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The Best Little Cat House - English Garden Room
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The Best Little Cat House - English Garden Room

3093 hours ago

The Best Little Cat House - English Garden Room

3096 hours ago

The Best Little Cat House - English Garden Room

3099 hours ago

The Best Little Cat House - English Garden Room

3102 hours ago

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Comments (20)

Bloodstream Woodbrook 11/19/15 22:52

Network cam link?

MD 03/13/15 14:02

Pampered puss!

Mira Bilis 11/16/14 16:35

Feeding time.

MD 11/16/14 16:31

Hi z7x... I just tried that and the darned cat walked off to the left and out of sight! :)

z7x 11/16/14 16:19

By moving the webcam in the Tahiti group room earlier I attracted the attention of a black cat that was lounging there, so he was watching the camera as it moved.

Mira Bilis 11/14/14 18:55

Looking very cozy.

N Q 07/31/14 16:55

they even have an on suite bathroom :)

MD 07/31/14 16:50

They really are in the lap of luxury.

N Q 07/31/14 16:32

awwww 2 cats snuggling together. The grey cat is doing a good job of grooming the other cat :)

MD 07/29/14 23:09

I was expecting to see the Eiffel Tower! LOL

MD 07/29/14 23:06

Hi N Q, certainly pampered pussies! LOL

Mira Bilis 07/29/14 23:01
Mira Bilis 07/29/14 23:00

I did MD ... some very imaginative rooms. :D

N Q 07/29/14 22:45

LOL Mira did you take a look at the different cat rooms on their website, some really cute ones. There's a lion in the African room.

This room is the English Garden room :)

MD 07/29/14 22:33

Thumbed! :D

Mira Bilis 07/29/14 22:21

Another view from that posh cat place. :)

MD 07/26/14 00:06

N Q, nice pic. :)

N Q 07/25/14 23:34

darn cats are never where they're suppose to be--LOL

There's a grey/white very pretty one in here now-

20328 01/29/13 02:11

Um. . .aren't there supposed to be CATS?



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