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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill
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Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

5 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

8 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

11 hours ago

Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill

14 hours ago

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Comments (2232)

Silver Squirrel 09/19/20 20:13

As if 2020 couldn't get any worse, we lose RBG.  She tried to hang on.   Now the Orange Asshat wants another shot at packing the Court.  Mitch McConnell, Old Turkey Neck, is even worse than the Asshat.  

Ed Hilver 09/19/20 11:31

LOL 😂 

stargzr 09/19/20 01:57

This is what we were afraid of.  She tried to hang on until the election, but just couldn't.  One of the best !!!! And now, DJT has a green light to put a right wing dinosaur on the bench.

MD 09/17/20 16:28

Hi stargzr ...... it's beautiful sunshine at the moment and forcast to stay that way ........ until Tuesday when I have to go out.  No surprises for guessing that we are expecting rain all that day.  LOL

stargzr 09/17/20 00:51

I miss my beautiful rain.  I may have to move to Devon !!!!!!

MD 09/16/20 22:39

Hi Silver Squirrel ....... thank you.  It makes good sense to have the flu shot. 

Is it smoky in your area?

Silver Squirrel 09/16/20 21:30

Good luck on your exam, MD.  Hubby and I got our flu shots earlier this month.  Hi Stargzr and Ed.  

MD 09/16/20 00:24

That's a thought!!!!!!   I'll mention it. :D

As a bonus they are throwing in a flu jab.  Oh joy. 

stargzr 09/15/20 21:55

Maybe you could convince your surgery that stocking up on good chocolate would be the best way to get you there. LOLOLOLOL

MD 09/15/20 21:46

I trust you ......  but not even the temptation of yummy chocolate in the next town would induce me to go on a bus.  I shall walk to the surgery and back.  And that will be it until the next time they force me to go up there.   Our sidewalks are so narrow that walking downtown is almost the equivalent of an indoor rally. LOLOL!!!!!

stargzr 09/15/20 20:54

I've been wondering about your checkups since you used to have them regularly.

I know it's scary to get back out there, but once you'll be glad of it.  We can't stay prisoners forever and with proper caution, it is well worth the effort.  (especially for you, who enjoys getting out.)

Trust me !!!!!  :D

MD 09/15/20 20:44

So do I.  He obviously appreciates being appreciated.

My self-isolation will come to an end on Tuesday. I should have had my annual check up in April and I've kept refusing to go.  Today the surgery rang and said they are prepared to let me go in at 8.30am  ...... they don't open until 9am.  The place will have been deepcleaned and I'll be the only patient in there.  I could hardly refuse but already I'm not looking forward to going out.  I've become too snug.  LOL!

stargzr 09/15/20 20:22

Me too, MD.  I really enjoy John's responses to the comments as well.  :-)

MD 09/15/20 20:15

Just what I needed!!!!!   :D

stargzr 09/15/20 16:22
Ed Hilver 09/15/20 08:23


MD 09/14/20 22:27

Gavin Newsom was telling Trump that climate change is exacerbating the disaster and Trump interrupted him to say it was going to get cooler and that he "doesn't think science knows actually."  Of course ......  Trump is an expert on everything.

In a forest fire near us in France  .... a place called Cogolin ...... the firefighters got trapped in their vehicle and were killed.  The whole area went into mourning. Firefighters are amazingly brave people.

stargzr 09/14/20 20:52

Exactly.  And all those of us who were lucky enough to escape (THANK YOU, firefighters) can do is donate money, goods and time....and while all that is appreciated, it can't make up for their losses.  I see in CA they've lost 24 firefighters so far.     If onlly we'd raked the forest floor !!!!  I don't mean to be flippant, but it's just so darn frustrating to listen to all the deniers of climate change.


MD 09/14/20 20:42

Hi stargzr.  I've read an update that said those missing people have been accounted for ....  hopefully that means alive.  I feel so sorry for people who have lost their homes.

stargzr 09/14/20 19:44

Hi people.......thank goodness we have Donald Jessica Trump to keep us entertained (if only it weren't so scary.). Fingers crossed we all survive 2020 - present President excepted.

Sarah......we NEED you!



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