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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill
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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

3 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

6 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

9 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

12 hours ago

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Comments (2376)

MD 01/21/21 03:15

I had peach scnapps!!!!!!   I really enjoyed the inauguration  ...... and I enjoyed watching Trump fly away.  He seems to be very fond of YMCA.   :D

silversquirrel 01/20/21 19:53

Oh happy day!  MD and Stargzr ~ I raise a glass of bubbly to a new normal America.  Goodbye and good riddance to the Orange Turd and his grifter family members!

stargzr 01/19/21 16:59

Goodbye and good riddance, djt.

MD 01/19/21 02:26

Hi Silver Squirrel   ........  I'll be so glad when you can go on vacation  ..... and tell me all about it when you get back.  LOLOL

I loved the 60s though they do say:

Arizona Sue 01/17/21 23:17

Hi MD, it's Silver Squirrel.  Thanks for sharing the hilarious Trump video.  Loved it.  Also thanks for the information on the non existent Seaford.  There is a Seaford, Delaware, USA which is on the East Coast.  My parents retired not far from there in the 70s.  

MD 01/15/21 19:06

Hi Silver Squirrel ........  Yorkshire is indeed beautiful and I love watching Bill Nighy but they lied to you ....... there's no Seaford in Yorkshire.   "Hope Gap" is filmed in Yorkshire.  If you scroll to the bottom of the link ..... about the last 2 inches .... you will see filming location:

There's a Seaford in east Sussex on the south coast which is also very nice but not as pretty as Yorkshire.

And now I've solved the mystery that I caused.  There's a film studio at Seaford so maybe the film was processed there:

Of course ....... I could have just deleted half of this comment but as I'd put in the research .....  LOLOL!

silversquirrel 01/14/21 23:36

I just watched a movie on Amazon Prime.  "Hope Gap."   Excellent.   It was filmed in Seaford, Yorkshire.   

MD 01/14/21 22:53

Hi stargzr ......  I miss Sarah.  Trump has given her some good material but she's stayed out of it.

Trump must be proud of himself ..... Obama didn't get an impeachment but Trump has 2   ..... out of only 4 impeachments ever.  He's a winner.  LOL

stargzr 01/14/21 00:39

Hi Silver Squirrel and MD......Just in case you miss Sarah, here's a tiny clip.  (Jane Lynch is always a hoot.)

Silver glad you're scheduled for the vaccine.  I have my annual check-up on Monday and was hoping to get some info then re: my shot, but Oregon is woefully behind!

Here's to Impeachment #2 !!!!!!!

MD 01/13/21 01:55

Hi Silver Squirrel ...... that's good news about your vaccine.  I'm watching the vote on 25th amendment resolution against Trump. I just cannot believe how they are defending Trump's disgusting, dangerous behaviour.  Jim Jordan chose this time to have a hissy fit about fines for not wearing a mask in The Capitol and objects to the metal detector screening.

silversquirrel 01/12/21 06:05

I'm hoping that the Orange Turd cokes on a cheeseburger and dies.  

silversquirrel 01/12/21 06:04

Hi MD and Stargzr.   After waiting all day to finally access the Arizona website for COVID vaccine, I got through this evening and was able to schedule my shot (jab) for January.   The location is at a stadium about 25 minutes from home. Hubby has to wait for his shot because he's just 66 years old.  I'm 75, so I'm able to get the vaccine now.  I hope you both are able to do so as well.  

MD 01/12/21 01:53

Hi stargzr ....... this is a pretty place.

No news on vaccination yet but I'm content to wait my turn.  We are in lockdown in my area.  I don't go anywhere and my only visitor is the Tesco delivery man who leaves my shopping outside.  Thank heavens for chocolate.  :D

I'm glad your daughter will be getting her vaccine .... hopefully soon. 

It certainly is an interesting time.  I can't wait for Trump to be doubly impeached.  LOL

stargzr 01/08/21 19:07

Hello, MD......just a case of my being in the right place at the right time.  :)

I love how the tower on Citadel Hill changes color (colour).  Any word on getting the vaccine?  I haven't been informed of my status yet, but dtr will be getting hers before me as a teacher.  Interesting times, n'est pas?

MD 01/08/21 18:22

Hi stargzr ....... I came here to put John's link.  BJ pointed out Randy's latest to me last night but I'd forgotten it by today.   LOL

I think they will both be doing this for years.  Such fun.  :D

stargzr 01/08/21 17:38

And's Randy!!!

stargzr 01/08/21 00:08
silversquirrel 01/07/21 03:32

OMG.  What has become of my country?   Someone please remove that orange maniac from the White House.  

MD 01/06/21 18:01

Hi stargzr  ...... I hope you are still going to drop in from time to time. Enjoy yourself and stay safe.

Calling Boris an unmade bed is flattery.  LOL

Remember this?

MD 09/20/20 02:12

Oh ye of little faith.  The Dems are gonna get the Senate.  You have to think big.  The starting point of all achievement is desire.  Positive thinking etc etc.  And Trump says you can vote twice so that should help. LOLOL



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