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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill
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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

4 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

7 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

13 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

19 hours ago

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Comments (2531)

Homely 11/25/23 00:35

Oh, NQ - I'm delighted sseing all of your finds now that I have a moment to check in! We had 19 yesterday and i've been cooking since last weekend. My feet hurt! I hope your T'giving was warm and wonderful <3

N Q 11/22/23 18:28

They've lit up the lighthouse in red/white and purple/white stripes, looks festive.

Lightning Fox 10/08/23 09:48


This is the one I was most active on.  ⚡️🦊

Lightning Fox 10/08/23 09:47

Hey everyone, thanks for the welcome.  I first posted on the other original cam back in 2006 I think and then stopped about 10 years back or so when I was a kid.  I'm all grown up now ⚡️🦊

Arizona Sue 10/05/23 00:20

Hello Lightning Fox.   You are new to me and glad to make your acquaintance.   I was also Silver Squirrel at one point.  

Homely 10/03/23 02:48

Hi, Lightning Fox - Welcome back! I believe I first logged in about 9 years ago, so I missed you. But I'm sure we have some friends in common. A number have gone to just lurking or passed away, but some of the old crew still drop in from time to time.

Phoenix 10/01/23 17:04

Hi Lightning Fox, welcome back to the Opentopia gang. I'm Phoenix, but have gone by Syrsa before when I could log in with Facebook. 

Lightning Fox 09/27/23 14:48

Hey everyone, been like a decade since I logged in 😂 i had to make a new account just to say hi to you all.  I am The Lightning Fox but go by other names these days ⚡️🦊

Hope Heather & Iesha are ok and all my other friends from back in the day 🤘

Phoenix 09/24/23 15:21

Looks like someone pitched a wee tent on the hill  ... wonder if that's allowed there? Seems to be a popular place for a wee outing..

Phoenix 09/14/23 19:35

Hi Sue, me too actually. She lived not so far from here, I think. Near to some Alpaca farms, if I remember rightly.

Arizona Sue 09/13/23 23:51

Hi Phoenix.   I think of MD whenever I view this camera.   

Phoenix 09/13/23 13:28

This Citadel Hill looks like a very popular place to be! Bet they have good weather there too. Wonder what the circular pool with the bright blue water is????

Homely 08/30/23 15:06

Hi, Sue - I've seen that weather out there and it is beyond bearable. I'm sure you are accustomed to a modicum of extreme heat and know how to handle it, but it's a lot more than the norm and can't be easy. Our signs of fall are starting now - we traveled to the mountains last weekend and some of the trees are starting to turn. The end of the summer was a bit dry, so that tends to hasten things with the trees. We're just at that point where things go from looking lush to looking a bit tired. Kind of like me!



Arizona Sue 08/28/23 04:45

Hi Homely.   It's sweltering here in Phoenix.   We're hoping for much cooler weather in about 2-1/2 months.   Then it will be heavenly until next April.   I guess we'll have to wait and see if MD's daughter responds to the inquiries and emails.  


Homely 08/27/23 17:08

Hello, my friends - and happy to see that our Feral has also checked in. I've looked in here periodically but haven't had time to log in and post for a bit. Still nothing in response to the emails that I sent. No luck on any of my other sleuthing. Now that the summer is almost past, I hope you all have had a lovely one. I, for one, am looking forward to the change of seasons in the fall. Best to all of you! 


Arizona Sue 08/21/23 04:24

Hi Phoenix.  Fingers crossed that you get a reply.  


Phoenix 08/20/23 12:29

I sent off an email to MD, hasn't come back yet, so must be the correct one. See if she or someone replies... 

N Q 08/16/23 19:25

Feral it was the Oviso bar that everybody gathered.

Phoenix her email addy is on that cam, look back to Nove 2018 for it, but as long as Homely has already emailed her, it's doubtful emailing again will help but maybe ?

Phoenix 08/16/23 18:38

Hi Feral, thanks for replying..!! well, we might never know, but her daughter just might drop a line on one the cams. MD said that she told her daughter to let us all know if something happened to her.. 

feralorchid 08/15/23 21:10

I'm afraid I don't Phoenix. I don't know what we can do...I saw her online once...she was in Barcelona, and at one of the cafes we met up at here. We arranged a time , and waved at each other, she was with her partner. She looked lovely. Homely, as you would say, but a bit flambouyent. Perhaps she is no longer alive...if so , I hope her end was gentle. I hope you're ok lovely...Feral.





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