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Comments (4)

Kyle Gosnell 10/18/12 05:18

Hi homely, Yes some time ago, it wa acceptable to smoke, but it appears the whole world is rejecting it now, people like me are dinosaures , just puffing away hidden behind walls and such LOL  I dont think any quality Guesthouses or Pubs allow smoking, some out of the way bars and Pubs still do, however it's the clientelle that dictate it

Be well , and the next time you sip a brew, light up and watch the folks faces, to study them, not to smoke the blasted thing as long as you dont hold it in your mouth hahahaha ((((Should be a Flea market special Cigar about 9 inches loing hehehehahhahahaahy that would be priceless in a upbeat bar or Pub ahahaha, but let them know its a joke so you dont get spme road rash Lol)))

Just joking my friend, hope you and the family are well

Homely 10/17/12 16:47

Wow, there's something you don't see anymore... someone having a cigarette while drinking their beer inside the bar!

Ekaterina 03/16/11 00:25

I was just going to say "na zdrowie" and they went... :(

kyle 02/27/11 19:46

Very nice cam


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