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Shinkansen Bullet Train Siding
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Shinkansen Bullet Train Siding

5 hours ago

Shinkansen Bullet Train Siding

8 hours ago

Shinkansen Bullet Train Siding

11 hours ago

Shinkansen Bullet Train Siding

14 hours ago

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Comments (15)

Ed Hilver 04/19/20 19:13

I see one coming.

Debbie Mac 02/15/17 21:34

Are these trains out of service? They never seem to leave, lol.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/24/14 16:14

Yes MD, I just noticed that!!

Mira Bilis 09/24/14 15:42

Carol, should the city say Kasuga rather than Fukuoka?

MD 09/24/14 15:38

And now the angle's changed.

MD 09/24/14 15:37

Carol.. thumbed... I like this cam.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/12/14 20:30

Lol, omg, that sucks.

MD 08/12/14 20:22

Carol, one time, we had a train pass which was valid for a week. We got on a TGV and settled down. Next time it stopped 2 people came up and said we were in their seats. We didn't argue, just sat somewhere else. The same thing happened again. We ended up in the bar. A ticket inspector came and asked for our tickets. We handed them over. He examined them then asked for our seat reservations. We had no idea what he was on about. It turns out that as well as a ticket, on the TGV you have to reserve a seat. We got fined!!!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/12/14 20:11

OMG, now I REALLY want to ride one of these, lol.

MD 08/12/14 20:05

Carol, one of those trains just passed through on the far line.

I've been on the French TGVs which look just like this. They cruise along nicely at 320kmp which is just about 200mph. The ride is so smooth you can have a glass of wine on the table and it never moves... apart from when you pick it up!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/12/14 19:51

I would LOVE to ride in one of these things. I wonder how fast they go.

kyle 06/24/13 07:33

Hoorah, back in business

kyle 07/31/12 02:04

Hopefully they will resume business soon

kyle 12/01/11 04:43

I imagine these trains are not all allowed to work yet considering the damage done from the quake


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