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Comments (132)

MD 11/19/19 15:21

Hi Bill ..... way back in the comments I did exactly the same.  I think I even found their "special offers" advert.

bill dude 11/19/19 14:38

Duh, just had to google it, of course. ICA is a grocery retailer, largest in the country

bill dude 11/19/19 14:37

Anyone know what ICA sells? Great view.

SJ T 10/16/19 08:48

Can you please correct the view?

canopybis in the way 


SJ T 10/16/19 08:47
MD 10/03/19 21:27

Hi Ericusmaximus .......  I just checked the weather forecast ........ snow starts on Wednesday.

Good to see you.

Ericus V2 10/03/19 21:08

No snow quite yet ?

MD 06/17/19 07:39

So I went for a walk ....... to the left is a parade of stores .... including a cafe, a shop called Bok & Papper and one called Glas & Porslin.  I think we can guess what they sell.  At the end of the parade of shops is a restaurant ..... the food looks good and there is wheelchair access:

MD 06/17/19 06:40

Hi Moose .... thanks for the links.  That road junction link is so clear  ...... seems a better angle than the cam we used to have or maybe it's because I can't remember seeing that green area.  Very clear links.

MD 06/17/19 06:34

Hi Ericus ....  I thought you liked the snow.  It looks a lovely place .......  I think I'll go for a walk round on Google maps.

Ericus V2 06/17/19 02:11

At last Sommaren !

Ericus V2 01/22/19 08:33

This has incredible detail. It really looks great, nightmare to live there in that snow all the time but the cam really is worth a check every now and then. Crystal clear.

MD 01/20/19 08:32

Hi Ericus ....  I've been doing the ctrl and scrolling for ages but never done the full screen.  You're right about full screen  ......... excellent.

Ericus V2 01/20/19 05:27

And then if you press and hold Ctrl on your keyboard and use the scroll wheel you can even zoom in and out.. really great camera

Ericus V2 01/20/19 05:24

Hi MD if you do a right click and "View Image" it goes full screen high definition great video quality..

MD 12/09/18 14:14

Hi Ericus,

Turn your collar up against the wind, adjust your trilby  and light   that ciggy!.

Ericus V2 12/09/18 10:32

Ohh lovely high definition image now.. I can see every snow flake individually, hi MD hope you are keeping well. One of the best winter scene cams.

MD 11/12/18 17:17

Hi Ericus ..... this cam is indoors.  During the summer there was an awning over the window which made me feel I was seeing the view through a letter box.  I like the view though ...... plenty to see and usually clear.  Roll on snow!!!  :D

Ericus V2 11/12/18 16:38

Nice to see the view again. no snow quite yet, very wet through.


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