Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill
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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

4 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

7 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

10 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

13 hours ago

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Comments (109)

MD 01/03/18 16:43

Hi stargzr ...... how dare they even joke about something so serious!!!  I'm lucky that daughter works in a local store. They didn't stock Reese's products ....... until Rain Shadow brought them to my attention.  Now .... well ....... I'm guaranteed a supply.    :D

stargzr 01/03/18 16:30

Hi MD,  This should give you a laugh to help keep you warm and dry throughout the storm!


MD 12/27/17 14:23

It is the only place.

I hope you and your wife had a lovely, peaceful Christmas. I'm looking forward to New Year.

Moose 12/27/17 14:15

Hi MD... Welcome back.  I was afraid the "useful article" posts would push this off the list before you saw it.

This is the only place that I have seen where you called me out so directly.

MD 12/27/17 14:06

Hi Moose ..... are you sure this is the only place??   :D

Moose 12/25/17 19:06

I remember this place.  This is where MD called me a moron.  Ah the fond memories.

MD 11/30/17 17:01

Hi Stargzr ........ OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!    That's close enough!!!

Love the dog on the link.

stargzr 11/30/17 16:46

Hi MD,

I know this is a LONG way away from you.......but still, you might want to get your wellies out !  :)




MD 09/18/17 19:04

Escort ads are still on here.

Rain Shadow 09/08/17 15:44

Phishing/spam posts, wherever they pop up, should be treated as abuse and reported to the admin.

Moose 09/08/17 15:21

MD... I thought my searcasm/moronery would have been quite obvious.  I hope it was not interpreted as approval of these type of phishing scams.  They are all just crooks looking for somebody's personal info to steal, whether it is for loans or escorts.

MD 09/08/17 15:14

Hi Moose ...... is this you being sarcastic/moronic or just plain ornery?  Let me get this right ...... you object to adverts for loans but adverts for escorts are ok?  I see.     :D

Moose 09/08/17 14:44

Surely a link with "russian escorts" in it must be legitimate!  Along with that, "Gurgaon" is a place in India so the comments about Pacific NW and UK make perfect sense.  

MD 09/08/17 14:08

I never open links from people I don't know.

Anshita Sharma 09/08/17 11:47

Hello, Nice blog post I read really perfect your article more information one of other blog zone. So I like it. thank so much for sharing this article to us.

Shilpa Malhotra 08/21/17 07:39

MD ... we additionally have another stormy day here early today ... be that as it may, it's intended to pass up this evening. Strange how the Pacific NW and UK climate frameworks are frequently so indistinguishable in the meantime.

stargzr 07/18/17 22:11

Greetings,MD. Seems I only show up during thunder storms......that's a little weird !!

stargzr 07/18/17 22:08
MD 05/27/17 01:50

Hi stargzr ........ it's been beautiful. I'm on the edge of the moors with no street lights to detract from the display.  Seems to have moved further away now.

stargzr 05/27/17 01:24

MD.....Just read your latest to Trix and thoght I'd check this webcam near you.  What a light show!!!!


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