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Comments (110)

Ericus V2 01/29/18 16:29

Thanks and nice advert MD.. yes this is a favourite cam for me, nice and homely and snowy : )

MD 12/07/17 12:25

Thanks Knud.

http://justpaste.it/1ebei uploaded picture

Knud - A 12/07/17 11:51

Hah,found the cams position with gooogle maps:
https://justpaste.it/1ebei uploaded picture

God jul och gott nytt år 2017 från Österrike. -Knud
Crystallize  -Lindsey Stirling(Dubstep)
Enjoy !

-check Url´s@ virustotal.com urlc/filecheck if you have doubts;)

MD 11/05/17 17:20

Hi Ericus ....... I knew you'd find your way back to this cam. 


Ericus V2 11/05/17 17:06

Hiya, computer broke and lost my login so new V2 Ericus checking in. Snow already here ! Almost time to stand on the corner at midnight having a snout ; )

MD 02/06/17 14:59

If you Google it you can see the butchery counter ...... and they are also advocating your 5 a day. Most UK stores still have those runners with the price on the edge of shelves ..... how else would we know how much we are paying?  LOL

ericusmaximus 02/06/17 14:44

That shop makes me think of 1976 UK department stores. I bet it has clothes in the front, tweed and price tags on small plastic runnder where you insert each number for the price. It looks old.

ericusmaximus 02/06/17 14:39

Must have been windy blown the cam off target. No more twinkling nights and flags in the wind or moody ciggy fantasies at 11:23 at night.

MD 12/16/16 19:49

Ericus ....... from Rain Shadow:


MD 11/19/16 13:27

Hi Ericus .... those ginger thins sound delicious. I love ginger. I have a kilo jar of crystallized ginger that is so hot I can only eat a couple of chunks before my throat is burning.

It always amazes me that - no matter how much it snows - the traffic just keeps flowing. In the UK, a bunch of snowflakes brings the place to a halt.  :D

ericusmaximus 11/19/16 12:50

Big snow scoop lorry just went past, doing the job properly, must be essential here.

ericusmaximus 11/19/16 12:49

They are basically have cinnamon and a bit of ginger in them but taste much better than ginger snaps IMO.. they are very thin and light and crispy great taste of cinnamon, very seasonal now the cold is here too.

ericusmaximus 11/19/16 12:48

I bet they are selling out of Peparkakars http://www.annas.se/index.php These are lovely go great with a cup of tea in the winter... you can buy them online in England I think.

MD 10/31/16 21:06

I've been calling you Big Eric forever. LOL

A couple of years ago I bought a huge lava lamp. I find it brightens my spirit as well as the room. Oh well ...... 7 weeks and 2 days and it'll be the shortest day of the year.  :D

ericusmaximus 10/31/16 20:52

Actually I have purchased some new light myself. Mosaic Egg lamps, only about £22.00 each and they have a lovely light that makes the room more cosy in the evenings. I don't really like dark evenings and the sun going down early, makes me feel more down.

ericusmaximus 10/31/16 20:51

Big Eric lol !

MD 10/08/16 19:14

Oh Big Eric ...... I was transported!!!!!   :D

ericusmaximus 10/08/16 18:56

And not to forget flags flapping in the wind against the poles.

ericusmaximus 10/08/16 18:55

That's the one. Cold wind a blowing, smell of ciggies blowing in the wind, cup of warm coffee froma flask standing under the neon lights at 11pm feeling the late evening Nordic atmosphere. The sound of studded winter tyres gripping the roads and the squeak of an old swinging shop sign.

MD 08/31/16 15:54

Ericus ....... I remember one rainy night you put comments about walking towards the store ..... smoking - though I think you also said you don't actually smoke. This is what it brought to mind.   LOL



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