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Delfi Groundstation Antenna

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Delfi Groundstation Antenna
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Delfi Groundstation Antenna

775 hours ago

Delfi Groundstation Antenna

778 hours ago

Delfi Groundstation Antenna

781 hours ago

Delfi Groundstation Antenna

784 hours ago

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Comments (3)

MD 02/23/19 09:29

Hi spyglass01 spyglass01 .......... I wish I had a clue what you're on about!   LOL!!!!

I get the radio ham bit but the rest went over my head.   In my younger days ..... CB radio was popular but I suspect that's way before your time.   I expect being a radio ham is good fun.




spyglass01 02/23/19 09:12

i am a radio ham in uk with a g1 call i have 8 antennas  im qrv 160 mys to 23 cems but i whished i had room fot that setup

MD 08/16/15 23:52

I've never seen this cam before but it's from the time when Kyle was Observer. And it seems the antenna didn't bite the dust in short order ..... unless it's a replacement!   :D


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