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MD 09/07/22 22:11

Hi Sue ...  I hope when you get back that there really has been a blue wave.  So .. the orange turd had nuclear info on another country's defenses.  They should release the name of the country and pray that they want Trump extradited to be dealt with.  I'm up to date with the midterm candidates.  I don't think Doctor Oz is going to do too well. There are several others I think will lose to a Dem. And such good news that Couy Griffin has been removed from office in New Mexico for taking part in J6.  That's set a precedent that all states need to follow.

On a brighter note ...  I've been having fun watching this camera.

Arizona Sue 09/06/22 23:05

Hi MD.  I agree with your comments.   I am a completely fed up American.   I no longer recognize this country as remotely representing me and my beliefs.   The mid term elections are November 8.   We return home from our European trip on November 7.  Hubby and I will vote by mail before we leave for our cruise.  Something else the Arizona Republicans want to discontinue--no early voting.  Hope you had a pleasant bank holiday.  ðŸ˜Š

MD 09/06/22 14:09

Hi Phoenix, belatedly. A year on and DeSantis is worse than ever.  Interesting that Trump had Zuckerberg round for dinner at the White House last week, almost 2 years after he was voted out, and his cult cheered when he said it at the Pennsylvania rally.  How sad that the rest of the Republican party are too afraid to stand up and call him the moron that he is.

I hope you are well and I know you won't be voting for DeSantis.

Nicola snowlover 09/06/22 13:28

Love this cam one of my favourites

Phoenix 08/14/21 14:06

Hi MD, the Covid cases are still rising here, and DeSantis is getting sued over the mask thing. Someone wrote in the Sun Sentinel that they hoped this shenanigan of his would destroy his political career, there was also a couple of people comparing him to Trump, think they called him a Trumpee or something like that. What was it Sue said...  an anal orifice?? I've put that into my vocabulary word list now... :-) I'm wearing my mask everywhere I go now, so taking care. There's talk of a booster shot in the autumn, I'll take that. 

MD 08/02/21 14:45

Hi Phoenix ... I think DeSantis is more dangerous than Trump ...  he has slightly more intelligence but having said that - what on earth is he thinking by banning masks??? I read this morning that over the weekend Florida reported the highest one-day total of infections since the start of the pandemic.  Do take care.

Phoenix 08/01/21 15:34

Hi MD.. DeSantis is an asshole, and that's putting it kindly! Folk down here are saying he's a mini Trump, and that I agree with. Nasty man...!

MD 07/25/21 16:12

Hi Phoenix ..... you really need air con where you are.  Already I don't need it .... our temperature has dropped and we are expecting a storm ...we had heavy rain yesterday.

I see that DeSantis has actually thought of the long term effects of people not getting vaccinated ... his voters will be dying off and he won't get reelected.  He doesn't care about them - just their votes.

Phoenix 07/23/21 20:43

MD, our air con unit has been going non stop for the past few days, weather here is horribly hot... cannot go out and I think twice before going out shopping. I've air con in the car, but even so.. would not like to not have air con .. when hurricanes blow through here, the power sometimes goes out so it becomes nasty indoors. 

MD 07/22/21 23:56

I'm missing air conditioning at the moment but our weather is so changeable that tomorrow I probably wn't miss it at all.  :D

Phoenix 07/21/21 18:15

Sweden has been having some unusual hot weather, but it seems the majority are enjoying it... should have air conditioning installed though as it can get too warm and stuffy inside the homes.

MD 05/23/21 17:48

Hi Phoenix ... love Terry's and I've almost forgiven them.  I'm young enough to remember this sad event:

Phoenix 05/22/21 20:41

Hi MD, it was Terry's chocolate orange I was thinking about. I used to buy those... couldn't eat a whole one in one sittingt hough. I see the trees up in the north of Sweden haven't gotten their greenery on yet ...  


MD 04/14/21 15:32

Phoenix - I just Googled "chocolates that look like half a slice of orange"  and there are lots of them!  All look delicious.

I had to look up Marabou chocolate ..... originated in Sweden in 1916 and is their most popular brand.  I see it's available on Amazon.  I'm still working my way through the chocolates that son sent to me.  Such a chore.  LOLOLOL

Phoenix 04/13/21 12:44

The snow doesn't appear to be letting up any time soon! Weather has gone a bit crazy all over. 

Phoenix 04/07/21 12:38

MD, dried orange peel covered in dark chocolate sounds delicous! I used buy these chocolates that looked like a half slice of orange, .. they had orange bits inside them, can't recall the name though. IKEA sells Marabou chocolate, which is rather good. 

MD 04/07/21 00:58

Phoenix ... someone sent my daughter some Hershey Kisses.  We ate them but concluded that we wouldn't bother buying any.   My favourite boxed chocolates are Leonidas but the best handmade chocolates I've ever had were from Doneti's in Cogolin, south of France.  We had to pay our taxes in Cogolin, in fact,  there used to be a cam on Opentopia that was attached to the very building that housed the tax office. Anyway ... Doneti's did a wonderful selection  and you could choose individual chocolates.  When you'd finished choosing,  Monsieur Doneti would throw in a sprinkling of dried orange peel coated in dark chocolate.  Sounds very odd but they were delicious.  I miss that place.

Phoenix 04/05/21 14:01

MD, I hate Hersheys chocolate, it tastes like mud, I think. They must import the cheapest cocoa beans to make a bigger profit. I cannot eat peanut butter or anything containing peanuts, I feel like they expand in my mouth! Yuck!! Godiva is rather good though..  

MD 04/02/21 00:50

I am.  I'd never even heard of Reese's and then Trix introduced me to their peanut butter cups.  I had to go cold turkey on them.  Then she told me about Godiva.  We both used to have chocolates delivered but now I only have them with my grocery order.  I usually buy chocolate with a minimum 85 to 90% cocoa ..... the really dark stuff but they don't seem to do boxes of chocolates with such good chocolate.   My daughter sends me French chocolates.  She's only a few minutes walk away but I haven't visited her since the 4th of March last year.  It was her birthday the next day and I talked her into having her hair coloured purple.  She had a brighter colour than I did!!!!!

Phoenix 04/01/21 22:10

So you are a chocoholic, are you??  LOL!! 


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