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Comments (215)

Arizona Sue 01/13/23 00:16

Hi Stargzr.  Not a word from BJ!   Beginning to think the worst.   Marjorie Taylor Greene for dog catcher!   LOL.  Glad to see you are still hovering.  ðŸ˜‚

stargzr 01/12/23 22:22

Hi Sue, just letting you know I'm still lurking.  I seem to remember MD telling us that she had arranged with her daughter to let us know if anything happened to her...on the other hand, I've not heard any mention of BJ lately.  Let's keep a positive thought!

George Santos for president.  : )   : )  :  )

Arizona Sue 01/01/23 22:29

Hi Stargzr.  Good to know you're still there!  Best wishes for a very happy and healthy New Year.   And let's hope that Trump in a Dress Kari Lake will crawl back under a rock.  Or she could be playing her cards to be the Orange Turd's Vice President!   Hope as well that M D is OK.  My family has all has Covid.  Being vaccinated and boostered help us deal with it.  

stargzr 01/01/23 18:14

Happy New Year, Sue!  I just happened to check in after ages of neglect of Opentopia.  I certainly hope all is OK with MD.  We went through this once before when she had a bad case of flu and were quite relieved when she signed on again. Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, all is well here in Oregon... I hope you are enjoying the Kari Lake fiasco.  :)

Keep well.  I'll check in more often for updates.  Have a healthy, happy 2023.

Arizona Sue 12/29/22 05:12

Hi Stargzr.   MD has gone MIA!  Hope she is okay.  

Arizona Sue 12/15/22 23:55

Hi MD.  Where are you?

Arizona Sue 11/24/22 19:44

Hi MD.  We watch Glenn Kirschner every day and find ourselves repeating Because Justice Matters!   Glenn really, really wants the Orange Turd indicted and dressed in a size XXXXLarge jumpsuit!

MD 11/24/22 13:54

Hi ladies ....  Happy Thanksgiving!

Speaking of mentally challenged -  Herschel Walker is the gift that keeps on giving:

Lindsey Graham's ears pricked up quick smart.

I watch Glenn Kirschner every day ... because justice - matters.  LOL

I detest Pompeo but I'd love to know how he lost the weight.  I think he's tried to "glam up" for a presidential run. I can't think of a decent Republican for president though I'm sure there are a lot of them unhappy about the MAGA movement.  They just don't have the backbone to stand up to Trump because mean tweets really hurt ... or mean troths.

I'll have to get BJ on the case. I can't remember what she did - it's been 4 or 5 years.

I hope you both have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Ps ..... my dark chocolate oranges will be delivered in less than 3 hours, not that I'm counting!  LOLOLOL



Arizona Sue 11/24/22 02:59

I'd like to smack that smug Pompeo.   Such arrogance.  Smarmy!


Phoenix 11/23/22 16:08

Had a giggle at Troth Truth Sentral..Trump has destroyed this country, he let all the idiots and mentally challenged lose. On a brighter note, I prefer the milk chocolate version, but dark chocolate is supposedly better for you.. :-)

Phoenix 11/23/22 16:06

Pompeo is a Republican.. People don't like Pence. Elon Musk has let his money take over his brain, if he ever had one.. Wish that Biden was a good bit younger! But.. on a brighter note, Trump has to give over his tax documents, so that should be fun. 

Arizona Sue 11/22/22 04:38

Hi MD.  Much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.   I think you can guess a few things on that list.  As for Trump "running" again -- Kari Lake has just visited Mar A Lago.   Maybe they both will self destruct or eat each other alive, competing for attention.   I hope BJ can figure out how I can send you a couple of pics from our trip.  We're finally feeling better but I still have a cough and it's annoying.   Watch Glenn Kirschner on YouTube if you can.  Hubby and I enjoy his daily Trump bashing.  

MD 11/21/22 14:57

Hi Phoenix .... what about Pompeo?  I don't think Pence stands a chance.  And what on earth is going on in Elon Musk's head?  I can't wait for Trump to tweet more evidence of his crimes ... but no .... he won't go back there because Troth Truth Senchal is far superior.

I think it's very sad, the amount of damage that has been done to America by Trump's MAGA party and the rest of the GOP who are afraid to stand up to him.  The UK has rubbish politicians but they get thrown out pretty quickly - only to be replaced by another bunch of dolts.

On a much brighter note ....

I prefer the dark one.   LOLOLOL

Phoenix 11/21/22 12:47

MD, the waste of space and oxygen is going to run for President in the next election... plus our old orange friend Trump. What a duo!! Wouldn't be surprised if waste of space was elected. The mentality of some people here has me wondering. Think Pence is going to have a bash at it too. Lord almighty, what has this country come to! 

MD 11/09/22 18:32

Hi Phoenix.  I saw that Beto lost and then I gave up.  I'm so disappointed that DeSanctimonious won.  It's so deflating. I feel bad enough and I'm in the UK.  I'd be drowning my sorrows if I lived in the US.  I'm sure the rest of the world is waiting to see the outcome.  I just can't bear to look at any more results.

I'm very glad to hear from you though.

Phoenix 11/09/22 17:30

Unfortunately that ball of lard, that waste of oxygen, that pompous greasy De Santis did get back in...   :-(  Had a feeling he would as his ugly mug was never off the TV, and he even had his wife bleating about how marvelous he was.. Must have spent a fortune on adverts. Charlie Christ didn't have so much though..couldn't have had so much cash to spend. 

MD 09/07/22 22:11

Hi Sue ...  I hope when you get back that there really has been a blue wave.  So .. the orange turd had nuclear info on another country's defenses.  They should release the name of the country and pray that they want Trump extradited to be dealt with.  I'm up to date with the midterm candidates.  I don't think Doctor Oz is going to do too well. There are several others I think will lose to a Dem. And such good news that Couy Griffin has been removed from office in New Mexico for taking part in J6.  That's set a precedent that all states need to follow.

On a brighter note ...  I've been having fun watching this camera.

Arizona Sue 09/06/22 23:05

Hi MD.  I agree with your comments.   I am a completely fed up American.   I no longer recognize this country as remotely representing me and my beliefs.   The mid term elections are November 8.   We return home from our European trip on November 7.  Hubby and I will vote by mail before we leave for our cruise.  Something else the Arizona Republicans want to discontinue--no early voting.  Hope you had a pleasant bank holiday.  ðŸ˜Š

MD 09/06/22 14:09

Hi Phoenix, belatedly. A year on and DeSantis is worse than ever.  Interesting that Trump had Zuckerberg round for dinner at the White House last week, almost 2 years after he was voted out, and his cult cheered when he said it at the Pennsylvania rally.  How sad that the rest of the Republican party are too afraid to stand up and call him the moron that he is.

I hope you are well and I know you won't be voting for DeSantis.

Nicola snowlover 09/06/22 13:28

Love this cam one of my favourites


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