34

Hi MD, been running around like a madwoman redecorating my bathroom. (don't ask me why, I just do stuff like this for no good reason).      Anyway, thought you might enjoy this clip   :)

I'm not watching the hearings but catch up at night with the news.

MD 11/13/19 01:28


stargzr 11/13/19 01:13

Just to show how long this guy has been a joke in this country:

I like to listen to an audio book before I go to sleep.  I am currently listening to "Neither Here Nor There", by Bill Bryson.  So, I'm just drifting off listening to him describe a beautiful view in a town in Italy.  He goes on to say he would give anything to have that view....."I would sell my mother to Donald Trump for that view."

The book was published in 1992 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

MD 11/13/19 00:43

Normal people see him for what he is but his cult members hero worship him.  They will never see sense. Look on the bright side ........ 5 more years max.  Oh no ...... that sounds awful.  Another Merlot I think.  LOL!

stargzr 11/13/19 00:10

LOL !!!

When I parked at the store lot I was beside a car with a bumper sticker that read :  "Not fit to serve, impeach Trump."  I almost waited to ask the driver where they got it, but had other stuff to do.  Still, it made my day.

MD 11/13/19 00:01

I don't think things can ever be put right  ..... the same with Brexit.  Our countries are divided and I certainly can't see that the UK will ever be united  ..... well  ..... not until everyone who was eligible to vote on the 23rd of June 2016 is dead. Maybe future generations will, in the words of Mick Mulvaney, get over it.  :D

One thing I never, ever run out of is wine. When I'm down to my last 10 bottles ... it's time to stock up again. LOL!!!!

stargzr 11/12/19 22:56

Good thing you had your may want to have a couple more if you watch this.  I'm glad I just made a wine run and stocked up.  :{

MD 11/12/19 19:37

Cheers  ..... bottoms up ...... down the hatch!   LOL


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