Bristol Head Acres

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Bristol Head Acres

4 hours ago

Bristol Head Acres

7 hours ago

Bristol Head Acres

10 hours ago

Bristol Head Acres

13 hours ago

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Comments (56)

trix abound 10/11/15 23:28


MD 10/11/15 22:45

My hubby used to do the glare. I can't say I miss it. LOL!!!!!!

trix abound 10/11/15 22:12

i'm sure he glared at me....i could feel it...LOL!!!!!!

MD 10/11/15 22:05

Trix ...... I'm laughing!  They expect the world to stop when they make an entrance. And when you didn't notice ........ did he take it as a slight?

trix abound 10/11/15 21:38

oh yes....he's a total gross pig!!!!   he must have stood at the door today for 5 minutes announcing his return....which i ignored!!!!

MD 10/11/15 21:26

OMG Trix ...... he's made belching into an art form!   LOL

trix abound 10/11/15 21:00

LOL....that too....and he is a "wide opened mouth belcher" we get the grunting, groaning and growling!!!!!

MD 10/11/15 20:34

You mean he has flatulence????????????? LOL

trix abound 10/11/15 20:14

that he is....he talks out of his butt a lot!!!

MD 10/11/15 20:09

Trix ..... I bet he mentioned it to daughter hoping it would put pressure on you to move in with her. Obviously you're not going to do that but what a louse he is!!! Much though you worry about your daughter .... you can't be in each other's pocket. Besides which ...... she has to do this for herself.  He's a scheming, conniving fink!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trix abound 10/11/15 19:52

he also talked to daughter about me moving in with her....she was quite puzzled!!!!!

trix abound 10/11/15 19:51

OMG....I didn't think he would ever go to his room!!!!!!!

MD 10/11/15 19:23

Watcha mean "already????????????????"  He's been out for hours ...... lots of lovely mushrooms to sit about and rot. LOL

trix abound 10/11/15 18:51

awww crap....he's home already!!!!!

MD 10/11/15 18:26

True ..... but that can be bad for you.  LOL

trix abound 10/11/15 17:55

well he sure got our heart rate pumping :)

MD 10/11/15 17:36

Trix ...... I have no doubt he would be armed. I said on 11/11/14 that it would be a case of shoot first - ask questions later. But I do miss him. Such a ray of sunshine. :D

trix abound 10/11/15 16:48

LOL....i'm sure he would if he could, but i'm sure he would have a gun on him!!!!!!!!

MD 10/11/15 16:27

Trix ...... I wonder what Kyle is doing these days.   Maybe he's gone to chat with the smallish humanoids watching the Rover. 

trix abound 10/11/15 15:46

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA........oh, what fun we had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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