Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill
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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

4 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

7 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

10 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

13 hours ago

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Comments (317)

MD 05/19/19 16:10


stargzr 05/19/19 15:40

MD......just laughing at our simultaneous postings.  I'm off to have brunch with dtr and g-son.  She's making crepes with home grown blackberries and whipped cream....nothing like a lo-cal meal !!!!

MD 05/16/19 18:16

OMG !!!!!!  Those socks are brilliant.   LOL

MD 05/16/19 18:13

I so agree with you.   Hubby was an electronics engineer and worked in a Goodyear factory.  He decided he'd like to retire at 55.  He worked hard, long hours ...  and paid additional voluntary contributions to increase his pension.  We had 2 holidays a year but never went out apart from that.  His colleagues used to go out every night drinking.  By the time he was approaching 55 ..... Goodyear asked for volunteers for redundancy .... with a golden handshake. He retired aged 55 years and 9 months.  We were able to pay outright for a house in France and my son bought our UK house.  When hubby told colleagues we were off to live in France .... there was a chorus of "You are so lucky."   He silenced them by saying.  "Luck had nothing to do with it.  If you lot hadn't spent your money  ..... peeing it up the wall ... then you could have been as 'lucky' as me."

stargzr 05/16/19 18:07
stargzr 05/16/19 17:44

Sounds really good !  I've known a few wine snobs in my day (to each his/her own.)  And I know we all have our fancies, but I think if I were to have that amount of money to spend frivolously, it would be on something with a little more permanence and not get peed out shortly.  :>

MD 05/16/19 17:27

And in 35 minutes I shall open a bottle.  I've bought stuff from a vinicole at Landiras  ..... in the Bordeaux region.  I went there for my honeymoon.  I know what I like and if I can get it at a really good price ..... it tastes even better.

stargzr 05/16/19 17:19

Atta girl !!!!!

MD 05/16/19 17:12

Hi stargzr ........  I'm gobsmacked that anyone would pay £260 for a bottle of wine and then order another one.   Goodness knows who would pay £4,500.  They obviously have more money than sense.  I've had wine delivered today and buy buying (cough cough) a few bottles ......  I've paid the princely sum of £3.75 per bottle.  :D

stargzr 05/16/19 15:48

Hi MD......I don't know why, but for some reason this story amused me.  I could get just as satisfied with a glass of your merlot!  I never said I was classy.  :D

MD 05/14/19 11:53

Tis glorious.   :D

Silver Squirrel 05/14/19 05:31

MD, you live in a beautiful place.  

MD 05/10/19 11:11

Hi stargzr .... so will I.  I have a channel  ... E4 .... that shows 6 hours of it each day.  Although I've seen every ep - I'm still happy to fill in a spare half hour with a repeat.  My laptop is named Sheldon!   I really will miss it but it's better to go out on a high.  BJ downloads it.  Do you ever manage to read the messages at the end - by Chuck Lorre?  Without BJ being able to pause it I'd never manage to read it because it goes off so quickly.  Chuck's not a Trump fan.  :D

MD 05/10/19 11:02

Hi Silver Squirrel ......... I once had a dog called Tinker.  Maybe I should have named my first born child after it!  LOL

Silver Squirrel 05/10/19 05:44

I read on The Daily Mail website that Meghan had a beloved cat named Archie!

stargzr 05/10/19 00:27

Penultimate  episode of "Big Bang Theory" on tonight.    :(  

I will miss it!

MD 05/09/19 20:52

Ps ..... we do the middle finger too.   :D

MD 05/09/19 20:52

That's a nice cam ......  very clear   .... but Mehamn was the best.  So many views.

Isn't Archie a strange name for the royal family?  Definitely more fitting for a kestrel chick.  I seem to remember we named the chicks in the first year.  It was easy when they were newly hatched ..... size distinguished which was which.  Then after about 2 weeks it was hard to tell one from the other.

As you say ..... no biggie.  Sometimes the "repair" can cause more trouble than it's worth.

stargzr 05/09/19 20:25

ps......Now that Mehamn has disappeared, I have a new city to watch every day.  I love the looks of this place and having the cam pan back and forth is a bonus!

stargzr 05/09/19 19:54

Ditto on Bill Nighy!  Trust you to notice the fingers up........LOL!  However, that only works in the UK. People here wouldn't know enough to take offense.  We only respond to the middle fiinger  :). (luckily I watch enough Brit TV to get it.)

No pain, not even any nuisance.  I just have a bump in my palm but fingers still straight.  Early days yet.  I just happened to go for the regular mole check and my dermatologist noticed and diagnosed it.  As I said, no biggie.


Should we name one of the kestrel chicks Archie?  :D


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