Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill
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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

3 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

6 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

9 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

12 hours ago

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Comments (206)

MD 11/04/18 16:18

Forecast for tomorrow says clouds ...... followed by six more days of this rain.

MD 10/12/18 17:24

I'm glad I don't have to go out in it.  Daughter is working until 11pm ....... she'll probably have to swim home.

stargzr 10/12/18 16:58

ps:  Lovely storm you've got going there !

stargzr 10/12/18 16:55

....just wondering what my chances are of getting invited to the wedding !    :D

MD 10/12/18 16:33

OO MM GG!!!!!!  Hi stargzr ......  I simply must try that combination.  A friend in the US sends daughter Hersheys Kisses.  I never say no to them.  Hersheys and Reeses together ....... sigh.    :D

stargzr 10/12/18 16:25
MD 09/26/18 01:15

Thanks stargzr ....... daughter just said to fill my boots.  I told her I'm going to starve all day.  LOL!!!

stargzr 09/26/18 00:41

MD, have a lovely dinner with friend tomorrow !

MD 09/22/18 19:42

Only 5????   You weren't really trying.  LOL!

I'm always wanting to travel.  I'm lucky that I can go whenever I want.  The hardest part is choosing.

stargzr 09/22/18 19:20

OMG....I put on 5 lbs. just reading that!!!!  So, are you going there?  About time for some travelling, right?

MD 09/22/18 18:57

I buy Turner Road merlot ........ from California.  I can taste the sunshine.   Did I tell you I found a holiday in Switzerland and you visit a chocolate place, a cheese place and a wine producer????   It would need one set of clothes to get there and a much larger size once there.  LOL!!!!!

stargzr 09/22/18 18:27

ahhhhh, memories......I used to live in California and many's the time I tour the wine country of Napa/Sonoma. Lovely times.  :)

MD 09/22/18 18:20

7.15 here ..... and I've got a glass of Louis de Camponac cabernet sauvignon 2016.  It's from a region that I lived in so I chose it for nostalgic reasons ....... and the taste!!!!   It's going down a treat.   :D

stargzr 09/22/18 17:54

I'd join you but bit early for me (nearly 11 am)........however, ENJOY !!!

MD 09/22/18 17:47

Hi stargzr ....... thank you for that ........ I'm sure I've seen one before - somewhere.  :D

Hurricane Florence has caused havoc. It's been raining here all day long but it's that persistent drizzle that has time to soak into the ground ....... not flood everywhere.  Lucky their home wasn't flooded.

I only just noticed the bear cam link ........ lovely ....... there are 3 bears showing off right now,

As for a "couch day,"  I'm expecting a visitor next Wednesday so I've been sprucing up the place. He hasn't visited for 2 years so I thought I'd make the effort. And now I'm done ....... so I can chill out.  Soon be merlot time for me.  :D


stargzr 09/22/18 17:21

Hi MD,  little bit of nostalgia for you.....  (hee)

Been quite a week....ex and Mrs. live in city hit directly by Hurricane Florence, fortunately no damage or flooding to their house but he's been busy helping neighbors trying to get back into their storm ravaged homes.  What a mess!

I'm taking a "sit-on-the-couch-do-nothing" what else is new?  :D


stargzr 08/24/18 16:32

Cooling off a bit in my part of the world....thank goodness !


This webcam is SO terrific, I can hardly "bear" it.   :)

MD 08/24/18 14:30

I should think it's been a scary summer with those fires.  We used to have forest fires near us when we lived in France. Luckily we were on the coast and the Canadair firefighting planes did a wonderful job.  But it was still unnerving.

stargzr 08/24/18 13:50

Hi MD....fires all around the state and some near my city, but those are under control so far.  Been a long, hot summer.  :(

MD 08/24/18 13:47

Hi stargzr ....... Plymouth is getting rain fresh from the Atlantic .......... happily, it's stopped raining where I am.

Have you had any fires near to you?


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