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MD 04/14/21 15:32

Phoenix - I just Googled "chocolates that look like half a slice of orange"  and there are lots of them!  All look delicious.

I had to look up Marabou chocolate ..... originated in Sweden in 1916 and is their most popular brand.  I see it's available on Amazon.  I'm still working my way through the chocolates that son sent to me.  Such a chore.  LOLOLOL

Phoenix 04/13/21 12:44

The snow doesn't appear to be letting up any time soon! Weather has gone a bit crazy all over. 

Phoenix 04/07/21 12:38

MD, dried orange peel covered in dark chocolate sounds delicous! I used buy these chocolates that looked like a half slice of orange, .. they had orange bits inside them, can't recall the name though. IKEA sells Marabou chocolate, which is rather good. 

MD 04/07/21 00:58

Phoenix ... someone sent my daughter some Hershey Kisses.  We ate them but concluded that we wouldn't bother buying any.   My favourite boxed chocolates are Leonidas but the best handmade chocolates I've ever had were from Doneti's in Cogolin, south of France.  We had to pay our taxes in Cogolin, in fact,  there used to be a cam on Opentopia that was attached to the very building that housed the tax office. Anyway ... Doneti's did a wonderful selection  and you could choose individual chocolates.  When you'd finished choosing,  Monsieur Doneti would throw in a sprinkling of dried orange peel coated in dark chocolate.  Sounds very odd but they were delicious.  I miss that place.

Phoenix 04/05/21 14:01

MD, I hate Hersheys chocolate, it tastes like mud, I think. They must import the cheapest cocoa beans to make a bigger profit. I cannot eat peanut butter or anything containing peanuts, I feel like they expand in my mouth! Yuck!! Godiva is rather good though..  

MD 04/02/21 00:50

I am.  I'd never even heard of Reese's and then Trix introduced me to their peanut butter cups.  I had to go cold turkey on them.  Then she told me about Godiva.  We both used to have chocolates delivered but now I only have them with my grocery order.  I usually buy chocolate with a minimum 85 to 90% cocoa ..... the really dark stuff but they don't seem to do boxes of chocolates with such good chocolate.   My daughter sends me French chocolates.  She's only a few minutes walk away but I haven't visited her since the 4th of March last year.  It was her birthday the next day and I talked her into having her hair coloured purple.  She had a brighter colour than I did!!!!!

Phoenix 04/01/21 22:10

So you are a chocoholic, are you??  LOL!! 

MD 04/01/21 18:42

Hi Phoenix .....  I celebrate everything ... especially if it involves chocolate.   My delivery man has just dropped off the latest shopping - including a large box of chocolates.  I've already eaten my Easter Eggs.  LOLOLOL

Phoenix 04/01/21 14:12

Do you celebrate Easter MD? We've stopped celebrating several of the holidays, occasions, as it's just me and hubby.. not exciting anymore..  :-(

MD 03/31/21 23:34

And paques in France.

Phoenix 03/31/21 20:49

Busy place this evening... soon it'll be PÃ¥sk for Sweden. 

Phoenix 03/13/21 12:45

Snow is back, guess it's going to be a long winter and a very short spring. Bet the people are not so happy now..  :-(

Phoenix 02/28/21 12:38

Looks like it's getting warmer up there, snow is melting....  !! I bet the people are glad..

Phoenix 02/13/21 13:58

Thanks, MD. :-)

Phoenix 02/13/21 13:58

Thanks, MD. :-)

Phoenix 02/13/21 13:54

Sun never gets high in Sweden this time of year, especially the north. 

MD 01/31/21 22:25

Hi Phoenix .... I think I can answer for Ericus on this.   This cam:       used to be in a different location.  Do you see the church in the

distance?   The cam used to be near there.   The top picture on this link:     is the view we could see before the cam was moved.

It was a lovely cam. There is a tree that looks like a corn-on-the-cob.  They used to put a zillion Christmas lights on it.  I miss that cam.


Phoenix 01/30/21 14:32

Hi EricusV2, did you mean this? 


Ericus V2 12/23/20 17:04

I bet you can hear the crunch of snow under your footsteps on the pavement here, with a calm windless silence and clear sodium glow from the lamps with snow flakes falling on a tipsy night time walk, get some bracing cold air in your lungs before bed, ahhhh...... someone should write a song about that ; ). It's on the page that used to be the Viltbutiken.... but now just shows snowy rooftops.. very boring. The other view of the shop and Church was much nicer.  Cheers!! 

MD 01/14/21 23:01

Hi Ericus ...... I was one of those that said they preferred the other view.    I always think of this cam as yours.  I'm sure you remember me putting this link before.  LOLOL


Ericus V2 01/14/21 19:34

MD I seem to have lost that other cam where I was talking about walking round the roads tipsy snow and kind of modern but nice looking view and someone was saying how thye preferred the alternative view... any ideas where that is I have lost it : )


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