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Appartementhaus Meixner
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Appartementhaus Meixner

3 hours ago

Appartementhaus Meixner

6 hours ago

Appartementhaus Meixner

9 hours ago

Appartementhaus Meixner

12 hours ago

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Comments (18)

MD 02/02/19 06:43

I think they've had more snow.

stargzr 01/31/19 15:08

Gotcha.  Although, I DID mention ET.  :)

Moose 01/31/19 15:05

Hi stargzr... If you look at the picture in the link, you can see that there are pond bubblers around that location.  A light is probably there also.  Or maybe it is space aliens.

stargzr 01/31/19 15:01

Hi Moose...thanks for that, but help me out:  what is the light coming from ?

Moose 01/31/19 14:40

MD... This is the same view we chatted about in August, except buried in a foot of snow.  Looking down on a wee pond with a hedge and a walkway around it.  If you check out the link you posted, you will see a photo from the other side of the pond.  You can see the hedge and some doodads in the pond.

MD 01/31/19 11:24

With our luck it will change.  I'll try to take a look each day ...... if I remember.  LOL!!

stargzr 01/31/19 11:02

Gorgeous place!  I guess we'll have to wait for spring and hope the cam stays focused on that spot. :)

MD 01/31/19 10:55

I saw some lights quite close to the ground but that's all ...... and I don't think this is one of them.  I have to say some of those pictures are beautiful.  I enlarged the scenic ones.  Really lovely ........ there's one of a church in the snow.  Austria is picturesque but I've never been there when there was snow.

stargzr 01/31/19 10:34

Take a look at these....see anything possibly connected?

MD 01/31/19 10:11

Oh please guess   ........ that was so much fun!!!!!!

I've enlarged the picture as big as it will go and I'm none the wiser.

stargzr 01/31/19 09:53

At the risk of starting another "off the coast of NC" fiasco, I'm not EVEN going to guess !

MD 01/31/19 09:48

I like it ....... whatever it is.   I've looked at the link in my last comment.  Hard to place this on that.

stargzr 01/31/19 09:19

ET ?

MD 08/01/18 15:54

Hi Moose ...... Mira lived in a forest so I imagine there must have been trees in the picture and I certainly don't think this view is beautiful.  The place appears to be a holiday rental but as you say .... it looks neglected.

Moose 08/01/18 15:42

MD... Is this the same view that was commented on before?  Not it looks kinda overgrown and untended.

MD 03/21/14 17:22

I think it's beautiful.

N Q 03/21/14 17:16

Mira it's a beautiful view that I could get use to easily :)


Mira Bilis 03/21/14 16:04

This is uncannily like the view around here.  :-)


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