Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill
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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

5 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

8 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

11 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

14 hours ago

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Comments (146)

MD 03/19/18 16:33

I'm sitting in my cosy armchair looking out at the hills ...... covered with snow and the sun is shining.  I used to take my kids for a "spin" just like the car in the link.  Nowadays I wouldn't dream of stepping outside until it's all thawed ...... too scared of having a fall -  I'd never get up - even if I didn't break a bone.  LOL!!!

stargzr 03/19/18 16:14

Sitting in the warmth of my living room I can say that DOES look like fun. :)  However, I spent many years living in Upstate New York and I hated driving in the snow.   Snowball fights and hot buttered rum were fun tho'.  :D

MD 03/19/18 16:07

Ps ...... the driver having fun at Tesco is using the car park of the Tesco store that delivers my shopping.

MD 03/19/18 16:03

Hi stargzr ........ yes ...... it's a relief it's stopped snowing but I'm on the edge of the moors. The place is still covered with snow.  I can enjoy the beauty of it now because I can see it's starting to melt.  :D

stargzr 03/19/18 15:46

Hi you're glad to have the snow stop.  These are lovely pictures but not so much fun if you are stuck in the middle of the mess!

MD 03/11/18 21:05

And I would have expected tropical rain to have steam coming off it but no ...... looked like the usual wrong sort of rain.  :D

stargzr 03/11/18 20:52

LOL  (I really did lol).   :D

MD 03/11/18 20:48

Hi stargzr  ......  I order my stuff online from Tesco.  I really can't fault them.Nice to know that beer and shopping are tops!  :D

One thing we've been doing that really annoys me ...... we name our weather, copying the US.  Last Saturday we had snow storms and it was called "The beast from the east."  This Saturday we had tropical rainstorms and they described it as "The pest from the west."  Seems so childish.

stargzr 03/11/18 20:08

See, MD,one more thing the UK is better at !   :)

MD 03/09/18 21:37

I can't argue with that.   :D

stargzr 03/09/18 20:53

But you DO have great beer!

MD 03/09/18 20:51

We have the wrong kind of everything!!!!!   You'd think the EU would be glad to boot us out.   :D

stargzr 03/09/18 20:34

HAHAHAHAHA!  I must say, that was all pretty enlightening.  And here you are, an island surrounded by water....but it's the WRONG kind of water.  :))

stargzr 03/09/18 19:48

Hi MD.......That's a new one on me - wrong kind if rain!!  Here in Oregon we just get the "plain" old kind.  :)  And plenty of it!

MD 03/09/18 18:12

Stargzr ...... we've had rain every minute of the day.  I don't know about other countries but in the UK we usually have the wrong sort of rain.  That's what they tell us when there is a ban on watering the gardens.

MD 03/08/18 18:17

Hi stargzr ...... today has been lovely and sunny.  Yesterday we had sunshine, rain and hail.  Stupid people are panic buying at the thought of more snow.

It could be no power ....... I know they had snow yesterday.

stargzr 03/08/18 17:58

Hi MD, nice to see the sun in your part of the world.....wonder how Trix is doing.  Think she may have lost power?  :(


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