Ragged Mountain Scuttle Snowbowl

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Ragged Mountain Scuttle Snowbowl
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Ragged Mountain Scuttle Snowbowl

6 hours ago

Ragged Mountain Scuttle Snowbowl

9 hours ago

Ragged Mountain Scuttle Snowbowl

12 hours ago

Ragged Mountain Scuttle Snowbowl

15 hours ago

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Comments (8)

N Q 10/09/14 21:06

well darn Mira, if I had just refreshed this cam I would of seen that you had already found Camden & I wouldn't of had to search !

The grand opening here is Dec 20, I'll have to watch to see what it looks like then, right now it's not looking like much of a ski hill.


Mira Bilis 10/09/14 21:03

Cool ... nice one NQ.  :)

N Q 10/09/14 20:58

thumbs up :)

here's the info on what they're doing here right now-


Mira Bilis 10/09/14 20:57

NQ, Camden is in Maine.  http://www.camdensnowbowl.com/about  :)

N Q 10/09/14 20:53

well I found the webcam, now all I have to do is find out where Camden is located :)


N Q 10/09/14 20:35

Not Mira here, but I googled the url that comes up for this cam or rather part of the url-


and I came up with the Arizona Snowbowl resort. But it looks like there's also a Montana Snowball resort so I' looking through pictures to see if anything matches, though there's not much of a picture to go by here :(


CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/09/14 20:15

Hey Mira, any ideas??


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