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Model Train & Village

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Model Train & Village
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Model Train & Village

19677 hours ago

Model Train & Village

19680 hours ago

Model Train & Village

19683 hours ago

Model Train & Village

19686 hours ago

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Comments (14)

deacon 01/17/16 16:35

I figured it out.

deacon 01/17/16 16:26

Do not see that "stream profile" link anymore to get at the controls.

Mira Bilis 08/08/15 14:42

Hi Deacon ... on the link in the top left corner where it says 'Stream profile' click on the drop-down menu and select 'Motion JPEG' ... you should then be able to see the live image and use the camera controls.  :)

deacon 08/08/15 10:20

Thanks. I tried it but says I need a plug in, I cannt find out which one I need to view.

MD 08/07/15 11:36

Hi Deacon ...  Mira put this link a while ago. You can control the train.

deacon 08/07/15 10:47

This looks real. Nice cam.

MD 07/20/15 11:33

Deacon ...

MD 04/19/15 16:21

Someone really has taken a lot of care. Of course ..... no child would ever be allowed to play with it. :)

Mira Bilis 04/19/15 16:00

Indeed MD ... and 19 cams to choose from over 2 pages!!

MD 04/19/15 15:53

Mira ..... that link doesn't work for me but I'm glad my link was useful to you.  ;)

Mira Bilis 04/19/15 15:42

Hi Kyle ... actually if you open the cam page link below, choose 'Motion JPEG' as the 'Stream profile' then click 'Start train' you can control it yourself.  :)

kyle 04/19/15 06:00

beautifully laid out, shame it never runs

kyle 04/19/15 06:00

beautifully laid out, shame it never runs

kyle 03/01/11 05:53

Wow, another Model train cam


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