Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill
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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

4 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

7 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

10 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

13 hours ago

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Comments (258)

MD 03/13/19 05:17

It's like looking out of my window ...... rain rain rain.

MD 03/01/19 12:31

I'm very grateful.

stargzr 03/01/19 12:28

Whew......I'm suffering from webcam overload!  Time to sign off for some R&R.  

MD 02/02/19 10:30

A lot of things have happened since then.   Whenever I can't remember something ... I tell myself it is in my brain but my filing system isn't working.  LOL

stargzr 02/02/19 10:08

OMG.....I am totally ashamed to admit I don't remember any of this protest (which is unusual for me, being a major protester )  :D   


MD 02/02/19 09:43

When they brought in the poll tax (see link) I was furious.  The amount we had to pay was ridiculous but hubby was not one to make a fuss.  5 years later we moved to France and the taxes we paid there were a fraction of UK taxes.  One day ..... in France ....  I read of an elderly person in the UK who had been imprisoned for refusing to pay the tax and had to pay a fine before he could be released from prison.  He refused to pay the fine.  Some do-gooder stepped in and paid the fine for him.  I told my hubby that if I'd been that militant non-tax payer ..... my first mission when I was released from prison would be to find that do-gooder and black his eye!!!!  And I meant it.  Fancy having somebody spoil your protest.  LOL

stargzr 02/02/19 09:31

Oh geez, I hope I don't see your picture spread all over the Daily Mail !!!!!  LOL

MD 02/02/19 09:25

I've taken to reading Trump's latest stupidity because I'm fed up of hearing about Brexit.  How difficult can Brexit be?  People voted and the majority want to leave the EU.  Politicians have had 2 years to get their backsides into gear but no ...... they wait until the last minute and panic.  The French have their yellow jacket protesters.  I think the UK will have people of all colors ..... with all colors of jackets rioting in the streets.  And if it's not snowing  ...... I'll be with them!!!!!!!   LOL

stargzr 02/02/19 09:13

I am SO tired of hearing about MR. T's darn WALL.  The only people profitting from this administration are the late night comedians!

MD 02/02/19 09:02

Idiots ........ like trying to see who can p... highest up the wall.   LOL!!!

MD 02/02/19 08:59

Hi stargzr ....... it's stopped snowing but it's settled so I won't be going outside.  And don't worry ...... I have enough chocolate to withstand the longest siege.  That's my number one essential!!!!!  I even have bottled water ....... leave nothing to chance.  :D

stargzr 02/02/19 08:34

OK, I'm awake.  MD, is it still snowing?  I read your post to may need a special carrier pigeon chocolate delivery !  :)

stargzr 02/01/19 18:08

I hear that.  :D

MD 02/01/19 17:53

Not to rub it in??????   That was downright cruel.  LOL!     It's pitch black outside but I'd say a couple of inches at most and it was still there before dark.  However ....... couple of inches or just a sprinkling ..... I won't risk walking on it.  I'm a born again coward.  :D

stargzr 02/01/19 16:30 much of the white stuff did you get, MD?  Anything still on the ground?  Not to rub it in, but it went up to 60F here today and I sat out on the patio reading in the sunshine.  However, we're due for the cold stuff again by Monday. :(

MD 01/30/19 10:04

Hi stargzr .......   I think I'd need to do a Rip Van Winkle ..... 20 years wasn't it?   LOL

Cavalier is too cold for me.  It's now 37F and raining here .... that's bad enough.

A day at the beach will be lovely for you.  I love doing that.  I didn't go to the beach enough last year but I'll be making up for that.  Have a lovely day.


stargzr 01/30/19 09:28

Hi MD,  hope you got your beauty sleep.......never seems to work for me. :D

Just checked the Cavalier cam, -25F !!!!!  Fog here but I'm headed for a day at the Coast which should be nearly 60F. 

MD 01/22/19 17:16

Our skies were clear  ........  just a shame the hills aren't transparent.  LOL!!!!

I was telling my daughter about the 2 of us making such idiots of ourselves over your last "find."  I can't help but laugh just thinking about it.  But please let me know if you spot anything ......  I'm always game for a laugh.  :D

stargzr 01/22/19 16:21

Hi MD,  I didn't see the beautiful moon's been rainy here the last few days and we were under the clouds.

I HAVE been diligent in checking all the US coastlines, 'tho, keeping an eye out for strange items offshore !!!!


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