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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill
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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

11 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

14 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

23 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

26 hours ago

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Comments (2494)

MD 08/02/22 22:47

Hi Sue. Weever fish to you too!!!  I have to own up -  I didn't know we had them but I read today that a snorkeler got bitten by a blue shark off the coast of Cornwall, about 70 miles down the coast from Plymouth.

Arizona Sue 07/31/22 05:17

Hi MD.  Weever fish!  Just reading about them.  Had some lovely storms and rain this evening.   Hope you did too.  

MD 07/26/22 13:32

Hi Sue .... we were glad to get some rain.  We had a bit of a heatwave and the whole place went crazy.  I don't know how the UK would cope with the heat that you are getting.   This country just doesn't cater.  Our tarmac melts and railway lines buckle. They just repair it with the same stuff and are so surprised when the same thing happens again at the next heatwave. And now we don't even have BoJo to laugh at.  Thank goodness I still have Trump for  entertainment.  "Yesterday is hard for me."  LOLOLOL

Arizona Sue 07/23/22 18:41

Hi MD.  Looks like a rainy day in your part of the world.  Send that rain to Arizona.  We could use it!

MD 07/08/22 16:20

Hi Sue .... I can never watch just one of Randy's parodies.  He brightens my day.

Arizona Sue 07/04/22 05:25

Love me some Randy!  Thanks for sharing, MD. 


MD 07/01/22 14:53

Hi Sue ...  and now SCOTUS has decided that the world can burn to a cinder.  I read a US news and politics blog every day but I think I'll have to give it up, it's no good for my health.

Thank goodness for Randy Rainbow.

Arizona Sue 06/30/22 05:04

Love this cam.  MD, you live in a beautiful place.  

MD 06/08/22 02:16

Hi Sue ...  I'm so glad the wedding went well. After 20 years the dust has settled!  I love weddings.  Well .... I really enjoyed both of mine.  Weddings are easy ... it's marriage that can be difficult.  LOL!

According to the government our Covid cases seem to be going down but I'm not really sure we can believe everything they say.

MD 06/08/22 02:03

Hi stargzr .... what an adventure for grandson.  What wouldn't we do if we were 23???  LOL

Arizona Sue 06/06/22 05:59

Hi MD.  The wedding was beautiful.   The whole family was there and everyone got along.   Hubby and I were seated at same table with his ex.   Which was fine.  Enough time has passed (over 20 years) that it is no longer awkward to interact with everyone who once had issues.   Yes, we are so excited about the cruise!   Hope you continue to be well.  Covid is still very much out there.  Cases rising here in Arizona.   

MD 06/05/22 22:38

Hi Sue .... I thought for one awful minute you were going to say you had Covid.  I'm so glad you and hubby escaped it. The itinerary for that cruise looks really good ...  too good to miss. October is a good time to go.  I can picture it now.

I take it the wedding went well?  I could just eat a slice of wedding cake!   LOLOLOL

Arizona Sue 05/28/22 19:07

Hi MD.  Hubby and I came home from Florida a week ago.   Four people that we were close to at the wedding, including my 91 year old mother in law, have Covid.  Hubby and I have been sick since getting home with upper respiratory sinus cold.  Airplane crude no doubt but no Covid.   Makes one think twice about large parties etc.  Nevertheless we are looking forward to our France river cruise!

MD 05/19/22 19:45

Jabba the Hutt!  I'll never be able to see Clarence Thomas again without thinking of that!!!!!

Sue, that must have been an interesting job.

Arizona Sue 05/11/22 23:27

Hi MD.  Yes, you are correct about dear old Mrs. Thomas.  Horrible woman.   I've been to arguments at the Supreme Court twice years ago, when I was still working for a judge on the State Court of Appeals.  Clarence Thomas never opened his mouth!   He just sat there like a toad or Jabba the Hutt!  Ugh.  

ranjhhaheer ranjhhaheer 05/10/22 12:46

I'm looking forward to your cruise report.  And...Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!

stargzr 05/10/22 04:40

Hello ladies......HA, MD, I have no idea why he's going to Thailand except that he accepted a teaching position there.  Ah,to be 23 and single!

Yup, I did my bit in the '60's. I'll leave it up to daughters and granddaughter to fight the good fight now. I'm too TIRED. 

I want a knee rub!!!!!!!

MD 05/10/22 00:43

Hi Sue ....  Clarence Thomas is married to an insurrectionist ...  the very association should get him kicked out.  Then throw out the ones who lied on oath to get confirmed.  If only they would do that.  I see the the NY AG, Letitia James, is bringing in legislation to expand abortion access, including for non-residents. It makes my blood boil that a handful of people can take America back to the 1950s.  It really is a case of "keep women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen."  Grrrrrrr

Back to your wonderful cruise ... I see you get twice daily housekeeping. It's a lovely itinerary and will be ideal in October ....  but I wouldn't turn it down at any time of the year.  LOL


MD 05/10/22 00:29

Hi Stargzr .... Thailand for a year sounds excellent.  I have a neighbor who used to go to Thailand for several months of the year.  I was never sure if he went for the young ladies or the young men.  I'm still not sure. LOL


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