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Comments (159)

MD 10/23/20 16:55

Hi Ericus ..... we've been chatting on this cam for over 7 years!  Where on earth did that time go?

I've brought this link forward .....  one that you put on here a while ago.  It's much clearer than the cam we used to have on Opentopia.

Ericus V2 10/21/20 14:49

Woohoo snow already ! That'll be a white out now until April 2021 I bet.

Gordy Weigle 08/14/20 06:34

Beautiful view of the canopy!

MD 06/11/20 17:31

It's Pizzeria Lascite.

Gordy Weigle 06/10/20 09:56

Hi MD - I've viewed this cam on occassion for several months, and only recall a couple instances of anyone entering the business on the right - while the business on the left was always active.

Ed Hilver 06/09/20 23:06


MD 06/09/20 22:54

Maybe it's not considered an essential service.

Gordy Weigle 06/09/20 21:27

What’s the story on the business at the right of the screen?

All activity occurs with the business to the left.

Phoenix 05/01/20 13:00

May 1st, big day in Sweden ..... ! Snow appears to have gone. 

SJ T 04/26/20 07:14

Please fix the canopy again❤️❤️

Tak so mycket 

MD 04/04/20 19:24
SJ T   .... your Swedish is as good as mine!   LOL
SJ T 04/04/20 07:00

Tak so mycket❤️

SJ T 03/26/20 05:58

Please fix the valance so I can see all tge pretty things


SJ T 03/04/20 06:30

PLEASE adjust the canopy over the cam so I can see the lovely view ❤️❤️

Tak so mycket 💕💕

SJ T 03/04/20 06:28
MD 02/18/20 16:33

Oh Ericus ........  it's only a bit sad ..... like 15 seconds!   As you know  .... we used to have that other cam.  I knew they were on the same road because I checked out the whole area on Google maps.  The bit I didn't know was the 15 seconds.  The hill cam used to be one of my favourites so thank you for the link.

And thank you for this link.  Very clear.

Ericus V2 02/17/20 13:10

This is anather Velhemina cam...I think you see the cars here first come down the hill, and then they pass by the Supermarket 15 seconds later.. ha ha, sad git I am...

Ericus V2 02/17/20 13:08

Got the blind down today : ) This is a nice urban cam as well.. super clear.....

MD 01/31/20 21:18

Hi Ericus  .... that's a lovely link.  As you say .... so much clearer.  I really do wish teleportation was possible.  I'd love to whoosh from my armchair to that supermarket.  :D

Ericus V2 01/31/20 20:46

God knows what the heating bills there must be.


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